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16 Online Tools That Will Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

16 Online Tools That Will Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Try these tools:

  • abtesting.ai is an AI software that optimizes landing pages with automated text suggestions to boost conversion rates and revenue. It requires no manual setup and selects the best A/B tests for the user.
  • Lander uses AI to create unique and efficient landing pages that help differentiate brands and boost online presence.
  • Leadpages transforms your website into a lead-generation powerhouse with stunning landing pages that convert.

I’m sure you have an excellent product or service…

So you’re out there trying to get everyone to know about it.

You’ve spent hours on your website and social media pages building an audience, but for some reason, your conversion rates are much lower than you believe they should be.

Where is the disconnect?

Many factors contribute to your conversion rate, and the great thing is that new software continues to get developed to help us figure out how to optimize them.

Here are 16 tools that will improve your website’s conversion rates.

1. Hootsuite

hootsuite image for conversion rate

Your business is absolutely on social media. (If it’s not, bookmark this article, build some social pages, and then come back to read this.)

Hootsuite lets you manage all of your accounts from one website. You can schedule posts, track insights, learn what content engages the most users, and improve your CRM.

Not only is Hootsuite easier than managing multiple websites at once, but it’s also an important time saver. You can schedule all of your posts for a week, a month, or more!

2. Mention

mention media monitoring for conversion rate

Mention offers real-time social media monitoring, so you can learn what people are saying about you and your products online.

Use this information to engage with your audience and develop a robust CRM strategy or to improve your user experience through a better website or a less complicated landing page.

3. Conversion Voodoo

conversion vodoo for conversion rate

Conversion Voodoo works magic on your conversion rate. The site monitors your visitors’ first impressions, performs A/B testing, and helps optimize the design of your landing page.

It also offers a free performance analysis on your website. The only negative is that fees are revenue based with no upfront costs.

So, if your business explodes after working with them, you might end up with a hefty bill.

4. Essays Capital

essayscapital essay writing service for conversion rate

What do you think of when you think of conversions?

Do you think you need strong marketing? A great SEO/SEM campaign? High-quality, original content? The reality is that you need all three. But as SEO practices become more common and the marketing space becomes more crowded, content is more important than ever!

Custom writing service Essays Capital can help you capitalize on this truth by writing your blog posts or web content for you. They get to know you and your business so they can provide targeted, high-quality content so you can save the time and energy for other endeavors.

5. SumoMe

sumome tools to grow your website's traffic image for conversion rate

SumoMe is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website’s conversion rates. This tool will help you with optimizing your content sharing and email subscribing.

Start optimizing your email list building with welcome mat, scroll box and smart bar. “Sharing is caring!” So boost your share volume with image sharer, highlighter and adding awesome sharing buttons.

SumoMe has 12+ free tools to improve your website’s conversion rate.

6. App Cues

appcues free trial conversion image for conversion rate

One often overlooked component of your conversion rate is how engaged your customers are on your site.

By implementing a user onboarding process, you can teach your clients how to navigate your site and make them comfortable engaging with you in a meaningful way.

App Cues is one such tool that improves your conversion rates by turning your infrequent visitors into loyal customers who engage with your online community.

7. Usability Hub

usability hub design debates image for conversion rate

Your website isn’t going to offer a great conversion rate if people can’t use it.

Usability Test (which is always free) tests your buttons, navigation, and usability. They perform five-second impression tests and ask the site owner any questions that come up while testing the site. You might find a small glitch that you never noticed, but that has stopped people from revisiting your site or becoming a customer.

8. Tutorialize

tutorialize website tutorials image for conversion rate

Tutorialize is another user onboarding tool to help your conversion rates. With this program, you can create personalized videos to share on your websites home page. It eliminates confusion about your various products or services, and allows users to more effectively read through and engage with your online content.

9. Visual Website Optimizer

visual website optimizer image for conversion rate

VWO offers A/B testing so you can compare two versions of your home page or landing page to learn which version delivers a higher conversion rate. Because the entire site is visual, you can build a test without any coding knowledge. It’s free for the first 1,000 visitors.

10. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo key influencers image for conversion rate

BuzzSumo offers an excellent way to find the highest performing keywords on each social media website. Just type in your keyword to see how many times that topic was shared across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

If your topic is trending on Twitter and stagnant on Facebook, you’ll know to put your budget toward Twitter to get the best ROI.

11. MailChimp

mailchimp send better email image for conversion rate

It’s imperative that you keep your audience engaged throughout the buying process. An active email marketing campaign can make sure all of your prospective customers are being managed at their own pace, based on their progression with your site.

It’s a great way to keep people interested even when they’re not ready to buy yet. This will help your conversion rate in the end because you won’t lose as many customers.

12. Five Second Test

5 second test image for conversion rate

Five Second Test is a great way to gauge the first impression people get when they view your website. Testers are allowed to see your page for 5 seconds. They are then asked a series of questions based on their first impression. If you can nail the first impression, you’re far more likely to convert your visitors into customers.

13. Content Idea Generator

content idea generator image for conversion rate

No matter how great your blog might be, people are not going to click on it unless it has a great title. Content Idea Generator lets you input your topic or category, and the generator comes up with different title ideas. Use these for inspiration or exactly as they are to get a higher click through rate.

14. Moz

moz online marketing for conversion rate

Moz completely takes over your websites SEO analytics and management. Depending on the plan you want, they can either take over the content of your pages and learn what performs best with your target audience, manage your Twitter account, or improve the SEO on your site.

15. LinkedIn

linkedin image for conversion rate

Ok, so this one isn’t quite a tool, but if you’re not advertising your business on LinkedIn, you’re missing out. LinkedIn has a pretty low click rate (about 1 in 500 people click on ads). But of those that do click, 2.7% will convert to sales. That’s HUGE compared to Facebook (.77%) and Twitter (.69%).

People on LinkedIn are also 50% more likely to buy from a business they have interacted with on the site. Keep in mind that Linkedin ads are more expensive than Facebook or Twitter ads. But that extra price is definitely worth it, given the conversion rate.

16. Button Optimizer

call-to-action button generator image for conversion rate

Your Call to Action can make or break all the work you put into your landing page. Button Optimizer lets you create custom CTA buttons in just a couple of minutes. They’re completely customizable, which makes A/B testing easy.

Creating your marketing strategy takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Make sure it’s not all for nothing. Employ some of these tools to help improve your conversion rates and make a real impact on your bottom line.

Guest Author: Anna Olinger is a technical content manager from Washington, DC. To learn more tips on content marketing, writing and social media follow Anna on Twitter and Linkedin.

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