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4 Business Growth Drivers That Will Catapult You Into The New Financial Year

4 Business Growth Drivers That Will Catapult You Into The New Financial Year

Ready to make the most of the new financial year?

Before you know it, December will be here, and the year will be slipping away. So if you don’t take a moment to plan for growth in your business… it simply won’t happen.

For all businesses, things have changed in the last year, and you’ve had to adapt. The new normal we live in poses numerous challenges along with some exciting growth opportunities. A noticeable shift from offline to online has taken place. Additional people (including your team) are working remotely. The buyer’s journey has become more involved – with online research more prominent than ever.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you need to blow everything up and start again. Some simple tweaks and strategic planning will make all the difference to the growth of your business.

To help you out, Fiverr has put together a helpful eBook that outlines the four key growth drivers you need to focus on this financial year. You can get the whole eBook for free here, and check out key excerpts below.

#1. Create a Data-Driven Strategy

Data is critical to the success of your marketing plan. In fact, 74% of customers are frustrated when they see irrelevant marketing from brands. Accurate personalization comes from meaningful data and the way it is interpreted.

The problem? Over 80% of marketers consider data-driven marketing strategies extremely complicated.

To help you tackle this complex yet extremely important topic, you may like to hire data experts to mine numbers, determine buying patterns, optimize your database, and provide valuable insights. You can find experts on Fiverr for data analysis, scraping, mining, visualization, strategy, and more.

Business Growth Drivers - Image 1

#2. Strengthen Your Brand

It takes people 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of your brand.

So, yes, first impressions matter a LOT in the digital world.

The strength of your brand directly correlates to the amount people trust you and whether or not they’ll buy what you sell.

The challenge is, branding is multi-layered. It’s not just a logo, some colors, and a website. It’s all of those things and more – how they appear in isolation, but more importantly, how they work in combination to create a perception of your business.

If you’re not sure which elements of your brand are most important or need some help building the elements because you’re strapped for time, hire a freelancer. Fiverr is home to a range of experts with experience in logo design, social media marketing, web design, and everything else you need to create a strong digital brand.

Business Growth Drivers - Image 2

#3. Get Digital Marketing Sorted

Having a memorable brand is a great start, but how will people discover it unless you invest in marketing?

Digital is where it’s at.

Social media, email, website lead generation, SEO, and even app marketing are critical building blocks for businesses in 2021.

A combination of digital marketing tactics puts your well-crafted brand in front of more people and allows you to capture data for future improvements. Growth comes from doing, capturing data, and improving – not sitting on your hands and hoping.

Once again, Fiverr’s freelance marketplace is the perfect place to expand your digital marketing capacity without breaking the bank. You can get help doing all the things you need to run a successful digital strategy.

Business Growth Drivers - Image 3

#4. Offer Quality Online Content

Beyond your core digital marketing tactics to capture leads and drive sales, you need to consider the long-term success of your brand. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Providing valuable content on your website and social media helps engage prospects without “pushing” the sale. Quality content also demonstrates expertise and builds trust with prospects. Not to mention the SEO benefits of having a blog – which are significant.

Whether it’s blog posts, YouTube videos, a podcast, or social media posts you need help with, Fiverr has a qualified freelancer. Just check out its Content Marketing category:

Business Growth Drivers - Image 4

Wrapping up

We’ve all experienced unprecedented change in the last year, from remote working to lockdowns and restricted operations.

It’s been hard on all businesses but none more so than the small business sector.

In saying that, we see a steadying pattern. A new normal is coming to the surface that combines work-from-home with traditional offices – thanks to a worldwide vaccine rollout.

The next 12 months present a huge opportunity for business growth. If you’ve survived the pandemic, now it’s time to ride the wave of recovery and get your business going in the right direction.

Start with a growth strategy backed by data, fine-tune your branding, take your marketing digital, and build expertise with valuable content.

Want to learn more on how to grow your business this financial year? Get Fiverr’s eBook here.

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