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4 Eye-Opening LinkedIn Video Marketing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of This Year

4 Eye-Opening LinkedIn Video Marketing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of This Year

Have you noticed how much more prevalent video has become on LinkedIn?

That’s no fluke. Throughout 2018, LinkedIn ushered in a suite of changes that made video content a first-class citizen. From its video advertising rollout to the ability to upload videos natively to company pages, it’s obvious that LinkedIn is really pushing and rewarding B2B video content on their platform.

When Facebook started to lean into being “video first” a few years ago, the early adopters who did video well were rewarded with enviable reach, engagement, and shares – think Buzzfeed and The Dodo. Expect this to happen all over again, but this time on the largest professional network known to man.

Here are the video trends you can expect to see from savvy B2B marketers in 2019.

1. Trending news will get eyeball share

With LinkedIn focusing on professional content, marketers who are able to jump on trending business news will receive more eyeball share.

LinkedIn is similar to Twitter in that trending news dominates much of the conversation. And like  Twitter, viewers want to share quality content. However, LinkedIn’s feed is less busy than Twitter’s and more dialed into professional content.

For example, the video above represents the type of content you can expect to perform well on LinkedIn in 2019. It unpacks a recent California law that requires publicly traded companies to have at least one female board member. Marketers who keep their eyes peeled for stories that are relevant to their brand (personal or otherwise) can swiftly generate shareworthy video content using stock imagery and copy.

And remember: when it comes to video content, a pretty good video at the right moment is better than the perfect video a few days too late.

2. Video content will be optimized for mobile feeds

While Instagram and Facebook are starting to invest more heavily in their Stories functionality, LinkedIn is still very much a feed. The best practices that were established for Facebook’s News Feed still hold true on LinkedIn. This includes being mobile-friendly with video content and uploading video natively.

More than half of LinkedIn content is viewed on a mobile device. According to LinkedIn, 57% of their B2B content is consumed on mobile.

What does this mean for marketers? It means, as Facebook dictates, that marketers should “design for sound off but delight with sound on.” About 80% of videos on LinkedIn are watched with the sound off, so having text to guide the viewer through content is paramount.

Mobile-friendly square videos are also encouraged. Mobile videos take up 78% more space on desktop and mobile screen than landscape. And as we already noted, over half of LinkedIn content is consumed on smaller mobile screens.

3. Expect these 6 types of videos

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions collaborated with Animoto to create 6 video templates for B2B marketers. These templates were based on what LinkedIn has seen work on their platform.

The 6 types of videos that you can expect to see on LinkedIn are:

  1.     Industry Insights
  2.     Trending News
  3.     Webinar Event Promo
  4.     Event Recap
  5.     Company Values
  6.     New Launch Promo

With the Webinar Event Promo, LinkedIn underscores how they are a platform to promote professional education content. The Event Recap demonstrates how on-site brand events can and should live online in video form.

The type of editorial content I showed in the first section of this article, and that you can also find below, is what you can expect to see shared the most. People like sharing Trending News and Industry Insights because it makes them look knowledgeable and “in the know.” Brands (personal or otherwise) can and have been built off of shareworthy content like this.

Company Values can be used by recruiters to build a brand around a company’s culture and approach to work (more on this later). Lastly, with video advertising being unlocked in 2018, it’s clear why LinkedIn would be encouraging promo videos for launches to live in their feed as adverts.

4. Recruiters will become video marketers

Arguably the most active people on LinkedIn are recruiters. Their job is to make their company attractive to the best talent available. Just like marketers who are selling something to consumers or businesses, recruiters will find that having a strong brand behind them will make their job a whole lot easier.

In 2019, look for video to become a tool used among recruiters on LinkedIn in a big way. Video is the best way to showcase people and company cultures, while also communicating a brand’s values and background. For instance, recruiting software, Lever, found that video gave them 2x the click-through rate of a similar static ad.


Video will become more and more common on LinkedIn in 2019. Optimizing for a sound-off mobile feed is key.

Regularly creating video content on LinkedIn that makes other people look good when they share it will always win. For recruiters, communicating the human side of a company has never been more achievable on LinkedIn, thanks to video. Creating quality content aligned with your goals, whether that is hiring, brand-building, event-related or otherwise, has never been easier on LinkedIn.

Guest author: Rebecca Brooks specializes in communications, PR, events, and influencer marketing as Animoto’s Director of Communications. She thrives in environments where her impact is tangible, the vibes are good, the passion for the work is palpable and the work ethic is strong.

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