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Custom Enterprise Influencer Campaigns

Since launching JeffBullas.com over 10 years ago, we’ve grown a website that attracts worldwide distribution by creating consistently engaging content.

From day one our ethos has been to “Think like a publisher” but to market like a one-legged man in a kickboxing competition. Busy, impressive and noticed.

Content without attention is like drawing a beautiful piece of art or an inspiring book and then hiding it in your drawer. It’s wonderful but it doesn’t change the world. It would love to be admired but it is a little shy.

A simple ethos backed by some early mornings and a ton of elbow grease has helped us achieve a number of accolades we never imagined possible:

  • Over 30 million visitors to the site.
  • 700,000+ followers on social media.
  • More than 70,000 email subscribers.
  • Mentions on Forbes, Inc.com, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, and more.

Personally, I’ve been recognized numerous times across the globe as a digital influencer:

None of this has been achieved with cat videos or photos of cute babies.

Though we have been tempted.

We want to make a difference in people’s lives and businesses.

The mission is to craft content of consequence that educates, inspires, informs and entertains.

We never aimed to be Insta-famous.

Because the team never looked good in a bikini.

But we did want to be seen as significant and substantial… a bar that gets higher every day.

How can you tap into the trust, credibility, and reach we have taken over 10 years to establish?

We partner with brands to design and create content that distills complexity into simplicity. We then leverage our distribution network to get that content in front of the people your business cares about in a way that builds trust and awareness at scale.

Our Custom Enterprise Influencer Campaigns take the lessons we have learned from over a decade of blood, sweat, and tears to collaborate with businesses that want to be noticed in what is an increasingly noisy digital ecosystem.

They are more than just a hidden product placement in an Instagram story. They’re global, strategic, and above all else, they make your brand memorable.

One thing we have learned from running dozens of influencer campaigns in recent years is that not all brands are looking for a pre-determined package of deliverables.

Sure, our sponsored content opportunities are a great starting point for small businesses that are just starting out with influencer marketing. But for bigger, more complex organizations, you need a flexible solution, which is why we offer Custom Enterprise Influencer Campaigns.

If you’re ready to see a rapid increase in brand awareness, consumer trust, and leads that aren’t bound by geography, schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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What does a Custom Enterprise Influencer Campaign look like?

Accessing 10+ years of credibility and a global reach of over 25 million web users is not a linear process.

There is an endless number of content types, delivery mechanisms, marketing techniques, and campaign sequences that could combine to achieve what is a uniquely desired outcome, depending on your enterprise.

To provide a finite menu of “package details” would be limiting and not do the scope of this project justice.

Instead, here is an insight into the process we use for delivering a Custom Enterprise Influencer Campaign:

  • Discovery Call: On this call, we discuss your goals for the campaign and determine whether or not there is a good fit between our network and your desired outcomes.
  • Scope: After the discovery call we aim to define a scope for the campaign – the key dates, deliverables, and expected outcomes.
  • Campaign Strategy: Once the scope is defined we move onto the strategy for the influencer campaign. During this process, we work in collaboration with the client to determine the most appropriate content assets, distribution methods, and analytics reporting. This strategy is custom-designed to periodically work towards your articulated goals.
  • Content Assets: After the strategy is set, we get to work creating the content assets that will be leveraged during the campaign. Some examples of content assets include blog posts, mini-webinars, live video training, eBooks, email newsletters, and interviews.
  • Campaign Execution: The length of an influencer campaign varies depending on the scope of work and the articulated outcomes of the client. Some campaigns could be as short as a week, and others run for months or even years at a time. Before, During, and After the campaign, our team will be there to support you through the process and ensure you achieve the outcomes you set out to.
  • Reporting. For longer campaigns, we provide reporting and analytics along the way, but for shorter campaigns, these will be delivered on campaign completion.

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Want more information? Here are a select few case studies of big brands that have successfully tapped into the power of our network and online credibility:

Case Study 1: Podium

Podium is a leading interactive platform for local business with 130,000 users, 300+ team members and $96 million in funding from some of the biggest names in venture capital.

They approached us to create, deliver and market a mini-webinar event for local business owners on the importance of online reviews.

Goal: Generate qualified leads.

Our marketing plan centered around 4 marketing funnels:

  1. Blog post – We wrote and published a dedicated blog post on jeffbullas.com. The post was then promoted on our social media channels.
  2. Email sequence – We sent out a sequence of 3 emails, promoting the webinar, to our entire email list.
  3. Facebook ads – We created both static and video ads and ran a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook to 3 distinct audiences: remarketing to our website visitors, remarketing to people who like Jeff Bullas on Facebook, and small business owners in Podiums primary markets (US, Canada, Australia, and the UK).
  4. Messenger – We ran a separate campaign to our subscribers on Facebook Messenger.

The result: 3,000 clicks to the landing page and 696 qualified leads.

Case Study 2: Meltwater

Meltwater is a media intelligence and social monitoring company with over 1,600 employees. Their head office, based in the USA, engaged us to design and launch an eBook in combination with a three-part webinar series.

The goal: Credibility and thought leadership with modern PR professionals.

In collaboration with the marketing team at Meltwater we produced an eBook and webinar series that was distributed globally to both their database and ours.

Case Study 3: GetResponse

GetResponse is a global marketing automation platform with over 350,000 customers. They approached us to create, design, and launch an eBook on the topic of “Digital Marketing Automation”.

The goal: Top-of-mind brand awareness with Digital Marketing Managers.

In collaboration with the team at GetResponse we produced an eBook and blog series that was distributed globally to both their database and ours and targeted digital marketing managers.

Case Study 4: Intuit (Quickbooks)

Quickbooks is an online accounting software owned by global enterprise Intuit. They approached us to ideate, create, design, and launch a webinar series accompanied by a series of eBooks on the topic of “Taking Your Business Digital”.

The goal: Lead Generation.

In collaboration with the team at Intuit, we created three eBooks and accompanying webinars that worked in a cohesive narrative for delivering the key message – How to take your business digital. Each of the eBooks and webinars was actively promoted to the client’s global database, and our audience across social, email, and other online channels.

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