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  • Sandra

    Jess, this a great list. Thanks.

    I’ve been using noosfeer.com for a while and I must confess that it works really well to find quick all I need for my audience.

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Great tips Mark. I think this is a great to do what Gary V talked about in his new book. Sharing good content from others and not constantly promoting our stuff.

  • treb072410

    Thanks for sharing this great article Mark, it is very informative and very useful..

    • Mark Lerner

      Thanks for your kind words :-)

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  • Raquel M Ramirez

    Great job Mark. :)
    In today’s social media arena with so many apps, tools, and management systems it’s amazing how much great value content can be found, curated, and scheduled and at the most optimal time in an easy breezy time. I like using Swayy, Feedly, and Pinterest (Yes Pinterest!) to find awesome, relevant, and practical content.

    By the way, what do you think of Hootsuite’s BETA suggested feature?

    • Mark Lerner

      Hi Raquel,

      Thanks :-)

      Regarding the Hootsuite feature, I am interested to see how it decides on content to share and what ways it allows you to measure. As of yet, I have read only vague descriptions.

  • Itamar Haber

    Thanks for the write up Mark. I have to disagree about Google Alerts though, it feels totally broken and irrelevant in this day and age – both compared to the competition as well as by itself. I can’t understand why Google isn’t fixing it.

    • Mark Lerner

      Hi Itamar,

      You are right, it’s a bit of a dated strategy, but I felt it was good to mention it anyways. I prefer using a platform (Like ours) to identify content to curate.

  • http://myndconsulting.com/ Mynd Consulting

    Great article Mark.I find that many business people have a very hard time creating content. Content curator need a tool like feed curator to filter the content that are related to website.

    • Mark Lerner


      Thanks for the feedback. The tool looks interesting, ill check it out. Have you checked Oktopost (http://www.oktopost.com)?

  • http://www.websearchsocial.com/ Ralph M. Rivera

    While I think this article provides good insight on how to curate content. I dispute the conventional wisdom that content curation is good and must be done.

    I’ve written about my feelings on the subject Here: http://bit.ly/1imM9Av
    And here: http://bit.ly/1imMaEk
    And here: http://bit.ly/1imMcMK
    And here: http://bit.ly/TlaH0V
    And here: http://bit.ly/TlaJFT

    The third link is a debate I had with my friend Dino Dogan on the matter on Ryan Hanley’s Content Warfare.

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  • mindy29

    Great advice, Mark. I have been using Google Alerts, but have found it to be a little antiquated and out of touch. So many of the articles are repeated and not always relevant to my needs. Will check into your recs and report back.