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5 Pinterest Marketing Tactics That Produce Big Results

5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

There are three things that I can always count on to bring me waves of pleasure, delight and deep satisfaction. A kiss from my sweetheart, a square of dark chocolate and Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest. How I love you. I could spend hours prowling through your copious collections of perfectly-styled meals, curated outfits, far-flung destinations and inspirational quotes. (And sometimes… I do!)


5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

For those of you who have yet to discover Pinterest, it’s a social media site that allows you to create beautiful “boards” by “pinning” images from other people’s boards… adding images from other websites on the Internet… or even uploading them, yourself.

It’s bizarrely addicting, and that intense pleasure can be put to good use because…it’s a powerful tool to generate tons of excitement about your business offerings — excitement that can lead to sales.

Think of it as a visual press release that you don’t need to send to the media.

Here’s how to use Pinterest marketing to get out of this world results… while promoting a product, a service, an experience, a book or just… yourself.

1. Pinterest + A Product

Benjamin Moore is a company that sells something most people don’t get particularly excited about: paint.

But with this stunning Pinterest board, the smart team at Benjamin Moore has curated a collection of unique and colorful doors from around the world… while including a subtle reference (and link) to the company’s line of exterior house paint to “make a stunning first impression with a beautiful front door.”


5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

Staring at this board, all I can think is, “My door is incredibly boring. It needs some gorgeous new paint, ASAP!”

Benjamin Moore’s mission = accomplished. No big smarmy pitch. No begging for business. Who doesn’t want to walk through a beautiful door, sigh, and say, “I’m home.”

You try it:

Create a Pinterest board with curated images (tasty gluten-free recipes, summer nail polish trends, romantic wedding hairstyles, family game night inspiration) and then include a link to your (related) product in the Pinterest board description.

2. Pinterest + A Service

Simply Marketed is an agency that provides marketing and social media services to restaurants, non-profits and small businesses.

Peek at their Pinterest profile, and you’ll spot several boards packed with inspiring marketing tips and advice.

There’s a board called “Unique Marketing Ideas,” another one called “Logos We Love” and another called “Our Clients” featuring impressive portfolio samples.


5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

Lots of terrific content for business owners who are hunting for fresh marketing ideas (zing! Those are the agency’s ideal customers.)… plus a clear description of what Simply Marketed can offer… and a link back to their website.

You try it:

If you’re a service provider, try thinking about each Pinterest board as a “blog post” and fill it with helpful tips and advice on a particular topic… that can help your ideal clients.

3. Pinterest + An Experience

Mirella Saraswati is a yogi on a mission… to inspire YOU to come to her yoga retreat in Ibiza.

She has created a stunning Pinterest board filled with “Ibiza Inspiration” — photos of the landscape, the food, the drinks, local shops, and of course, that exquisite aquamarine water.

Customers who are thinking about investing in this experience will swoon over the imagery… and be far more likely to say, “Yes yes yes!”


5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

You try it:

Planning a retreat, workshop, webinar, seminar, class or conference? Curate images that inspire you — flowers you want to purchase for the entryway, candles for the dinner table, notebooks and pencils for each guest, photos of the venue, and anything else that evokes the spirit of the experience. Yes, it works for an online experience as much as an in-person one.

4. Pinterest + A Book

Leading up to the launch of her first book, 50 Ways To Say Youre Awesome, author Alexandra Franzen created a Pinterest board full of encouraging advice on how to tell someone, “Hey… I think you’re awesome!”


5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

The board included illustrations taken directly from her book, along with other photos that expressed the message of the book. (Like a cake with the word “YAY!” baked inside. Adorable.)

Here’s another great example: to promote her book Happier At Home, author Gretchen Rubin created a Pinterest board that featured a simple question: “What makes you happy at home?” Her board features calming, joyful images of things that make Gretchen happy… along with a few carefully chosen images of her book, including the cover design.


