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10 Things You Should Not Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is moving from analog to digital and many well established companies have not woken up to this and are still persisting with what was the “tried and true” but is now becoming the expensive and ineffective.

There are essentially 3 elements that have emerged in the last decade that have brought us to this generational shift that I mentioned in a previous post.10 Things You Should Not Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Social media
  2. Mobile devices enabled with wireless broadband
  3. Google and other search engines continual evolution

Companies will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the public foyer to their building to ensure that the few potential clients that visit every day will be wowed by the bricks and mortar grand portal edifice to their head office.

They will then baulk, bitch and complain at spending even $20,000 on a website that  is their digital portal for their business to the world that will have thousands of  visitors a day.

This “digital disconnect”  is costing traditional companies with baby boomer management millions of dollars a year.

This digital tipping point is making the website the most  important portal and front door to your customers in a world where a digital optimized presence is not a luxury but a necessity, it enables potential customers to find you, engage with your brand and then buy your goods and services.

The challenge is that once brands have the website designed and developed they need to optimize and promote their website to those potential clients to let them know that their brand exists (you need to keep in mind that nearly 90% of all buying decisions start with an online search).

I would like to list the top 10 essential activities that should be considered part of your marketing strategy roadmap that are becoming vital in a digital world and are quite often ignored by a generation of management that grew up in the age of the TV industrial complex and telemarketing.

1. Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO)

This is an essential element that needs to be invested in so that when customers put in a phrase into the search engine that your company will be found for some essential phrases on page one of Google. (research shows that nearly 90% of all click throughs from a Google search come from being on the first page of Google). This also known as organic search which is actually 75% of all click throughs on Google when people do an online search.

2. Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords setup and campaign)

This is advertising on Google using keywords and phrases that result in 25% of all click throughs on Google search results and can fast track clients finding your website though it does involve paying Google for the privilege.

3. Blog

This is the interactive component of your website where you can regularly publish content including videos, images, text, PDF’s, Podcasts and receive comments and start to engage with your marketplace on an interactive basis. The blog is your social media home base that can position your company as an expert and thought leader in its industry .

4. Email Marketing

Email is an essential part of your digital marketing strategies that should not be neglected and can be integrated with your other media to provide and information channel to keep your customers informed, educated and up to date with your industry. Email subscriber acquisition is the cornerstone of this essential digital building block that should be integrated into you CRM database.

5. Social Media (Publishing, Promotion & Engagement)

Social media enables you to promote and publish your content to different channels where your target audience is hanging out such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. It also allows you to listen and receive feedback from your customers so you can understand their problems and then provide solutions that can provide answers and modify your products and services to meet those needs. Social media requires you to to “Think like a Publisher”.

6. Social Media Marketing

Paid and targeted advertising can be placed on social media channels such as Facebook from as little as a $1 a day that is capped and can be geographically and demographically targeted in ways that a Google Adwords cannot and is much more cost effective .

7. Online Video

YouTube is not just about entertainment, in fact it can be and is used by companies for educating and informing your clients and potential customers. Online shops such as Zappos are publishing 2 minute online videos displaying product reviews for their online store that can increase conversion rates by up to 30%.

8. Website Optimized for Viewing on a Mobile Smartphone

Ebay recently reported that nearly 10% of its online purchases are happening from mobile platforms. This fast emerging trend needs to included in your planning.

9. Mobile Apps

iPhone, iPad and Smart Phone apps are rapidly transforming the way we read and interact online. Applications are different from just a mobile version of your website that can actually provide an experience for your customers that adds value to their online experience and position your brand as a solution for your customers challenges. Ebay’s latest figures are revealing that up to 10% of online buying is being done from a a mobile device.

10. Analytics and Tools

There are tools that allow you measure your digital performance and monitor your brands buzz online. Google Analytics along with other applications allow you to monitor your website and blogs traffic that can help you modify your web activities.

This all might seem overwhelming but you can take it one step at a time according to your business goals and budgetary limitations but don’t neglect it because your competitor isn’t and your optimized web presence is now an essential part of our digital world, not an optional extra.

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  • Blair Evan Ball

    These are some great Social Media tips that more executives should adhere to. Most are stuck in the traditional way of marketing . “When the pain becomes gray enough action will occur!

