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How to Create an Effective LinkedIn B2B Strategy (Little-Known Tips That Really Work)

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn B2B Strategy (Little-Known Tips That Really Work)

LinkedIn is, undoubtedly, the best platform to generate leads and grow your business – hands down!

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B2B marketers and other businesses have undervalued this platform for a long time but since it has been acquired by Microsoft, its business-friendly features have made it the top platform for B2B lead generation. 

  • It is one of the top platforms for relationship building. 
  • By publishing personalized content, and taking part in industry conversations, LinkedIn helps you establish a great reputation. 
  • 90% of B2B marketers have acknowledged that LinkedIn is great for lead generation, and it has brought significant improvements in their sales pipeline.
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of total B2B traffic. 

Now that you know how important LinkedIn is for B2B marketing, you must be wondering how to craft an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business. 

This article includes a list of tactics and ideas that you can use to create an effective LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy in 2021.

#1. Build a professional brand

This sounds like a very obvious strategy yet many B2B marketers seem to miss it. 

If you want to create a large network of relevant people or build relationships with them, it’s very crucial to build a strong brand that people will like and trust. 


For that, make sure your personal LinkedIn profile is professional, attractive, and optimized. While setting up your personal profile or company page, keep in mind the needs and interests of your target audience. 

Add all the details about what you offer and how your offering can solve your customers’ problems. When they visit your profile, they should be able to quickly get what they have been looking for. Be genuine and personal. 

Add a proper headline and well-thought summary. Get more endorsements and recommendations as it will add to your profile authority and help you build a trustworthy personal brand

#2. Publish quality content that drives engagement

Posting personalized content on LinkedIn can generate amazing results. The more genuine and relevant your content is, the better your engagement rate will be. 

Good content that includes strategies about how customers can grow their business or solve business problems attracts people’s attention right away. 

On LinkedIn, you can post content in the form of articles, images, and videos. It’s better if you use all of these three options to offer your followers and connections some value. Take some time to create informative and useful content that provides a unique perspective to your audience. 

To create interesting and relevant content, you first need to understand your target audience and their interests. If done right; you can easily establish your brand authority in the industry. 

#3. Let LinkedIn automation tools do repetitive tasks

A great part of the success of your B2B lead generation depends on how much effort you have put into connecting and building a relevant network. There are more than 760 million+ prospects and finding the right ones is challenging. 

Sure, you can use basic filters and find your prospects manually, but it will take a lot of time, energy, and resources which as a B2B marketer you can’t afford. 

A single keyword search such as ‘B2B marketing analyst in New York’ will give you thousands of results. Now, do you have the time to look through each profile, collect data, send connection requests, type notes or messages? It will consume hundreds of hours. 

So why not save yourself a lot of time by automating such repetitive and boring tasks using LinkedIn automation tools. 

A great number of successful B2B marketers and businesses are already using the best LinkedIn automation tools to perform these tasks such as searching, connecting, sending messages, running campaigns. 

The benefit of using these tools is that they perform tasks more efficiently in a short time thus speeding up your B2B lead generation process. 

#4. Leverage the potential of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are great places where you can find blocks of B2B leads. Search for groups that are relevant to your industry using specific keywords. Choose a group that is active – its members actively post and comment in the group. 

Once you have found relevant groups, you will get a chance to interact with like-minded people from the B2B world. You can make efforts to foster relationships with them.

Participate, comment on posts, and once you have established a reputation, you can start posting in the group as well. However, make sure you don’t post sales or promotional content, post content that will establish you as an industry leader. 

#5. Build a network and foster relationships

Above all, know that LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform when it comes to networking and building relationships. It’s a professional network where millions of professionals belonging to 150+ industries are present.  Find relevant people and try to engage with them. Don’t bombard them with spammy sales messages. 

Build a community of relevant people where you can share things related to B2B. Eventually, you will gain authority and then you can easily move leads down the sales funnel.

Remember that using social selling practices on LinkedIn has become the most popular way to build relationships and B2B marketers are actively using these practices to gain long-term benefits. 

Wrapping up

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B marketing, and it offers countless opportunities. However, without the right strategy, it will become just another time-consuming and useless platform. To leverage the potential of this platform, you must think beyond the traditional way and start using the latest strategies that will really turn leads into sales. 

Guest author: I’m a content writer and marketer strategist at LinkedCamp with 4 years of experience in the SaaS and automation universe. I am passionate about automation and how it will change the future of the world. Other than that, I am a traveler who loves to explore the world.

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