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5 Simple Tips To Increase Engagement with Social Media

5 Simple tips to increase engagement with social media

We’ve all been in the situation before where we’ve see an advertisement on television or a social media post from a brand that captivates our attention. Whether its witty, entertaining or just plain clever, it leaves a lasting impression.

That can be the difference between a brand that is bland or memorable.

In the world we live in today, where people are connected to their devices at all times and constantly checking their social channels, you don’t need to be a big brand or have a large budget to be considered a social media trendsetter and receive amazing interaction.

If you are running social media campaign for a business or just want to expand your personal presence, here are five simple tips to increase engagement with social media.

This will result in more clicks, interactions and followers!

#1. Quality graphics

Having a compelling graphic will make your social post stand out amongst the competition and reach a larger audience. When I make a post on Facebook for one of my clients that has a strong call-to-action on the image, we see 4x the reach and click through rate.

How to Increase Engagement with Social Media

For example, if you are making a blog post, promote this content through a graphic and you will drive more traffic to your website. Additionally, professional graphics will add brand consistency and professionalism throughout your social channels.

Imagine your social media post as a billboard on the freeway. The more compelling the advertisement, the more people will notice the message while driving. With social, more people will notice your graphic in the newsfeed.

#2. Social personality

Creating social media posts for company on a daily basis can be a tough task. Obtaining engagement on all of those social media posts can be even tougher! Think outside of the box for a campaign that can create engagement while making your messaging more compelling to your audience.

A relocation company recently created a mascot where the majority of the social messages will be coming from “Raffi The Relocator.” This has resulted in more engagement and fresh life for their social media channels.

How to Increase Engagement with Social Media

If you are an individual trying to get your message out and don’t want to seem too “salesy,” create a caricature of yourself and promote the social message in this form. You’ll see more interaction and people will actually be talking about all of your latest posts!

#3. Brand advocates

One of the latest trends in social marketing is letting your customers convey the message for you. If someone will record a video or post a Tweet about you or your company, why not repost this? There is a great sense of authenticity associated with finding brand advocates.

When many people think of car insurance, they wouldn’t necessarily think of compelling social media content. SafeAuto Insurance runs a social promotion called “Do The Jingle.” Musicians create a 30-60 second jingle for SafeAuto and the winner receives an appearance in a television commercial.

The result?

The cheap car insurance company receives over 3 million social referrals from the promotion and finds someone through social to star in a television commercial.

Think of a compelling way that people will want to speak about you or your brand. This will result in authentic content and amazing exposure!

#4. Rewarding fans

Your social followers are constantly seeing your messages and engaging in your posts. Don’t they deserve something in return other than great content?

Give away a T-Shirt or a gift card in a clever manner, and you’ll see your interaction skyrocket on social. Not to mention, you can capture a lot of email address and phone numbers from your followers (for email marketing purposes) by giving away prizes.

How to increase engagement with social media

If you’ve ever attended a sporting event, think about when the promotions team throws t-shirts into the stands. This $5 promo has grown men jumping up and down in hopes of getting a pretty basic prize (it’s not like they are giving away a car).

Social media prizes can work in the same way. Promote a t-shirt for your company through a clever campaign and you’ll be getting the message out, improving interaction and making your social fans happy!

#5. Think mobile friendly

When it comes to mobile marketing, the messaging has to be more concise. With users short attention span in the digital age, they are less likely to read a social post that is several paragraphs long compared to just a sentence. This philosophy should be carried out through all of your social channels.

The shorter the better!

How to increase engagement with social media

If you have a short message with a great graphic where a memorable character is giving away a compelling prize, you’ll see your interaction skyrocket! This will be the case on mobile or on desktop. Eventually, this will also lead to users becoming brand advocates for your social channels!

Guest author: Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, A Social Media Marketing Company.



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  • vivienne neale

    Thanks Jason. I think the idea of personality in postings is seminal. Take Pinterest for example. This is one platform where people are still pinning uninspired captions. When you can link an image with a really appropriate captions you certainly guarantee the repins. It shows you’ve thought about it; that you are making a statement that adds something. There’s too much ‘eye candy’ swashing around without us needlessly adding to it, in my opinion. Quality over quantity every time. Having a plan and actually reviewing your output is part of the ongoing process of reinventing and getting noticed. This is my aim for clients certainly.

    • Jason Parks

      Thanks Vivienne! Inspiring content is crucial and will almost certainly lead to more engagement.

  • Leah Lambart

    Great tips! Love the info on using graphics.

