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5 Creative Ways To Boost Conversions With Thank You Pages

5 Creative Ways To Boost Conversions With Thank You Pages

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Like most other businesses, if you too feel that the conversion funnel ends at the sale; it’s time to widen your horizons, literally.

Did you know that it costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than keep an old one? Also, repeat customers spend more and are more likely to become brand advocates.

The one time your customers are highly likely to take you up on another sale opportunity, now or in the future, is when they are at the peak of their convertability – at the close of a sale. They’ve just bought something from you and are super excited. They’ve already accepted the idea of a business relationship with you and placed their trust in you.

They are right now in an extremely positive state to consider any other offer you might have. This is when you could ask them a question about how to serve them better, or even set them up for a future sale by showcasing some of your best products or building anticipation for upcoming offers.

So why would you let go of an opportunity to create repeat business, when all it takes is a creative thank you page.

When closing a sale, most sites typically have a thank you page. Instead of plain thanking the customer for shopping with you, you can use this thank you page as an opportunity. With the right thank you page, you can invoke a variety of actions, including showcasing your best content, launching a micro-survey to retrieve key feedback, upsell cleverly and a lot more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative ways you can optimize your thank you pages and dramatically boost conversions.

1. Upsell and cross-sell like a pro

If the customer just bought herself premium quality intimate wear, she is probably already concerned about not letting it dull after a trip to the laundry. Now would be a great time to tell her about the washbag that will keep the garments safe and wash them gently in the washer.

Upselling is an art. Overdoing it makes it look scammy and unprofessional. Done properly though, upselling can turn out to be a mutually beneficial experience. You just made a bigger sale and the customer just found a great product that makes their initial purchase even more worthwhile.

Take a look at this example from Jigsaw Health for instance.

Jigsaw Health for thank you pages

Not only does the Jigsaw thank you page offer a direct monetary benefit to excite the customers into making an additional purchase, but also it creates a sense of urgency by using the clock and the big red ticking countdown, making the customer think on their feet and appreciate the value in buying two instead on one boxes of their health drink.

If they’ve just subscribed to your newsletter, you could encourage them to view your online courses, if they’ve just downloaded your eBook, you could pitch them a paid subscription. The point is, a well made thank you page is a great opportunity for all kind of upsells.

2. Showcase your best products

Even a physically finite store is impossible to see all of, let alone the expanse of your online website. Customers can easily overlook a number of products that if discovered, would have been perfect for them.

You can use your thank you page to showcase products that you think your customers will like, based on their current purchase or on their viewing history. Of course, you’ll need to do a first-rate job of analytics to make this work and not end up in the generic ‘suggested products’ trap. You need to showcase products that can add real value to the customer’s life. Products that are trending, bestsellers or highly rated are usually good bets.

3. Know your customers better

We’re always asking you to personalize, and we agree, it’s easier said than done. To truly personalize, you need to know your customers really well, and to do that, you need throngs of user research. But no matter how many sample groups you have in your research, you can’t easily predict what each individual likes or hates.

A thank you form can work as the perfect way to get to know your customers better. Those who have already transacted with you will be happy to drop a few hints about how they would like their experience tailored next time.

Usually, users are inundated with marketing messages, surveys, and forms, and aren’t likely to type much when asked to. However, when they have just transacted with you, they are much more likely to share with you. Asking simple questions like ‘why did you choose this product’, or ‘what do you or don’t you like about this site’ will give you precious feedback.

Harry's for thank you pages

4. Get them engaged and invested

This happens to all kinds of websites and apps, particularly event-based ones – users show interest in one of your upcoming events, even agree to attend it, but as time passes, they forget about it or sometimes just lose interest. With a good thank you page, you can reinforce their sense of commitment and keep the excitement alive so they actually attend your event.

When thanking them for signing up to your event, offer to send them reminder emails, or make an entry in their calendar on their behalf. This will remind them to attend the event, browse the new collection or join the webinar. Neil Patel, as usual, nails it.

Get Them Engaged and Invested for thank you pages

You can even reinforce their commitment and get them more invested, using social shares. You can use an easy plugin on the thank you page that will post something like ‘I’m attending this event’ on their social media, giving them some accountability, and greatly improving the chances of them engaging with you.

5. Promote social shares

You can even use creative thank you pages to turn customers into social followers and brand advocates. Include social sharing buttons encourage them to ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘tweet’ your pages and subscribe to your social feed. Not only will this keep them in your marketing funnel as a qualified lead but also increase your social following, helping you create a sizeable community that acts as social proof.

Wrapping up

Surely your mind is already simmering with new ideas to make thank you pages work harder for your business. Indeed, shoppers are at their highest chance of converting when they are already buying from you. Exploit this momentum to propel your customer experience and turn one time shoppers into repeat customers.

Pick one of the above, one that best suits your business model, and never miss out on another post-conversion opportunity again.

Guest author: Jaykishan Panchal is a content marketing strategist at MoveoApps, a Mobile app development company.He enjoys writing about Technology,marketing & industry trends. He is tech enthusiast and love to explore new stuff.

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