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15 Twitter Facts and Figures for 2014 You Need to Know

Twitter Facts and figures you need to know in 2014

The social media network that was never meant to be a social network, Twitter, celebrated its eighth birthday in March, 2014. The now microblogging giant has come a long way since co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, “just setting up my twttr” back on March 21, 2006.

It is now a household name, and the favorite network of celebrities and media outlets.

Twitter has become the fastest way to break news. We are seeing more television programs display their Twitter handles and relative hashtags. The power of Twitter was witnessed by millions when Ellen DeGeneres tweeted “the best photo ever” at this years Oscars that has garnered over 3.4 million retweets and counting.

Twitter went public in November 2013. The much ballyhooed IPO was a big hit as TWTR opened at $26.00 and closed at $44.90 in its first day of trading. Today Twitter trades at $44.60 despite a net loss of $34 million in its most recent quarterly report.

While Twitter has become an incredible brand, it must find a way to show profitability in the future. We don’t want the little blue bird to fly away.

15 Fast Twitter Facts

Here are some Twitter facts and figures that are worth a look.

1. A mind blowing 300 billion tweets have been sent since inception

2. Tweets with image links have 5 times the engagement rate

3. Over 20 million fake Twitter users

4. Over 241 million monthly active Twitter users

5. 184 million monthly active users using mobile

6. The cost of a 24 hour promoted trend runs about $200 thousand

7. China is the country with the most users with over 35 million

8. Katy Perry is the queen of Twitter over 51 million followers surpassing Justin

9, Number of employees at Twitter has increased to 2000+

10. 170 minutes – The average time per month spent by users on Twitter

11. 63% of brands have multiple Twitter accounts

12. YouTube is the most followed brand with over 40 million followers

13. Twitter has a market cap of about 27 billion

14. Average number of followers per twitter user is 208

15. Ellen’s photo of Hollywood stars at Oscars with an incredible 3.4 million retweets

Twitter Facts and Figures 2014

Twitter Infographic by DashBurst.

What about you?

What facts about Twitter surprised you? Any you hadn’t heard of? Are you using Twitter effectively?

Look forward to your insights and feedback in the comments below.

Guest author: Steven Hughes is Director of Marketing at DashBurst, a content marketing platform and social media magazine. Follow @DashBurst on Twitter


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  • Megha Shrimali

    Interesting insights!
    Have been an active twitter user for over a year now. Love the way it has become a part of my life.

    • Glad you enjoyed the piece Megha. Yes, a big key with a successful Twitter presence is staying active. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  • Rama

    Hi , the users from China are overseas Chinese, and not tweeting from China, actual number of users in China is much lower.


  • Hey Jeff,

    I can say that I’m one of the 184 million that use twitter on my cell phone. This is really my only way that I can engage and take advantage of what twitter offers. Before it didn’t appeal to me, but now it’s a different story! Thanks for sharing these facts with us!

    • Thanks Sherman. The mobile apps have definitely become more user friendly and efficient with time.

  • Hi Steven,
    Do you know what % of Tweets are actually created for Twitter vs just automatic tweets from Facebook, Instagram or blogs? I feel like most Tweets are just links to other pages, which is really annoying when you’re on Mobile. And though I complain, I do it myself – all my platforms are linked to my Twitter (@notmyownideas), and I never really come up with specific content for Twitter…
    How do you actually account engagement on Twitter? How many posts are actually read or clicked through?
    Thank you for the insights!

  • Raque Cartwright

    First off, I had no idea there were so many fan Twitter accounts?!?! That is mind blowing! What is the purpose of pretending, I guess I don’t get it. I also think it is pretty crazy China has the most Twitter users, I also thought that had the most strict social media laws, I guess their government is a fan of Twitter? I really liked all the break downs of who had the most followed and the competition as well.

  • Yeah!! Twitter is growing exponentially. And these are indeed Interesting insights!
    I have been an active twitter user for over a year now. Love the way it has become a part of my life. It has also become important for digital marketers to use twitter carefully for their business. Always tag your posts with the best of them by understanding the purpose of hashtags and the social etiquette for using them. Just a small tip – #dontputamillionwordsinonehashtag. http://www.techcuppa.com/hashtag-etiquette-be-careful-to-avoid-these-social-fauxpas/
    Here is the infographic to tell you more about Hashtag Etiquette.

  • roj

    Yes twitter engagement is must for any sort of business sector in today’s market and the above points focuses on twitter added more quality to the certainty. Much obliged concerning offering.