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How to Use Quora Marketing to Grow Your Influence – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

How to Use Quora Marketing to Grow Your Influence – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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If you think about the sheer potential of Quora, it’s just unbelievable. And when you take the fact into account that it had 300+ million unique monthly visitors in 2018 and rising in 2020, the power of the Quora behemoth is certain.

I’m sure as a blogger, you thrive to do everything that you can to connect with your targeted audience, build niche authority, and add value. And Quora helps!

In fact, one of the major reasons I love the platform is because it’s easy to understand what it is that your target audience is looking for these days.

And this gives the power to drive massive traffic to your blog, generate leads, and make plenty of affiliate sales or achieve other goals consistently by sharing your knowledge.

So are you ready to learn everything about Quora marketing? Let’s start.

First, what is Quora?

Undoubtedly, it is one of the biggest online communities where users from different niche interests can post questions and get real quick answers from pros. Also, it is a well-known place to connect professionally with like-minded persons.

Here’s how it looks in an action:


The platform covers a wide variety of topics from tons of niches – right from seeking marriage advice, creating a SaaS business to leadership, motivation, technology, health, and so on. You will be able to learn a range of opinions from various aspects from users even with in-depth answers.

You might be surprised to see how the tons of content is user generated but still well organized and managed by the Quora team.

Why Quora for marketing?

Not just bloggers but even brands, freelancers, and influencers from many industries have taken attention and are leveraging Quora to promote themselves by adding value through their answers.

Before I review it in-detail, let me break down what it could do for you.

  • Help you build and develop authority in your niche
  • Generate massive targeted traffic
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Get ideas for your next blog posts
  • Get content-syndicated by top publications

The reason why Quora is so popular is due to its ease and powerful mechanism in maintaining loads of users and content.

People love to be called an expert while they share their knowledge with others – upvotes, shares, views, and top writer badges, all these factors will be an additional source of inspiration to get going on Quora.

Quora signup process

The signup process is relatively easy and quick – signup via Gmail, email address, or even Facebook to enter the platform free of cost. While you register, you will be prompted to pick ten topics (interests) that you’re good at or would like to follow. Some of the areas include cooking, history, movies, health, the Internet, travel, fashion, and so on.


After signing up, you will be able to catch up on the discussions around the topics you have chosen. Either you can join the existing discussions by writing an answer or commenting, or even create a new question and invite top writers and influencers to write.

Make sure to create your profile by adding a compelling bio and description. It’s a great way to advertise your blog and skills to the people who pay a profile visit after getting impressed with your answers.

Here’s an example of one of the top writers on Quora, CEO of DuckDuckGo Gabriel Weinberg who shares knowledge about his product but also reaches a wider audience through the Quora Ads facility.


Gabriel hits 100+ million views on his answers and in most of his answers he promotes his newsletter link. Imagine how many subscriptions he would’ve got so far with this simple tactic.

The benefits of Quora marketing

Let’s talk about some benefits of Quora for blogging.

#1. Quora amplifies authority in your niche

If you have a sound grasp of your niche then you can easily attract the readers to your blog by writing rich and informative answers, forming enticing phrases, and then by linking them to your blog’s content.

If your answers get more views, shares, comments, and upvotes, then you will automatically get promoted to be listed in “most viewed writers”, “Quora digest newsletters”, and also can earn a writer badge. When you reach that level, Quora puts you up as a topic expert and facilitates the creators an option to request you to share your expertise.

The platform is like an ocean where you will have endless opportunities to seize and make the most out of them to grow your blog.

#2. Quora drives you sweet passive traffic

You can keep generating blog traffic for months and years without putting in daily efforts. Isn’t that a great passive reward?

The key is to find popular and in-demand questions to answer. These kinds of questions would be performing well, can go viral, read by millions of users, and could garner you more exposure and traffic.

However, such questions will already be having hundreds of answers, and winning the 1st position is not an easy job. So go through as many answers as you can analyze and give your best shot. And then ask your friends, fellow bloggers to share, like, and promote your answers.

