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Maximize Conversions With These Call-to-Action Phrases


The call-to-action (CTA) button is vital for your website or landing page. The primary purpose of a CTA is to optimize the conversion rate.

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Think of it as the magical door to the next step of your sales funnel. Your customers must click on your CTA button to get one step closer to buying.

It’s tempting to use generic copy such as ‘submit’ or ‘click here’ on the button and call it a day, but it’s important that your CTA phrase makes sense for what you’re offering.

This article looks at some tried-and-tested, conversion-boosting CTA phrases that get you the results you want. 

Action words to maximize your conversion rates

The right words and phrases in your CTA can increase your conversion rate and ROI in any online marketplace. Let’s look at 15 famous CTA phrases we see every day.

1. Start Your Free Trial

Websites that offer services like software or applications usually offer a free 30-day trial. It’s a great way to get the customer’s attention, and most take advantage of the trial for the given time. The word ‘free’ in itself is an eye-catcher. 

The free trial allows a customer to get a feel of a product. If they find your product or service useful, they may convert to a paying customer.

A notable example of this CTA in action is on the Amazon Prime Video home page.

2. Get Started 

We can say that “Get Started” or “Get Started Now” is one of the most widely used calls to action.

It is simple yet effective. Businesses that classify themselves in service sectors like software developers, cyber security providers, or SaaS service providers use this term frequently on their websites.

For businesses who want to keep their CTA simple, adding “Get Started” or “Get Started Now” is a good start.

Get Started 

Image Source

3. Order Now

Online stores and restaurants can increase sales by adding an “Order Now” button to their website or their product page.

This CTA works best with an attractive image and video promotion of the product, which grabs the audience’s attention.

Adding “Order Now” as a CTA immediately after the product promotion is a move that can skyrocket sales. 

4. Sign Up

“Sign Up” is another simple, quick, and effective CTA for websites that want to offer their services like cloud storage. The ideal method for adding a sign-up CTA is explaining the service, its benefits, and the number of users on the product page with the CTA.

A prominent example is GitHub; they have added a simple “Sign Up for GitHub” CTA in green with black-bluish background, making it prominent and clear. 

5. Create a Free Account

Create a Free Account

Image Source

Adding the word “free” to your CTA pushes the visitor to perform our desired action. This simple CTA increases conversions and gets valuable leads. 

“Create a Free Account” as a CTA worked very well for Smartsupp. They provide online shopping assistance and Chatbot services, encouraging clients to register for a free account first. 

6. Book an Appointment 

“Book an Appointment” as a CTA is simple and explains its purpose clearly. Businesses offering medical services like orthodontic clinics can benefit from this CTA to boost their marketing and get more customers. 

“Book an Appointment” is also necessary for businesses like law firms, hair salons, beauticians, and other businesses focused on serving customers in person. 

7. Add to Cart

For e-commerce stores, “Add to Cart” is their favorite CTA.

Like the “Order Now” CTA, “Add to Cart” works well by advertising product images or videos and then adding the CTA button. E-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, have placed add-to-cart options on all of their product pages.

8. Learn More

If your product or service needs further explanation, adding “Learn More” is the right thing to do. Explain your offering with this CTA by giving the customers a meta description or introductory paragraph.

Leaving the element of suspense and curiosity for readers or viewers tempts them to click the “Learn More” CTA. Apple has added the “Learn More” box to all its products on its homepage.

9. Request a Demo

Websites often share a demo of their products or software before people can buy the full version. The “Request a Demo” CTA is a valuable asset for promoting products with demo versions.

A good example of this CTA in action is on the popular platform Zoom. Zoom introduces their product and its advantages and then has a CTA “Request a Demo” at the end of the home page. 

Most people want to test the product first before buying it. You can have good conversion rates with this simple CTA and a demo version of your service or product. 

10. Shop Now

This CTA is commonly used in product-based websites. The “Shop Now” CTA is also an effective term like “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” and plays the same role in increasing the conversion rate. 

11. Explore

The CTA “Explore” is simple yet convincing. It provides curiosity to viewers and teases that there is something new waiting for them. Product websites, fashion brands, blogs, and many other platforms use this CTA. 

For example, Levis, a famous clothing brand, has added “Explore Collection” to their home page to attract new visitors to its store and collection.

12. Buy Now

Buy Now

Image Source

“Buy Now” is similar to “Order Now” and “Add to Cart.” Again it is a short, compelling CTA. It persuades viewers to take action and buy the product after viewing its details.

Smartphone giant Samsung has placed this CTA right at the top of their website banner, and not only that, but they also have this CTA with each of their products. 

13. Subscribe 

Subscription models have great benefits. It is a popular CTA used widely on web pages, applications, and social media. The “Subscription” CTA works best with content creation platforms like YouTube, and newsletters also greatly benefit from this CTA. 

14. Download 

For websites that want to promote their application for smartphones or websites, use this CTA to entice people to download the application. An example here is Spotify which has a “Download” CTA button on the download webpage of their website.

15. Get % Off

Businesses that give discounts and a percentage off on their online stores have good ROI and increased sales.

Many celebrations, events, and festivals happen worldwide, and offering a discount or percentage off as a CTA on the front web page is a wise step to have extra sales and increased conversion rates during peak shopping times.


It’s important to choose the right CTA to add to your webpage, social media pages, and anywhere else.

These small phrases have a massive impact on sales, ROI, and conversions. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to increase your sales and customer pool so make sure you have a clear call to action now. Your marketing efforts will pay off with this one little button!

Guest Author: Lee Li is a project manager and B2B copywriter with a decade of experience in the Chinese fintech startup space as a PM for TaoBao, MeitTuan, and TikTok.

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