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16 Irreplaceable Tools For Content Marketers To Make Your Content Unique

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Unique content gets you found.

It places your brand at the top of the pops as a thought leader – someone people trust and admire.

Unique content helps you push the boundaries. It challenges the status quo and inspires your team to innovate.

But it’s not easy.

Always delivering a unique style, unique feel and unique substance to your content is hard.

That’s why most of us don’t.

We are happy to write a link bait headline or create a viral cat video – because it’s easier.

It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside when we get a bunch of likes and re-shares. We are “content marketers”.

But it doesn’t work.

Our businesses don’t grow, our customers don’t care and our marketing department loses credibility.

Forget about creating content for the sake of it, and start worrying about creating unique content.

Unique, unique, unique… can’t be said enough.

To help you get started here are 16 tools for content marketers that will help you create unique content more often.

1. Power Words for headlines

power_words - tools for content marketers

This list of power words is a great resource to tap into next time you’re writing a headline. Or, if you aren’t up for the task, hire someone who is!

2. Guru

guru - tools for content marketers

At Guru you can order unique content, with a fee comparable or better than  other freelancer sites. Many freelancers are going to Guru now because they offer a smaller service fee.

3. Unplag

unplag - tools for content marketers

Unplag provides an assurance that your content doesn’t infringe on the works of others. It is a reliable plagiarism checker offering various checking types including a check against the internet in real time and your database of files.

You can create a personal storage of your documents here to avoid self-plagiarism in the future. The history of all checks is saved, so that you can trace all the changes made in a text.

What’s hot? What’s not?

Today’s fast paced media world provides topics that change not only daily, but also hourly.

Transgender issues are a big topic today, and smartphone apps were yesterday. For topics, there is no need to re-invent the wheel – just create the best wheel on the market.

Use trends to generate new and unique ideas. If you feel you are “out of the loop” about what people are talking about, or if you need to hit a target market for demographic reasons, let these sites help you:

4. Topsy

topsy - tools for content marketers

This tool for content marketers helps you search and analyze the hottest trends in your niche among blog posts, tweets, photos, videos.

Also you can use Topsy to find influencers and contact them about collaboration.

5. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo - tools for content marketers

BuzzSumo is similar to Topsy and can be used for the same purpose – to find the hottest trends on the internet for a specific niche.

All you have to do is to type a keyword (for example, ‘writing’) and choose the type of content you need in the left sidebar.

The free version shows only the top 10 results, but sometimes that’s enough.

6. aHrefs Content Explorer

ahrefs - tools for content marketers

If you have an aHrefs paid account – you’re lucky.

Using a service such as a content explorer let’s you see the most shareable content in your niche. It works similarly to the previous two services – just put your niche keyword into the search bar and enjoy the result.

7. Feedly

feedly - tools for content marketers

Using Feedly you’ll learn more about what has to be said of relevance for your topic or product. (It’s a modern version of an RSS feed reader)


Nothing is better than creating your own unique content. This eliminates the fear of being repetitive, irrelevant or plagiarizing.

Start with a captivating image. There are plenty of places to find just the right one to act as the stepping-stone for your content.

The digital image world is aplenty, but only some sources will help you with your unique needs.

8. HaikuDeck

haikudeck - tools for content marketers

HaikuDeck is a simple, beautiful, and fun tool for creating presentations. Using this tool you can easily design any kind of presentation for any purpose: a presentation of a new business product, blog content, article illustration, etc.

HaikuDeck has two versions: for web and for iPad.

9. Canva

canva - tools for content marketers

Canva is a universal tool for visual content creation.

With the help of Canva you can create almost anything: gift cards, content for social media pages, infographics, featured pictures for your blog posts etc.

10. InfoActive.co

infoactive - tools for content marketers

This tool will be totally useful for those who want to turn complex data into interactive infographics and reports – InfoActive was created for this purpose.

Here you can find lots of graphic and diagram types to visualize your data and make it look better.

11. Fotor.com

fotor - tools for content marketers

Sometimes a collage or montage of images could be better suited to your needs.

Look at what they offer at Fotor.com – it’s a tool for collage creation.

Also you can use this tool for editing a photo or card designing.

12. BeFunky

befunky - tools for content marketers

If you have images or photos that require expert editing assistance, you can get some help at BeFunky.com.

I believe it’s  the best online photo editor, for now. It is easy to use, free and comfortable.


One of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing today is the use of video. By giving a potential customer a “real life” perspective of the message you are trying to convey, you are engaging their senses in a whole new way.

For example, why just write about a great restaurant with website pages and reviews, when you can see and hear satisfied diner’s comments and impressions or get a virtual tour of the setting with a video on the site?

We all want to be “in” a movie and video content can give your website guest, or blog reader, that desire to be there, or to engage more directly.

Video production may seem daunting if you are not a Spielberg-type, but nowadays even young kids are learning about the basics of filming, which means there are more sources for you to use.

13. PowToon

powtoon - tools for content marketers

Try PowToon where they can create quality video for you or guide you through the process of video creation.

PowToon has free and premium accounts. The main difference is that the free account service will automatically add their logo at the end of every video.

14. GoAnimate

goanimate - tools for content marketers

This is another video creation tool for corporate and personal use.

GoAnimate has a large library with ready-made characters and scenarios. Just drag and drop the needed element into your draft.

15. ImgFlip

imgflip - tools for content marketers

People love funny and engaging gifs. But almost all gifs are already published somewhere.

You can generate your own gifs (graphic interchange formats) with this tool – ImgFlip gif creation tool.


Voice overs or narration are great means of getting your content delivered effectively, but truly setting a tone for your message is more captivating.

This is where music plays a key role. Imagine talking about tropical vacations with soft ukulele music, or selling tattoo designs with funky vibe music, our subconscious also needs to be engaged throughout the delivery of your content.

Don’t know how to add music to your site?

16. YouTube AudioLibrary

youtube_audiolibrary - tools for content marketers

Browse a plethora of musical genres and options at Youtube AudioLibrary. This is a free gallery of Youtube audio selections and you’re bound to find just what you need.

Or, if you are keen to try the original route, you can have your own jingle or song composed, affordably with artists who offer their skills at Fiverr.com.

Your choice

You can choose to provide unique content to your audience, but it requires time and effort. However, if you are ready and willing the results can be spectacular.

If you’re up for the challenge, get started with some of the tools for content marketers on this list.

Guest Author: Lynn Usrey, a newbie essayist, freelance writer and content creator. Also she teaches writing on writing courses in Orlando, Florida. Visit her LinkedIn page.

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