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5 Cool Social Media Infographics

Presenting tempting content online is about capturing attention and that starts with the headline, after that there are a variety of tactics and media to continue to engage your viewer whether that be multimedia rich content categories such as a video, image or text.

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If the content is creative and visually compelling then your chances of having it shared on social media increase dramatically. Infographics allow you to present information for audiences to consume in a few seconds.

Infographics have almost become a media in their own right and the correct creative mix of design and data can be almost magnetic.

This collection of infographics includes Google vs Facebook, The history of social media and the most viral brands of 2010.

1. Google vs Facebook

In 2010 Facebook passed Google as the top on-line destination with 41.1 million minutes spent on Facebook in August 2010 compared to Google’s 39.8 million minutes.

why technology enhances learning

2. Social Media: A History

Source: Tenth Wave

3. Reading Students Like an Open Facebook: How Social Media is Reshaping College Admissions

Social media for universities and colleges is an important tool for marketing and assessing potential students. Facebook is used 82% of the time by admissions officers with Twitter and YouTube ranked second and third.

Click to Enlarge

Source: Schools.com

3. Twitter Facts and Figures

Twitter has just turned 5 and with over 200 million users is now one of the most valuable social media properties on the planet. How potentially valuable? Check out the infographic.

Click to Enlarge

Source: Infographicsarchive.com

4. Most Viral Brands of 2010

A YouTube video going viral is every marketers dream as it can incresae sales dramatically and take a brand from unknown to a superstar. So how did the “Old Spic”e video and marketing campaign compare in the viral stakes?

the best viral brands of 2010

Source: ViralAdNetwork

5. The Rise of Social Media Ad Spend

In 2007 social networking ad spend was a fraction of today’s budgets. Facebook is one of the main platforms that companies are using with its easy to use self serve ad feature and granular demographic  data. What are the projections for the future?

social media ad spending

Via: Flowtown.com

Which Infographic impressed you the most?

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