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5 Effective Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

5 Effective Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Instagram

You might love the product that you sell but it’s your customer who needs to love it too in order to become a success. And from the perspective of your customers, your product may look different.

But here’s the good thing – if you know what your customer thinks about your product, you may use the feedback to improve the things you lack in. 

But how to collect your customer feedback?

While there are many platforms that you can use to collect feedback, Instagram should be your choice.

You may wonder why Instagram should be your go-to platform for collecting customer feedback, here are some statistics for you:

Now that you know why Instagram is a great platform for feedback, it’s time to discuss how you can use Instagram for collecting feedback.

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#1. Instagram story stickers

If you know about Instagram, you must know about Instagram stories. Instagram stories are a very effective and interactive way of communicating with your audience. And the best part is that you can use stories for collecting your customers’ feedback as well. Want to know how?

Here are five stickers that you can use in your stories:

Question Sticker


As the name suggests, the question sticker is a sticker that is used to ask a question of your audience. You can ask any question and your audience will be provided with a box where they can enter their inputs and you’ll be notified whenever someone drops an answer in the box. In this way, you can easily ask a question about your product and let customers provide feedback.

Poll Sticker


Do you like this one or that one? This is the kind of question that you can ask your audience using the poll sticker. With the poll sticker, you need to mention a question and provide them with two options to choose from. Once the poll is over you can check which option your audience liked the most.

Quiz Sticker


With the Quiz sticker, you can ask your customers multiple-choice questions right through your Instagram stories. So you can ask anything that lets your customers choose from various options.

Slider Sticker


A slider sticker is a fun sticker where your audience can rate you on an emoji sliding scale. You’ll be provided with an overall average of all responses.

DM Me Sticker


Ask your audience a question that sparks a conversation and helps you explore what your customers think about your products and services through the DM me sticker on Instagram.

#2. Questions in your captions

Nothing works better than a direct question in your captions. If you’re using Instagram for your business, you must also be posting regularly on the platform. And with every image or video you post, you should add a caption to define the image or video. That’s exactly where you should be asking questions about your product. 


Create a compelling post about your product and ask a question about the product in the caption. This will encourage your users to post their answers in the comments. This will just not help you gather the feedback but will also help your post to get more reach as the engagement will be high. 

However, it has its downside too. Everything posted will be public and negative comments can affect your online reputation. Nevertheless, you can still turn the situation into a positive one by smartly handling negative comments. Just make sure you reply to each and every comment and let your customers know that you’re always there to listen to their problems.

#3. Encourage user-generated content (UGC)

Most marketers see UGC as a way of increasing their followers on Instagram and improving their engagement rate. What they don’t know is they can use UGC to collect feedback as well.


Here’s how you can encourage your customers to create and share content for your brand:

Start a hashtag trend


Creativity is all that you need here. Start a campaign like a competition or a giveaway and use a unique hashtag that your customers can use while sharing their insights about your products. Every time your customer creates a post for your brand, they can use that hashtag.

Ask a question

You can simply ask a question in your post regarding your product. And if your customers have anything to say or suggest about your product, they can simply post about it and mention you. And in exchange, you can give them a shout-out. This one works best for brands who have a good follower base on Instagram.

Offer a discount


Encourage your customers to post about your brand with their feedback for a discount offer. Discount or BOGO offers work amazing because everyone loves discounts and free stuff.

#4. Create engaging video content

IGTV videos and Reels are the current trending features of Instagram that can provide you with amazing reach and are also helpful for collecting feedback. All you need to do is create engaging videos that encourage customers to share their feedback with you.

To start with, think about an interesting topic and then ask your customers questions about what they think about your products. The more engaging the video is the more people will share their feedback with you.

#5. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is rising with every passing day and it can be a great way to encourage your customers to provide feedback.

Influencers already have a huge follower base on social media platforms like Instagram. However, if you want to leverage the power of influencers, you need to find the right ones based on your niche. 


Once you find some influencers ask them to create content that can help you gather feedback. Influencers are influencers for a reason. They know what their audience likes or dislikes – so give them a creative license with the content.

They may share something about how your product helped them and ask their audience about their experience with your product. Or, simply show a demo of your product and ask your customers for some other ways of using it. In this way, you don’t just get feedback but also promote your products in an effective manner.

To conclude

These are some ways you can collect feedback from your customers on Instagram. No matter what feedback you get, whether positive or negative, it’s your job to listen to every customer and understand their perspective.

Also, it’s not just about collecting the feedback but also about using it to improve your products or services. After all, there’s no sense in collecting feedback if you don’t use it for your own good.

Guest author: Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.

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