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  • Marie Karam

    This is so interesting because I just finished blogging about another article I read that dealt with tips on how to make your social media strategy effective but, it was an article on what to do rather than what not to do. I wish I had seen this article beforehand so I could’ve incorporated tips from both articles. Maybe I’ll use this one for next week!

  • Susan LilBear Perry

    Love this post, Jeff! I like that you discuss each platform that businesses NEED to be using. You mentioned Google Plus… I think businesses kind of avoid that platform because not many people use it. So if not many people use it, what’s the point? If I’m following what you said, should people create Google Plus accounts because it increases the likelihood of your business getting found?

    • http://zogdigital.com/ Heather Smith

      Hi Susan! I’m not gonna lie – I’m biased. Google+ is awesome – especially since it syncs so well with YouTube. :) But to be honest, I also understand it isn’t really an option for every type of business – at least not right now. It does give a business an advantage if you’re looking the business up by name/brand, and having the G+ page populate on the right side of search results. It also provides benefits from an SEO standpoint. I definitely recommend checking out G+ Communities. There are so many active ones that deal with broad to very niche subjects, and we’ve found they really do help drive brand awareness.

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  • http://hodgsonlegal.com/ Cheryl Hodgson

    Hi Jeff,
    This is another AWESOME post. I could use a pointer Does Twitter pull in thumbnails from a blog post or do we need to post a photo directly into Twitter?

    • http://zogdigital.com/ Heather Smith

      Hi Cheryl! It looks like Twitter auto-populates with a thumbnail (if the article has it). With Twitter following the “big photo” trend, I would definitely recommend pairing links and uploading an eye-catching photo to draw users in as they scroll through their Twitter-feed.

      • http://hodgsonlegal.com/ Cheryl Hodgson

        Thanks Heather. How does one pair links within Twitter or Hootsuite? Is there a preferred size to get them to look awesome?

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  • Herb Silverman

    Heather, as a “rookie” trying to figure this out, your comments right on track and I appreciate that. I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail+ and Instagram and I am going to be writing a blog soon. Do you have any advice regarding an app that will maintain all of them this will fill the bill, so to speak?

    • http://www.sheersocial.com Alice Fuller

      Herb when you say maintain do you mean posting to the various sites. Many of us use Hootsuite! You should look into Hubspot too when it comes to content and distributing it. I hear too Social Bakers and Sprout Social are good as well.

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  • http://seo-contentwriter.com/ Bikash Prusty

    Hi Jeff,
    I found this post on Stumbleupon. Really it’s an awesome post. When I read this
    article I feel, I am doing some mistakes in my social media campaign and now I
    started following your strategy. But I have a question for you; although you are
    discussing about the all the popular social media sites, except LinkedIn, Why
    so? Do you feel this social media website will not help much for improving any
    business leads?

    • http://zogdigital.com/ Heather Smith

      HI Bikash,

      LinkedIn is its own beast :) As Alice said, it really is more of a B2B platform. A company/brand should have a page that they update frequently (daily is best!), and there are tactics that individuals from the company/brand should take to really establish their company as a leader in the industry.

  • Sarah Kerrigan

    Hi Jeff,

    In reference to the #7 there has been studies showing that including the full URL in a Facebook post to the source generates trust and therefore increases the CTR. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Shankar Kumar

    It’s a great article Jeff. Now we know what mistakes we have been committing and I’m sure half of us didn’t even knew these were mistakes!

  • http://workerbeemarketing.com/ Michaela Mitchell

    Some of these are reminders that I can always use. Thank you!

    The only point I disagree with slightly is removing the link in a Facebook post. I don’t think leaving it in makes your audience think you don’t know how Facebook works. Remove it or don’t, but I think only the marketing and/or social media professionals really care much about whether it’s still there.

    • http://zogdigital.com/ Heather Smith

      Hi Michaela,

      Truthfully – I went back and forth with keeping that in there. Facebook best practice states taking it out, and you’re absolutely right – if you’re a marketing professional, then we’re the only ones who really care about this ;)

  • juel rahman

    Actually above the post is essential for us who are trying to increase their own business. Awesome post on social media marketing.


  • http://heksebua.com/ Linda Ursin

    I’m glad that I seem to be doing most things right so far.

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  • Tejasri

    Hit the nail on the head with this one Jeff. Thanks for including the Instagram and Pinterest insights as well. Social is the buzzword for customers and marketers as well and I think the generalization that strategy is key trumps true. And I think all the above points can be true for all digital channels and not just social. Found a similar post dealing with this idea here. http://bit.ly/1iTQ9S4

    • http://zogdigital.com/ Heather Smith

      Thanks for the feedback – and for the link to that post! I LOVE that “social amnesia” phrase and description – that describes it perfectly!

  • http://zogdigital.com/ Heather Smith

    Hi Herb,

    Alice made some really good recommendations. Hootsuite does a good job showing you an overview of everything and scheduling posts out when you need to. I personally think going to each channel is best when posting – if only to make sure it is formatted correctly. Facebook lets you schedule out posts, so I would recommend utilizing that tool. In regards to G+ – they have a lot of neat options to make your post look “cool” (bold, italics, etc.). So posting directly there and taking advantage of some of those options is also beneficial in the long run.

    Of course, just posting daily isn’t going to cut it – it’s really about the engagement :)

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  • http://blog.dashba.com/ Dashba

    Great list Heather. Too many companies fail at one or many of these. It’s great to have a list to remind all marketing teams about best practice. Thanks

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