5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

You try it:

Create a Pinterest board that features photos of your book, quotes plucked out of your book, behind-the-scenes book photos (like a snapshot of you at a book launch party)… along with other images that sum up the essence of the book.

5. Pinterest + YOU

Gala Darling is one of the world’s most-read fashion bloggers — and the co-founder of a program called The Blogcademy, where she trains amateurs bloggers who want to “go pro.”

Gala has built a remarkable “lifestyle brand” with legions of fans who adore her unique twist on style, home decor, travel, love and friendship.

Her Pinterest universe  is full of images that evoke her unique aesthetic and worldview — including boards devoted to Style Influences (quirky and offbeat, as expected), New York City (her hometown), and Tattoo Love (she has numerous tattoos — part of her signature look).

5 Ways Small Business can Use Pinterest

You try it!

Build a collection of boards all about… you! Your home. Your work. Your life. Your style. Your favorite foods. Places you’d love to visit. Anything you like. When you’re building a “lifestyle brand,” anything goes.

With 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest is a serious social media heavyweight.

But what’s particularly intriguing is that Pinterest users spend an average of 14 minutes on Pinterest, per visit. To draw a stark comparison, most visitors will spend 15 seconds (or less) on your website homepage.

Pinterest is a place where people cozy up with a warm cup of tea, metaphorically speaking (or literally!)… lean in… and go deep.

As a business owner, Pinterest is the perfect platform for enchanting potential customers with a world of color, beauty and magic… while holding their attention for a remarkably long time.

Happy Pinning!

Guest Author: Susan Harrow is a media coach to everyone from CEOs to celebrity chefs and bestselling author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul. Follow her on Twitter @soundbitesiren




  • Thanks for the post. It reminds me that I really need to work on my Pinterest board. You always inspire me, Jeff.

  • Merci Jeff – Just needed a boost to rethink my Pinterest boards 🙂 perfect timing.

    • Good. I set focus booster so I don’t get too carried away on my boards as it’s easy to lose a day :-).

  • Just started on Pinterest as new bee and these article helps a lot to me. Thanks Jeff

  • Nickmarquet

    Great post Susan. I read somewhere Pinterest is the 3 or 4 biggest traffic driver in the world! – Really keen to see how promoted pins will work and when it will launch?

  • mohsinsidhu89

    Thanks for the great post Susan.
    keep it up.

  • Very interesting read Susan – thanks for sharing these Pinterest tips.

    While their Marketing strategy has obviously been a success on Pinterest, call me old fashioned, but I think the Benjamin Moore paints pins, where they’ve just listed their own paint colour details under house & home images found on the Internet, that resemble Benjamin Moore paint colours (but actually aren’t), borders on being an eg of deceptive marketing. Clever – perhaps, but still a bit deceptive.

    The other egs of Pinterest success stories were quite inspiring!

    • That’s a fascinating point – and a way that I think many successful Pinners are using this same strategy to make a link between the fantasy (or celebrity tie in) and reality – the application of their product.

  • Super useful article Suzanne! We started marketing on Pinterest few weeks ago, we’re in between Pinterest + Product and Pinterest + Service strategies.

    I can’t say I’ve cracked the Pinterest code yet but there are definitely a lot of interesting trends there. I talk about our experience here: http://customericare.com/why-pinterest-marketing/ It’d be awesome to get some feedback see if anyone made the same observations.

  • Pintrest is an amazing source for marketing, many people are visual and pintrest nails it when it comes to visual persuasion. Your article was informative and insightful. Cause for action to those who wish to further their business and presence in our digital platform.

    • Thx so much Carrie! I totally agree about visual persuasion. We are much more oriented toward the visual in today’s world.

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  • Nidhi Shah

    Great post @HarrowPR:disqus! I have read many posts on Pinterest marketing but this one is like a poem to read. Loved your writing style and especially the line “Think of it as a visual press release that you don’t need to send to the media.”

    About Pinterest as a marketing tool, no doubt it can do wonders to your brand. But do you think having 80% women users is a limitation for this marketing tool?