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How To Use Attraction Marketing To Triple Your Leads

How To Use Attraction Marketing For Triple Your Leads
There are so many types of marketing we hear about today – online marketing, influencer marketing, network marketing… the list goes on.

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But have you heard of attraction marketing? It’s not exactly a new player in the business side of network marketing, but it has exploded in popularity recently.

That’s because it can gain leads for your business very quickly.

It involves giving value and offering free content to pull prospective leads into your company. The ‘attraction’ part of the equation is the important bit here – the idea is not to bang on about your merchandise or your company, but to grab people’s attention on an unconscious level so that they don’t really know they’ve been converted until they take action.

Basically, you are giving before you take, and putting things into the marketplace to attract people to you. By giving, I don’t mean the product itself, but knowledge or information about it that would help the customer make a wise choice.

The workflow of attraction marketing is represented below:


Let’s consider HubSpot as an example.

The marketing platform supplies its users with a volume of informative and educative content on inbound marketing.

It also provides an arsenal of tools for email marketing, CRM, selling among many others.


While users may not buy something from HubSpot the first time they visit the website, they will get acquainted with HubSpot over time through its content. When the time arrives for a customer to buy a tool for marketing, they will think of HubSpot because it has already provided them with value.

This is the essence of attraction marketing. Customers, by nature, are curious to know how something works, tastes or performs before buying it as well as how much value it yields for the money spent.

For example, Home Depot is a reputed home supply company in the US. To improve its engagement with homemakers and make them buy more/stay loyal to the brand, Home Depot conducts weekly classes on how to use equipment or how to lay a tile on a small surface, etc.

Customers who attend these classes tend to buy more from the store immediately to test out what they have learned. This is the trigger mechanism of an attraction marketing strategy.

If done right, attraction marketing can be a trump card to magnify the lead generation and conversion rate of a business.

How to master attraction marketing

The basic principle of attraction marketing is to educate customers about the ‘goodness’ or desirability of a product before you even suggest that they buy it. Think of someone handing out samples of barbecue chicken in a shopping mall. They are not explicitly suggesting you buy it, they are simply giving you something that will probably make you want to buy it without them having to say a word.

Here are six simple ways you can master attraction marketing.

1. Spread knowledge

Like I said before, attraction marketing is all about educating customers. First, let them LEARN about your product. Then, take away the ‘L’ to earn from them. To do this, you have to spread knowledge about the product, its praiseworthy points and how it can be used to address specific customer pain points.

2. Earn trust

Trust wins, at all times. In fact, when it comes to attraction marketing, it is the only thing that ever wins. Customers only want to buy from a brand or seller whom they believe is authentic and trustworthy, so be sure to align your message with your audience in an authentic way.

3. Be authentic

In marketing and branding, authenticity has a high price. Customers pay for brands which have authenticity without batting an eyelid. Think Adidas, Apple and Amazon – they are all trusted to deliver the goods whether it comes to product quality or service efficiency. Use them as inspiration.

4. Be social and responsive

Social media plays a big role in amplifying the reach of attraction marketing. Kim Harris writes in this Huffington Post article that communicating and connecting with your customers on a consistent basis is one of the most fundamental rules of attraction marketing.

5. Give insights

Do you know where the market is heading? Or what the next big game changer that will disrupt the industry is likely to be? Feel free to share it with your followers. One thing that customers expect out of marketers is subject matter expertise and it will also amplify their loyalty to you.

6. Generate and distribute content

Content can come in the form of long-form blogs, infographics, creative banner images, videos or anything that customers can consume to know about your product. In attraction marketing, through using various forms of content or repurposing already existing content, you can gain maximum visibility. When providing content, focus on creating content that educates. People want to know ‘how’ and ‘why’ more than anything else.

Final words

The best sales prospects are the ones who come looking for you. Attraction marketing makes it easy for customers to understand your product and assess its value through legitimate means. Attraction marketing improves engagement, and as an end result, increases sales.

The key to success when using attraction marketing lies in having a genuine interest in customers and their needs. Your attraction marketing strategy must therefore be devised to address such needs head-on without any hidden agendas in mind.

The business needs of profitability and sales will happen once customers are convinced about the product.

In essence: attraction marketing is the best way forward if procuring high-quality leads is your priority.

Guest Author: Megha Parikh is a digital marketing expert and has been journeying through the world of digital marketing for more than 7 years. She especially enjoys learning about social media marketing and conversion rate optimization.

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