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New Tool That Aggregates Multiple Social Media Channels Into A News Story

If you want to aggregate the social media accounts for any “breaking” news story across multiple social media channels on one platform and publish it on the internet within minutes, a new platform Storify.com that has just come out of ‘Beta’ in the last few days allows you to do that with a simple drag and drop feature set.

How Social Media Reports The Deadly Tornadoes

The new social media aggregation publishing platform allows you to

  • Write a headline
  • Enter a short description
  • Add some extra text if needed
  • Enter a search term such as “tornadoes 2011” as I did for this ‘news’ story
  • Drag and drop Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Google search amongst other social media platforms straight into the story
  • Review
  • Hit ‘Publish’
  • Multimedia story  is ‘live on the web!
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Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial of just over 1 minute that demonstrates how easy it is to publish a social media crowd sourced multi-media news story in just a few minutes!

My ‘Storify’ News

Here is my Storify.com social media ‘News’ story on “How Social Media Reports The Deadly Tornadoes in The USA“. This includes several sources from 4 different social media channels (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr) that have been dragged and dropped in a few seconds into the ‘story’ which are produced from a search feature within the application and presto you have a news story with rich multi-media.

How Social Media Reports Tornadoes In The USA

How do you think you could use this latest and greatest social media publishing news platform?

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