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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    I can definitely vouch for #2 Jeff. When my first published book launched I was able to book several spots on my local TV stations. They were only 3 minute spots but they are what helped my book sell so well. If you can tie your pitch into a local event your chances are even better.

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com/ Neil Ferree

    One of the best moves I ever did was your idea #46. People respond to sincerity.

  • http://www.inversionpoint.com/ David Christensen

    Sensible and practical suggestions – thanks! I wish there were more blog posts like this.

  • Nickmarquet

    Excellent piece! – Love number 44…who gets anything other than bills in the snail mail!

  • http://www.GeeksPerHr.com GeeksPerHr.com

    Wow.. Amazing and so comprehensive list.. I jjust love 22nd. I have strong opinion and love myself for the same. Many people in today’s world are just too soft and want to sound politically correct all the time.. If you have strong opinion – that might be your purple cow and get you attention – as Grant Cardone says, get the hate first and then you will get admiration

    Love it – keep them coming Jeff!

  • Fasoranti Damilola

    Be a Giver and not just a Taker. I relate with this perfectly. Don’t be so infused in social media forgetting the media. Good stuffs. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.mohulghosh.com/ Mohul Ghosh

    #7: Sell Hack has taken the email hack tool down.. Sorry to say :)

  • http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/ Dennis Sweatt

    Theses are great tips! My comic book blog needs more traffic and exposure: http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/

  • http://hiremaureen.com Maureen McHale

    #7 caught my eye, but this tool no longer works on LInkedIn — that could have been awesome for me and my business… http://www.buzzfeed.com/charliewarzel/this-chrome-extension-lets-you-see-anyones-email-address-on

  • Elizabeth Delaney

    Wow. So many valuable tips. Thanks for sharing Jeff.

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  • Lori Nash Byron

    First, this is a fantastic resource! I did #44 (handwrite a thank you to a reporter) after she wrote a front page article on a client. She emailed me right back to say that she really appreciated it, because as a reporter, she rarely hears *any* positive feedback on stories.

    And second, I’m thrilled that my blog got a link from Jeff Bullas’ blog (#37!)

  • Raquel M Ramirez

    Super great tips Cam. At the end of the day, the editor/reporter is doing his job of getting a “great story”, something fresh and new. Make their job easier by giving them that great story by wrapping up your service/product/business in a juicy story that is valuable to their audience and is what they currently are looking for (yes, be alert to what they are looking for).

    Finally, get on the HARO (help a reporter out) http://www.helpareporter.com e-mail list and get daily queries in a given industry. This is them reaching out to YOU so pitch them with your best story. Even if you don’t get to chat about your business or product, the piece will most likely include your expertise (duh you are the source) and your business name.

    Great article thank you for all the PR tips Cam. :)

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  • Joy Allford

    Great list, I plan on using some, I must admit that the first half of the list reads a bit like how to become a stalker. :)

  • Lisa Rothstein

    Love this! Mainstream media is still relevant and people forget. There are some tips here I knew and a few I have not tried. Saving to Evernote!

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