  • Sean Lynch

    Most companies’ biggest advocates are their own people. PostBeyond is a great tool to increase engagement by allowing employees to easily post approved content!

  • Good tips, Jeff, especially the ones about the graphics. I write a poetry blog in addition to my regular blog, Lorraine Reguly’s Life, called Poetry Perfected, and I don’t always use an image since it takes away from the images I want to instill in my readers’ minds. I generally used one related image, though, because I am aware that including an image, even if it one created with Paint, is conducive to getting “clicks” on the accompanying link. With the rise of users on Pinterest, it’s a super strategy to use, too.

  • Tip #3 is still under communicating or
    interacting with your customers. Most of the marketing strategy posts
    I’ve read, it never lost its spot on the list. Personally, I’m
    speaking in a customer’s perspective, I will agree to that. It allows
    me to voice out my opinion on a matter. Tip #4, on the other hand, is
    a smart move.

    Simple yet precise tips. Thanks!

    I found and “kingged” the post on Kingged.com.

  • Great Tips To reach Maximum People .. thanks

  • Sarah Jocson

    Be promoted it in many of the same ways, promote other initiatives. And communicate with your clients. Good article!

  • Number four is a point that I would like to stress with clients. ALWAYS give them some value with interacting with your company. Collecting likes is a good start, but coming up with solid calls-to-action is always a prudent way to get your finger on the pulse of your clients/customers.

  • Great post, Jason. Nice tips – totally agree with the first one – visual content is important even when you’re sharing just a quick update! I’ve seen an improvement in CTR when I coupled my update with an image/graphic. Giveaways are also a great way how to increase engagement.

  • disqus_W4KjfaOksA

    Great post, Jason. I’ve been playing around with graphics lately (which isn’t exactly my strong point) and have certainly noticed an improvement in engagement. I also like your idea of creating a persona.

  • Thinking mobile friendly is so important! Jason, I like how you point to format of content – I think it’s also important to keep in mind who is reading and at what time of day. Eg, a mom on Sunday night vs. a Millennial on the morning commute. Knowing who is reading/watching and what they’re doing is huge.

    Also, definitely a great tactic on giving out a gift or swag. It’s such a small gesture that goes so far. Something I’m a big fan of giving and receiving!

    • Jason Parks


      So glad you enjoyed the article and you definitely brought up great points on which type of person to target. Sorry for the delayed response in responding! What’s your Twitter account? You can follow me @TheMediaCaptain on Twitter as I’m always posting about social 🙂

  • ReputationManagement

    Great informative tips on increasing communication using social media.

  • Thanks for a very helpful post. I definitely need to improve my graphics. And come up with a new tagline. Sometimes the most challenging part of this business is putting the whole meaning of an entire lifetime of work into one graphic or phrase! For me at least.

  • guptaabhijit318

    Great information! Thanks for sharing all your tips – there’s so much info out there on how to increase engagement in social media. Thanks for an informative post,

  • Clipping Path

    Thanks Jason.
    I think the idea of personality in postings is seminal. Your all points are really useful specially when your visitors are following those tips like me. I am doing SMM for Clipping Path . Having a
    plan and actually reviewing your output is part of the ongoing process
    of reinventing and getting noticed. If you have some time, you can review my website & suggest me what is really good or bad for me & my website- http://www.theclippingpathindia.com

  • Wilfred Raphael

    Great content! Using Great graphics, Brand advocates and Rewarding fans would for sure pull crowd to the Social Media engagements. Informative!!

  • Very informative blog, got nice clarity of using social media effectively.

  • Think mobile friendly… Yah sure! Just love to read this post, thanks 🙂 clipping path

  • This looks so
    great! It is so good to see you posting again! Ok so I’m guessing you mean
    the next recipe is the pie that Florida is known for????? I’m sooooo excited
    for that one!!!

  • Good quality images and adding in personality definitely goes far in social media engagement. People also overlook having things be mobile friendly, but it is so important as almost 1/2 of content is viewed on smart phones today!

  • Matt McCullar

    Hello Jeff,

    Great post here with quite a few simple, yet very effective tools for us all to apply to our businesses!

    What stood out to me the most is the very last concept that deals with promoting out businesses through social media in a way that is ‘mobile friendly’.

    I think as content marketers we get so used to the idea of writing 1000+ word articles for our blogs that are filled with tons of information, that we often forget that it can at times be even more powerful to just deliver a concise and simple message!

    Excellent stuff all around and I will be implementing many of these immediately!

    Love your website and the information you provide! Keep it comin!

    -Matt McCullar