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5 Steps For Getting Organic LinkedIn Leads For Your Business

5 Steps For Getting Organic LinkedIn Leads For Your Business

There are so many different social media platforms you can choose to be on. But if your main goal is to connect with the right decision-makers and business professionals in the best way, LinkedIn should be your place to be.

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Engagement on LinkedIn is skyrocketing right now and people are engaging with all forms of content at super-high rates and that engagement is only going to go up. Especially for video.  

Oh, wait, what? Isn’t Linkedin that boring resume website?

That’s what it used to be a few years ago, but it’s now developed into an amazing lead generation and business networking platform, where you can connect with business owners, CEOs and smart decision-makers from all over the world.

And the best part? No cat or baby photos!

While the people you want to reach might also spend time on Facebook or Instagram, you want to grab their attention at the right time and in the right mindset to engage. That’s what makes LinkedIn unique. 

Where Facebook or Instagram users are on the platforms because they need to escape their world for half an hour, on LinkedIn people intentionally choose to spend their time on the platform because they want to network and look for ways to grow their business.  

What’s really unique about LinkedIn is that people using the platform every day are there for one reason: to do business. To promote their services, to connect with prospective partners, to find new team members and to learn more about their target market.  

So, here are five simple steps you can start using to attract hot LinkedIn leads:

1. Figure out your ideal client

First things first. Who are you looking for on LinkedIn? Why are you on the platform? What are you hoping to achieve? Yes, your ultimate goal is to grow your business by bringing in more sales. 

However… people buy from people they trust. So, before making a sale proposition, you need to connect, educate and inspire your ideal clients with your content. LinkedIn is the last place on the internet to push a sale. Yes, you can create handsome partnerships and do high ticket deals and sales, but it’s only after you’ve established yourself as a trusted advisor in your niche.

That’s why you absolutely must know who your ideal client is on LinkedIn. When you know who you are communicating with, it is so much easier to produce relevant content.

Narrow your ideal client using these questions:

  • What is it like for them after they’ve paid you and you’ve put in the work?
  • What’s the outcome you will deliver for your ideal client?
  • How are you going to do it?

Answering these questions should give you some powerful insights about how your ideal client thinks and what they expect.  

2. Optimize your Linkedin profile

Next, you need to turn your LinkedIn profile into a proper sales page. You want it to speak directly to your ideal client and only to them, very specific and focused. This is where you address their pain points and even some of their objections and make them feel you really understand their problem.

Now it’s the time to reassure them that you can solve their problem, but without being salesy. Here comes some social proof and past client testimonials to show them that you’ve solved similar problems for other people.

By the time they finish reading your profile, they should acknowledge you as the go-to expert in their niche.

Here is a framework you can use:

LinkedIn Title: I help [my target audience] achieve [their top goal] by providing [my product or service].

Excellent example:

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile like Hemma Mason for linkedin leads

And every time you post a comment on LinkedIn, your title will follow you like a creepy dog. Here’s an example:

Hemma Mason LinkIn profile for linkedin leads

Who do I help: I work with [target audience or niche] including: [insert bulleted list of job titles, industry names, etc.]

Why it works: When you work with [my company name] you get the most efficient, effective and affordable [product or service] that [target audience] is looking for right now.

What makes [me or us] different: Insert your unique selling proposition here and state what makes you unique/different/better than your competitors?

What others say: Insert here a few testimonials with client and business names and explain the specific value/benefit they received as a result of hiring you.

How it works: Explain your process and show people what it’s like to work with you.

Call to action: Ready to talk? Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn, email me at [email address], visit us online at [website URL] or call me direct at [phone number].

3. Create purpose-driven content

So far, you’ve optimized your LinkedIn profile and got clear on your ideal client. Now, it’s time to attract them to your honey pot [your profile]. You do this with your content and by engaging with others. 

Much like blogging, LinkedIn lets you publish articles directly on the platform. This is a great way for you to position yourself as a trusted advisor in your space and rank higher in the algorithm. 

When writing an article, consider these pointers: 

  • Use a keyword-rich, powerful headline and a high-quality photo.
  • Write relevant content that adds real value to someone else’s business and life.
  • Evoke emotions through stories and make people think by asking questions.

But before you start creating anything, do this instead:

  • Scroll through your LinkedIn homepage. Which posts make you stop scrolling? What made you stop?
  • Visit the profile of someone who you respect for their quality content. What format do they use? What topics do they talk about? What response do they get? Do they ask for their readers’ opinions and then actually reply to them? 
  • Now, revisit your existing posts. Would you stop and read them if you were your ideal client? Why or why not?

From now on, each time you go through your LinkedIn feed, notice the posts that make you stop scrolling and ask why you’ve been attracted to that particular content. Then, try to create something similar for your own audience. 

4. Add new contacts every day

Every day, log in to LinkedIn and search for your ideal clients and connect with at least ten new people. Ideally, more.

Go to the search bar and create an advanced search. Look for second-degree connections only and use relevant keywords. Then, add in the title your ideal client is displaying on LinkedIn. It could be the owner, founder, president, CEO, partner, etc.

Don’t stop until you add at least 1000 highly targeted connections and purge your existing list of any irrelevant connections that would never buy from you. Keep in mind, you are turning your profile into a honey pot that will attract your ideal clients.   

5. Engage daily

Remember your LinkedIn title mentioned earlier? The one that captures the essence of what you do in one sentence and that follows you around on LinkedIn like a creepy dog?

Good, because this is what’s going to help you a lot when you start engaging with people in your niche. Ideally, choose 3-5 relevant keywords [again, the more, the better] and start searching for content that’s ranked under these keywords.

Then, leave 10 comments for each of these keywords for seven days and watch what happens. Check out this engagement strategy from Gary Vaynerchuck that can be perfectly adapted for LinkedIn.  

This method alone will make dozens if not hundreds of people to check out your LinkedIn profile and if it’s properly written with your ideal client in mind, it will nudge them to reach out to you, send you messages and click on any links you have listed on your profile.

Plus, the more you comment on the same person’s content, the more likely you are to be at the top of their feed every time they go on LinkedIn. 

Final thoughts 

At the end of the day, your job on LinkedIn is to engage with your ideal clients and pave the way for meaningful interactions and relationships. If you address their pain points, objectives and needs, you will become a trusted advisor in your niche and will remain top of mind for when they will need your services. And you will be the go-to person for them!

Guest author: Sarah Williams is a Berlin-based entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger. On Wingman Magazine, her website targeting modern men, where she helps them to evolve to their higher potential, boost careers and maintain joyful social interactions.

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