  • I completely agree with you. I’m a later Baby Boomer (but not in a middle management position) eagerly embracing all these new methods – not without frustration I might add. However I would question if is there still a place for the telesales, cold calling methods as well as these new ways of marketing?

    • Dan

      I would argue that for top salespeople who want to differentiate themselves they need to stay away from cold calling and use what my good friend and mentor Mark McClure calls Disproportionate Time Management. They need to target their A prospects who have the need and financials to buy their product or service, and use innovative techniques to get to the key decision makers. Not just pick up the telephone and ring up companies.
      They really need to boost their online presence and make their business cards work overtime for them. Create a call to action on their business card offering a free report for instance on something that is important to their target customers. So now when they hand out a business card, they have their prospect going to their website and registering so they can start to build a relationship. Same thing with advertising, give a call to action, get people to call or come to the website so you are creating leads. If I found a business card that said something like: Your life insurance policy may be death insurance and is costing you 100,000’s of dollars, turn over to see why. Then a link to a free report I would most definitely go to that site and get that report after leaving my name/email. Sure beats someone just calling around!

  • Great article that really covers the absolute essentials.

    There is a whole method to the madness that ties in and integrates all of these mediums so that they work together. It all begins with a decent Web 2.0 friendly website as a home base, that can bring all the elements together, and at the same time push information to the other channels. All of this take time, patience, and commitment.

    A consistent real world marketing campaign linking to the online, and mobile campaign will help continue with customer engagement way beyond the retail sale.

  • Way to hit the nail on the head with those ten essential activities. Reading this through the eyes of a soon-to-be college graduate, it may make my job search easier if companies offered more positions in these areas. We have to get those baby boomers out of their traditional box, and fully embracing everything that is digital!

  • Great to see all these brought together in one place. It is easy to get siloed into one way of thinking.

  • Nice article. It’s imperative clients continue to evolve and begin building a foundation for digital data collection.

  • Jeff,
    Great job on assembling a strategic components list for digital marketing today. However, for most organizations, the requirements for success with these initiatives and the rising demand for “continual content creation” may exceed the core competencies of many. The result is that this has real-world resource and monetary implications for a business. More on that here: http://bit.ly/a6T826

  • Hi Jeff,

    Great Post on basics for every digital marketing campaign. you have definitely put together a excellent basis of all things digital. I would also add the importance of digital strategy in understanding where your target demographic works and plays on line. Through this understanding companies will understand which digital marketing tool will be most effective in finding and engaging there online communities

    Thanks again


  • Thank you, sir, very useful article.

  • Some good points as always Jeff!

    A lot of the “old school” STILL don’t understand too much of any of your comments, but this year will be a pivotal year, I’m convinced of it!

    There’s only so much time you can spend with your head buried in the sand!

    Keep up the good work, I’m posting a lot of your articles on my constructionmarketinguk Facebook because it’s ALL about quality!

    Did you see my “Customer as KING, content as Queen” post? http://wp.me/p1fPZU-or take a look, you might like it!

    All the best for 2011, Peter

  • Akshaytrenzy

    A good and an informative article
    There is also very good information available on

  • I think a lot of newbies to the world of social media could really use a road map, guide, or Social Media Sherpa for assistance. Since sherpas are scarce to be found, this list provides a great set of tools by which to ascend the social media mountain.

  • Good advice.

  • Good advice.

  • Karen Loomis

    Very though. I left a company last year that half-heartedly was trying to adjust to new media. Six months ago I interviewed w/ a company that had no budget, but wanted to do TV & Yellow Pages over spending chump change on a revised SEO strategy! Run Karen. Run. LOL

  • Jeff Whittle

    Really like drawing the distinction between the dollars willingly spent on brick-and-mortar portals and grudgingly allocated to digital portals.  Great way to think about it!

  • Another great post jeff. A key point in digital marketing strategies is that it needs to be integrated with the marketing strategy and not just seen as ‘bolt on’ strategy

  • That is a tough question. I don’t think there is an easy answer. Despite tragedies that are happening all over the world life still goes on. I think that is a call to make on a case by case basis and it is also dependent on the type and location of the campaign.