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10 Key Facebook Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

10 Key Facebook Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

Facebook has undeniably revolutionized the way people consume video content and has urged other social networks to follow their lead.

This social media giant has fast gained momentum in the digital realm with around 1.32 billion daily active users. It is surely the go-to platform to market your brand and give it the necessary exposure required.

From driving relevant website traffic to generating sales leads – Facebook should make up a substantial part of your marketing strategy.

According to Cisco, by 2020, the minutes of video crossing the internet per second is expected to be close to 1 million. That’s a staggering amount.

When I had an interactive session with “Mr. Moiz Khan” a digital marketing expert at Animation Monster, he had this to say: “We live in a mobile-first world and the world of Facebook videos is like a reservoir of unimaginable opportunities that is certainly the next big thing in the world of video marketing.”

Let’s delve deeper into some of the key Facebook video marketing statistics that every digital marketer should be aware of to up their game in this highly competitive market.

1. Brand awareness rises to 67% through mobile-optimized video for Facebook

Well, this statistic has been endorsed by Facebook business itself. Moiz Khan believes that exploiting the specific needs of any platform is important for technology to adapt accordingly. “Simply replicating television ads on Facebook won’t do. Ads on Facebook are perceived differently and they need to be treated that way. Customizing the ad length, capturing attention in the first few seconds, and optimizing vertical screen experiences are some of the few things that need to be kept in mind when developing video content.”

2. Video over static posts – garners five times longer views

User behavior studies conducted by Facebook suggest that Facebook videos have the ability to garner organic engagement.  73% of B2B marketers have reported that video plays a pivotal role in impacting the bottom line – that is the ROI.

3. 85% of videos on Facebook are viewed with ‘no sound’

Videos are viewed with no sound for facebook video marketing statistics

Image Source: TechCrunch

Well, that’s not a small number for sure. What does this imply for your brand’s success?

In continuation with my conversation Moiz Khan, he shed some light on this crucial statistic, “Given the high occurrence of videos being played without sound, it has become all the more essential to create video content in a storytelling fashion. The use of subtitles is an integral part of conveying the intended message in the video.”

Facebook might have 8 billion views per day but 85% of them are in silence. Does your video still make sense?

4. Video consumed intentionally is viewed for five times longer

Video Consumed intentioanlly is viewed for 5 times longer for facebook video marketing statistics

Image Source: Facebook Business

A key ingredient to successful marketing campaigns is tapping into consumer insights. Marketers can leverage consumer viewing behaviors, in this case, to formulate highly impactful strategies and in turn increase bottom lines. You definitely want to avoid these common pitfalls when producing marketing videos.

Moiz Khan stresses the importance of tailoring experiences to match user expectations. “I believe that building ads that cater to different consumer segments can make them work a whole deal better. A short 6-second video might work for a casual visitor scrolling Facebook during office hours whereas a viewer who specifically tunes in to Facebook Watch has different expectations from the video experience.” Measuring business outcomes based on where the ad is shown can give you a clearer and justifiable picture.

5. Every 1 in 5 Facebook videos is a live broadcast

An interesting fact that deserves attention is the statistics for Facebook Live Broadcasts soaring high. The watch time for a ‘Facebook Live’ broadcast has quadrupled in just one year.

Moiz Khan’s take on this was quite enlightening, “Facebook has been prioritizing this channel and early adopters can definitely benefit from it. Live videos automatically rank higher in the newsfeed as they receive six times higher interactions than other regular videos.”

A well-rounded marketing strategy in the modern era integrating Facebook Live Video can be a game-changer for many.

6. Get your brand noticed in the first 3 seconds

There’s no denying that the foremost objective of every Facebook video is – brand awareness. Video marketing data, when analyzed by Facebook, revealed that brand recall was higher in 23% of consumers where the brand was mentioned in the first three seconds. And only 13% when the brand was featured after 4 seconds.

Get your brand noticed in the next 3 seconds for facebook video marketing statistics

Image Source: Facebook IQ

7. Square Videos get 35% more views and 100% more engagement

Square Videos get more views for facebook video marketing statistics

Image Source: Adweek

This stat is definitely backed by some concrete research. To top it off, square videos perform much better on the mobile version of the News Feed because they take up 78% more screen space as compared to a landscape video. That means your video content becomes all the more attention-grabbing because of the visual invading your screen space.

With 95% of Facebook users using their mobile devices to access Facebook, the bigger the video, the higher the engagement.

8. Mobile shoppers rely heavily on video content to make purchase decisions

A survey by Facebook revealed that 30% of mobile shoppers discover new products and services through video. Videos not only help capture attention but are a key ingredient for feeding your sales funnel.

Whether you are leveraging the power of Facebook stories, ad video, live or native content – or even coupled together – your video strategy’s focus should be to maximize video content and get it viral.

9. Calls-to-action in the video directly impact conversion rates

Call to Action In The Video Directly Impacts Conversion Rates for facebook video marketing statistics

Image Source: Wistia

Not every viewer reaches the end of the video and not every viewer is motivated enough at the beginning of the video to take action. Mid-roll CTA’s, however, are perfect opportunities to capitalize on as they capture the audience at a time when they are most involved with your content.

10. Native content gets more views

Use Videos of All Analyzed Profiles 2017 for facebook video marketing statistics

Image Source: Quintly

As the stats show, native Facebook video certainly does outweigh all other forms of shared video content. To conclude our talk with Moiz Khan, he said; “Whether it is Facebook’s News Feed algorithm that ranks native videos higher or simply the fact that viewers have an inclination towards native content, the stats speak for themselves.”

According to a 2017 study, Native Facebook video posts garnered 168% more interactions on average than the same videos being shared from another platform.

TIP: Unleash the full potential of your content marketing strategy with these eye-opening statistics on the effectiveness of visual content.


Video marketing on Facebook is about to see another wave of technological innovation. Augmented reality ads and new Facebook watch shows are two examples.

With the 10 statistics highlighted above, you are well-equipped to be the next viral buzz in the world of digital marketing.

Guest author: Gerry Wilson is a creative content expert who loves to compose well-versed content with rich information. Having an eye for creativity and a passion to explore new avenues, he produces content that connects and guides her readers. He is currently associated with Video Animation INC, one of the leading video animation company around. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for more updates.

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