Sometimes a 10-line answer ranks first above a 50+ line answer, it is all about writing rich content.

As a matter of fact, my blog’s 2nd biggest traffic source is Quora.


Check out my Quora profile which is close to hitting 1 million views. I mostly write on blogging, SEO, and messaging topics.

#3. Quora improves writing skills

In a few ways, drafting compelling content can be one of the most difficult aspects for bloggers. Pros advise practicing writing daily but the big question is what to write. For such bloggers, Quora could be the best opportunity to hone your writing skills and shine eventually.

The vision of helping the audience on Quora will dominate your writing fears.

It can be highly helpful to outline your answer first: catchy intro, advice, and ending along with the headlines, sub-points, sources, and media to include. Also, having a good grammar tool like Grammarly will be an added benefit to craft better answers.

#4. Quora as a source for content ideas

If you’re having difficulty generating profitable blog post ideas, you can utilize Quora to never run out.

Sometimes you may not see relevant discussions on your Quora feed, it’s because feed-content-suggestion also depends on the content you most visit and spend reading.

So how do you get the content ideas then?

There are two ways:

1. Click on “Answer” and you will see a list of questions, number of answers, and followers for each question.

2. Use the “search” option and enter your main keyword to filter the related questions. For example, I entered “WordPress blogging” and here’s what I got:

By using the two above ways, you can list your niche-relevant questions. Then all you need to do is convert those questions into topics for your blog. For example, the above questions could be transformed into the following blog post ideas:

  • 10 proven ways to promote your new WordPress blog
  • 3 best and fastest WordPress themes for bloggers

With these two methods, you will have a lot of insights for your next blog post. Plus, the other added advantage is that you won’t waste your efforts writing non-profitable topics that people are unlikely to read, as these topics are in-demand from your audience.

By observing how content is performing on Quora, you will be able to plan your blog’s content and Quora can really act as a great test-subject.

Tips to make the most of Quora for marketing

  • The first step to getting big-attention on Quora is to write quality answers – with crisp, clear, and concise information that solves the readers’ problems. Understand the intent behind the user’s questioning and deliver a straight forward answer.
  • Make sure you don’t add links unnecessarily in the answer. However, if you wish to add relevant and reliable references, then the link(s) must adhere to Quora’s policy.
  • Additionally, bold-headings, sub-points, and images can be added to make your answer more readable and appealing.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Do I get the link juice from Quora?

Answer: No, by default all the links from Quora are attributed as no-follow.

Question: Is there a limit to answering questions in a day?

Answer: There’s no limit. However, posting dozens of answers a day could imply a spam practice and your answers/profile may be deactivated by the moderation team. So the best practice is to write 3 to 5 answers per day.

Question: What will happen if Quora deletes my answer or deactivates my account by mistake?

Answer: It could happen and then all you need to do is appeal to Quora through the right channel to restore.

Question: Is there an advertising option on Quora?

Answer: Yes, you can promote your individual blog posts by factors like targeting specific topics, pixel data, etc., and access the reporting dashboard as well. Ads can be in the form of text or images. Check more details here.

Question: Are there other interesting things that I could know about Quora?

Answer: Just like other social media you can use this platform to share your opinion, follow influencers, and do branding.

You could consider upvotes, views, shares, and badges to inspire yourself and keep writing more. However, if you feel money can act as a strong inspiration for you, then Quora has got the QPP (Quora Partner Program) where you will be invited by its team to join, write and earn gradually. Remember, to get the invite you must be doing great already.


With a little extra energy and attention, Quora could be your next big winning strategy – you get referral traffic, authority, and content ideas; all free of cost.

So keep hunting those big-game questions to write, stick to rules, and very soon you shall start hitting the ground for super results.

Guest author: I am Mudassir Ahmed – Creator and author at Bloggingexplained, one of the growing and most popular blogging-tips blog that presents winning blogging advice for beginners. I started my career as a telecaller, but gradually the world of online business won me over. Loves play station games and nature. Fueled by tea.

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