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9 Mobile Marketing Trends Dominating 2015

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Mobilegeddon is upon us.

Google’s latest algorithm update was all about mobile devices and how they handle search.

Basically, if you’re not mobile ready – you’ll soon be irrelevant.

But we didn’t need Google to tell us this.

We can barely walk down the street without bumping into a stranger on their smartphone.

So if you want to engage with your customers, you have to get mobile with your thinking.

Mobile marketing spend is predicted to hit $65 billion by 2019 in the US alone.

US Digital Advertsing Spend by Device Graph


Ok you get it, mobile is kind of important these days.

But what can you do about it?

Let’s look at 9  mobile marketing trends dominating 2015 that you can make the most of.

1. Video ads are gaining popularity

Advertising on mobile phones has already seen lots of changes and this trend will continue.

Video ads on mobile phones will become increasingly popular as the screen size and quality of the phones get bigger and better.

Plus video ads are more engaging than pure image and text based ads. They allow you to tell a compelling company story and build a stronger brand.

This means they can help you get more customers.

2. We are hijacking popular apps

When marketing a mobile app, the best way to get exposure is to advertise on other popular mobile apps.

These are called mobile app install ads and this trend has been very effective in the marketing of apps.

This trend is not confined to promoting apps, it is an opportunity for companies to get creative and tap into super-targeted user groups.

Mobile app installs screenshot

3. Tracking ROI is getting real

The app ecosystem is not very well connected.

What this means is it becomes difficult to track ads after an app gets  installed by a user.

As we move forward in 2015 the data collection from such apps will become clearer and it will be possible to track the fate of ads.

4. Interactive mobile ads are the better way

User engagement and acquisition can be taken to a higher level if the ads are interactive.

When users are presented with ads that they can interact with, it feels refreshing.

They like this feeling of being in control and the experience engages them on a more personal level.

When compared to other forms of ads, interactive ads have been found to be more effective in driving sales and app installations.

This trend is likely to stay around for a while as it is being implemented by a number of big businesses.

5. In-app promotion is growing

In-app promotion is becoming more mature than ever.

This is because user acquisition is getting harder and finding your intended audience is daunting.

This trend will have more to do with deep linking in the apps and controlling how ads are served with the help of programs.

As a result ads will become more targeted to users and time and resources will be saved in the process.

6. Native ads continue to gain traction

Native advertising is a trend that lets the ads emulate the look and feel of the websites they are posted on.

They typically take the form of blogs, videos, and infographics.

The main aim of native ads is to entertain and enlighten the viewers without explicitly promoting a particular product or service.

These ads often talk about topics that are in some way related to the product or service the company is offering.

For instance, a native ad about a cosmetic product will talk about skin problems and their remedies. Such ads are often labeled as sponsored or paid content.

Watch out for more of this on your mobile device.

7. Behavioral data helps target ads

Using behavioral data of users helps target ads and increase conversions.

The behavior pattern of the users is analyzed on the basis of their website preferences, shopping habits and several other data inputs.

The aim is to create a pattern so that the information can be used to present ads that interest a particular user.

User engagement and acquisition typically spike when an ad is uniquely targeted.

Behaviorial data used for targeting ads

8. Location matters

For local businesses such as online grocery portals, rental car services and cab services location based advertising is a must.

User preference, purchasing-power, and tastes differ as you change locations.

This means generic ads don’t  deliver the same returns as localized ads.

It is easier to present location based ads on mobile because tracking down the location of the device is simple.

9. Not every channel suits your business

There are several ad channels and you must know which one is best suited for your business.

If you have multiple ad streams going on at once, you need to be deliberate in tracking which one will return the best user acquisition.

Understanding this trend will help make better investment decisions.

Wrapping it up

The one-size-fits-all approach will not work in the world of mobile marketing.

Use these trends to your advantage, by picking the ones that work for you.

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Guest Author: The blog has been penned by Ashni Sharma (@ashniapps) , an application developer working with AppsChopper. Blog writing is one of her hobbies and she makes it a point to share her knowledge and insight on the latest technological innovations, on-going trends, programming skills and much more. Her experience and expertise is evident in her writing which has inspired many budding developers. 

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