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Is This the Hottest Business Trend on Facebook?

Facebook is not just about fun and friends but also about marketing and business and is the place to be if you want to connect with fans and promote your brand online.

The Hottest Business Trend On Facebook ?

Marketing on Facebook with its rich multimedia and easy to use features and functions allows entrepreneurs to market themselves with little up front cost. Facebook provides a global marketing platform that doesn’t limit you to national borders or your local city.

There is a trend that came to my attention that should have Rupert Murdoch and the employees at MySpace a little nervous. This was brought to my attention by 3 separate observations and announcements that are significant.

3 Sign Posts

  1. The two fastest growing business applications (apart from Facebook page administrator tools) in the the top 20 fastest growing Facebook Apps are Bandpage and Band Profile
  2. The observation that 44 of the Top 100  Facebook Fan Pages are promoting music
  3. Facebook announces,  revives and relaunches  its “Music on Facebook” after a 3 year gap in activity since 2008 when it was originally launched at South by Southwest Music festival

This trend where an industry is reinventing its marketing approach is happening right now and the ability of bands to self promote without agents or intermediaries will continue to grow as the democratization of marketing gathers pace. The trend on Facebook to self publish is spreading into other digital media such as ebooks and videos.

How does BandPage Work?


What Does The BandPage App Provide?

  • A place where fans can check out your tracks and videos
  • Read more about you
  • Browse your upcoming tour schedule.
  • Play through a special, Facebook-share enabled music player that can pull in tracks from SoundCloud and YouTube. (SoundCloud offers free, high-quality streaming)
  • Offer purchase and download links
  • Link to existing Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. They can be added in just a few clicks, so fans won’t have to go to a separate site just to see your videos
  • Twitter and Facebook Wall
  • All your band’s photos are brought in immediately from Facebook.

So social media and technology continues to disturb, disrupt and reinvent an industry. Musicians you need to check it out!

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