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How Social Media Took A Musician From Obscurity To Fame And Fortune

Life is sometimes a torturous and convoluted journey with many twist and turns and dead ends and following the conventional route is sometimes not the fastest or best way to success.

Steve Jobs dropped out of University and started doing calligraphy. He was fired from the company he founded after a power struggle with the board but came back to turn Apple into one of the most recognized and valuable brands in the world.

Tim Minchin is no Steve Jobs but he is becoming the hottest comedy star in Britain and is described by the Sydney Morning Herald as “a hybrid, ironic mix of Russell Brand and an ’80s glam-rock star from Central Casting”  and is about to open a show at London’s enormous O2 Stadium. At the age of 8 he started piano lessons but  3 years later gave it up but has come back to play piano with acidic wit and writing accompanied by a 56 piece orchestra in front of  tens of thousands of people.

(This YouTube video is his US Television Debut on Conan O’Brien)


What did he put this success down to apart from the obvious talent, hardwork and passion?

It was according to him the “pass aroundableness” of  singles and tracks on YouTube that  spread the word of mouth and created a tribal following that grew until he could no longer be ignored.

What content are you creating  that is worth being “passed around”?