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How To Increase Website Traffic with Quizzes (+50 Ideas for Viral Quizzes)

How To Increase Website Traffic with Quizzes + 50 Ideas for Viral Quizzes

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Pepsi or Coke?

Such a simple question, but so much underlying meaning.

A question like this grabs your attention, because most people immediately have an opinion about which drink they prefer. They are affiliated to either side and immediately attach both drinks to a feeling or memory they hold.

This is the power of quiz marketing – a form of interactive content.

It catches the intrigue of viewers and encourages them to engage with your content by tapping into already developed bias.

But how can you leverage quizzes in your content marketing to drive traffic and generate leads?

Let’s take a look at why people love quizzes and how you can leverage them in your content marketing.

1. People are narcissists

Which smartphone are you? Are you a relaxed worker?

We love to find out more about who we are.  It makes us feel thankful when given an insight into our life based on the answer to a quick quiz.

“People love it when you ask them questions about themselves. It makes us feel good that the quiz is interested in us.” – Christine Whelan, sociologist in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin (source).

This trend will only continue growing as millennials start to take charge of the home budget. A Study found that what millennials care about the most is themselves. It’s no coincidence that ‘Me, myself, and I’ is their mantra.

Time magazine - image for how to increase website traffic


2. We love to compare ourselves to others

“I’ve got Donald Trump”

“I have Hilary Clinton”

“I’m a hot-dog person”

“I prefer donuts”

People love to compare their results with others. Although we are all unique snowflakes with our own opinions and special talents, quizzes let us find similar people and create sub-groups based on interests.

Check this exemplary quiz – What coffee look are you?

Coffe quiz - how to increase website traffic

3. Shareability is a conversation starter on social media

People love to boast about their quiz results on Facebook or Twitter which is the first step of going viral.

Plus, quizzes serve as conversation starters. For example, if you like Batman while one of your friends prefers Spiderman, now you two have a platform to exchange your views.

“I think a lot of people are really wondering, ‘What do other people think of me?’And this is a really innocent and non-threatening way of finding out.” – Steven Meyers, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Roosevelt University in Chicago (source)

4. Quizzes make us feel good

Do you remember any quiz that produced a negative result? No?

In most cases, online quizzes will tell you that you are awesome. It’s because people are more eager to share results which portray them as the most interesting people around. Take this quiz by BuzzFeed as an example:

Lego Movie virus for how to increase website traffic

Now we know what lies at the foundation of a quizzes popularity, let’s get some perspective about their potential:

Infographic 1 for how to increase website traffic

Every website can leverage the popularity of quizzes to increase engagement rates. To start all you need is an idea.

To help you craft your first quiz at 4screens we have created this infographic with 50 ideas for viral quizzes for every industry.

Infographic 2 for how to increase website traffic

In the past to create a quiz you had to work together with a programmer and a graphic designer. But now we are witnessing a rise of easy to use and fast quiz creators, which are mobile ready and look great.

Take these two examples which resonate with the ideas from infographic.


A Cold or Allergies: Which Is It?

Cold and allergies quiz -how to increase website traffic

Quizzes are a great way to drive traffic and get leads. It could be as simple as offering a personalized offer that encourages people to submit their email address.

Guest Author: Karol Kopańko –  Quiz Master at 4screens, the company that developed Engageform – easy to use tool to engage customers on every screen with quizzes, surveys and pools. Follow him at @kkopanko or @4Screens.

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