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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    #4 is good. I’ve been there where I thought I knew best and the data said something completely different!

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  • intouchcrm

    Great post Jeff! I love advice #4. It is important that decisions about the content are backed by data.

    Here at InTouch, we have an editorial calendar. The topics are based around what our readers would like to know about, content they have requested and content they tend to prefer. We rely on our database for insights.

    Having said this, it is also important to stay on trend and remain flexible with your writing. Whenever there is a hot topic around a subject that concerns us and our readership, we write a post with our point of view. Here is the InTouch blog, it would be a great honour to hear your opinion http://www.intouchcrm.com/blog/

  • aathi

    I guess, In #1 did you miss anything after “Here are some of the qualities he or she should have: ” ?

  • http://sksmith.wordpress.com Sherman Smith

    Hey Jeff,

    Numbers 3 and 4 are spot on for me. I like your idea of having a distribution strategy which is what I do now.. lately i do it one social site per day.. one day I’ll share on facebook, another day would be Google+.. I seen better results than just doing it all in one day.

    I’ve also been using data a lot more now compared to last previous years. Before I would use the alexa ranking, and now I’m looking at the bounce rate, session, duration time, and Goal Conversions all on Google Analytics. It definitely keeps me align as far as marketing and gives me some ideas of what I need to do!

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!

  • DiedraBarber

    As a social entrepreneur with a new MBA whose focus was on nonprofit management and socially responsible businesses and no classes in social media marketing… you’re posts are often very helpful and always useful. Thank you for that!

  • Turenne

    Those advices are definitely helpful! They just confirm the hard lessons have gotten lately that thought me to be more focus and in line with those exact 5 steps. I am just now getting back on track…

    Here is my story for a start: http://www.artpreneure.com/p/how-to-wake-up-to-own-website-that.html

    I am planning on giving regular updates on progress!

  • findingenvirons

    Jumping into content marketing without a complete business plan can easily mean tripping over your feet. It definitely helps to explore as fully as possible your content marketing ideas when you’re laying your groundwork. Keep on track and have fun!

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