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How To Be The Next Netflix (And What Will Happen If You’re Not)

How To Be The Next Netflix (And What Will Happen If You’re Not)

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I have fond memories of walking up to my local Blockbuster to browse the latest VHS releases… There was one on every corner.

It was an experience, a way to kill time, a reflection on the speed of societal change before we discovered the internet.

But things are different now.

We don’t have the time, headspace, or patience to trawl through hundreds of movies on a Saturday afternoon.

We want things immediately. Movies, TV series, music, or even information. We expect everything in real-time.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in my 60 years on this planet, but nothing quite like this.

Change is rapid. It’s driven by technology, but restricted by human nature.

We don’t want to go at that pace because it’s scary, and the destination is unknown.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice.

‘We’ being individuals, organizations and society, have to bend and break with the changing of the world or we’ll get left behind.

My inspiration for this post comes from a book I just read from one of the co-creators of Netflix, Patty McCord – called Powerful. And I highly recommend you do the same.

Ironically, the Netflix business innovation is the primary reason Blockbuster no longer exists, and will forever live in solitude in my memory.

Get a free chapter of ‘Powerful’ before it is released to the public here.

What is ‘Powerful’ all about?

It’s not about Netflix, although the Netflix story fuels much of the narrative.

It is, however, an inspirational guidebook to building a high-performance culture that will keep up with, and even at times lead, the rapid pace of today’s society. It’s for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers.

The reality of business today is that no one is safe. You need to anticipate, pounce, shift, in minutes, not months. Otherwise, your competition will innovate faster and you will be left behind.

Netflix, Apple, Amazon… if they rest on their laurels they will succumb to the same fate as Blockbuster, Kodak and Borders.

No one is safe.

Why should you read ‘Powerful’?

You don’t have to be the next Netflix to apply the learnings of their story. Although, why can’t you be?

The reality is that business is different today. Work is different.

To truly embrace change and succeed in a world full of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology we don’t even know exists yet, we need leaders who will create a culture of freedom and individual responsibility.

Because technology might be driving this change, but we as humans are the ones creating value from it.

So to be successful, you need to invest in us. Invest in developing leaders, creating cultures, and enabling environments of contribution and progression.

This book will give you the tools and frameworks to enable others to adapt. To lead your tribe into a future of excitement, not uncertainty.

Ok, that’s great but what is actually in the book?

Here is a brief overview of the chapters from Powerful:

  • Introduction – A New Way of Working – Fostering Freedom and Responsibility
  • Chapter One – The Greatest Motivation Is Contributing to Success – Treating People Like Adults
  • Chapter Two – Every Single Employee Should Understand the Business – Communicating Constantly About the Challenge
  • Chapter Three – Humans Hate Being Lied To and Being Spun – Practicing Radical Honesty
  • Chapter Four – Debate Vigorously – Cultivating Strong Opinions and Arguing About Them Only on the Facts
  • Chapter Five – Build the Company Now That You Want to Be Then – Relentlessly Focusing on the Future
  • Chapter Six – Someone Really Smart in Every Job – Having the Right Person in Every Single Position
  • Chapter Seven – Pay People What They’re Worth to You – Compensation Is a Judgment Call
  • Chapter Eight – The Art of Good Good-byes – Making Needed Changes Fast, and Being a Great Place to Be From

What next?

If you’re interested in being an innovator, a leader, a powerful force in the future of our society, I recommend reading this book.

The cool thing is, I have a special offer for you to get your hands on a free chapter. I was lucky enough to receive a pre-release version of the book, and Patty the author, has provided an exclusive free chapter for my readers to download.

You can download your free chapter before the book is officially released to the public by going here.

Are you ready for what’s coming next? How will you and your business adapt?

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