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  • JoelinPDX

    What’s a “Trebble”? Could you mean a Tribble? Fine Trekkie you are.

    • http://andynathan.net Andy Nathan

      Oh my lord you are right! My sincere apologies! I was playing with the concept in my head when I wrote that. Will ask Jeff if we can change that. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Shaun G. Lynch

    Great post! Geeky as hell, but I like that in that in a blog post.

    I suspect I resemble the holographic doctor from Voyager: I know exactly how to deal with a myriad of issues with social media, but my capacity for outreach remains limited. I need to add a holographic emitter to my social media operations, by implementing a robust blogging strategy to get outside of my own sickbay.

    • http://andynathan.net Andy Nathan


      Thanks! We all need a holographic doctor, so we can be on all social networks at once. That would be very useful to have an automated system that powerful to operate our social media. We will have to ask StarFleet for that.


  • Karl Gephart

    Jeff, LOVED this post! Guess my character was taken, the holographic doctor. LOL! Afraid I have his sarcasm and limited reach (at least from my personal accounts vs biz)! Great analogies! Thanks!

    • Shaun G. Lynch

      I’ll let you know if I manage to find a mobile emitter on eBay.

  • http://www.it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara Mckinney

    This is such a very interesting article. In order to succeed in social media you have to feed your audience with the right information. This practice will not just add more followers but also serves as a stepping stone in creating a long lasting relationship with them.

  • M-D November

    FYI, the ship pictured above doesn’t come from Trek, but from the Stargate TV series.

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  • Sam

    (Sorry if this posts twice)

    *to go boldly*

    I’m not a business owner or operator, but I’d say my social media presence fluctuates between Picard and Spock.

    DS9 the war seasons weren’t bad, but Voyager was by far the worst! Give me Kirk, Bones, Scotty and the rest any day and twice on Sunday.

    • Shaun G. Lynch

      I actually came to like Voyager, once I got over the anomaly of a captain with the voice of a chipmunk (sorry Kate… but you’re AWESOME on Orange is the New Black).

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    It’s now fixed :)

  • http://www.viewsboost.com/ ron

    great post, couldnt agree more to the fact that.. success in social media = Useful Info + Right Audience!

  • Victoria Gates

    I am like Dr. Beverly, I am the social media gal that helps others and never gives up on anything I need to figure out. Great post! (Also the Wisconsin Dells is totally Risa… it has its place. lol)

  • Andrew Hafey

    That moment when you’re talking about learning things from Star Trek and being a hardcore trekkie…and you post a picture from Stargate!!! :p


    Why are you using a photo of a ship that’s not from Star Trek?