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One of my first speaking gigs was in Italy.

Over a glass of red wine I asked them why they had invited me to speak? They had never met me and the speaking agency had not mentioned my name.

The response: We saw you everywhere.


They were talking about my content, online brand and funny little caricature.

Since then I have been everywhere. In person.

Well… almost.

Sharing what I have learned about business and personal transformation in a digital world.

I have been telling stories all around the world for the last 6 years.

The USA, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Norway and Finland have been some of those countries.

I have even snuck into Beirut, Kuwait and New Zealand, and left before they noticed.

India has also been a frequent destination. The Australians even asked me to share my stream of consciousness.

In essence it is. Have PowerPoint… will travel.

What I have discovered about standing in front of a stadium of thousands of people, is that people will not remember what you have told them, but they will not forget how you make them feel.

The goal of my keynotes is to motivate through inspiration and stories of transformation, with liberal doses of education.

What do I speak about? The topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • How to use digital marketing to generate leads and sales
  • The key pillars for content marketing that works
  • The secrets of success of the digital entrepreneur

The foundation for all of these presentations are the insights from hands on experience as a blogger, digital entrepreneur, creator and writer. It includes what I have learned while attracting 25 million visitors to my website with a $10 investment when broke and unemployed.

It’s an insider’s view on what’s required to reinvent a life and start a business from scratch in a digital world.

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Media Mentions


What others have said:

Lisa Marcyes – Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager – Marketo

“Jeff has a dynamic presentation style that balances actionable insights and illustrative stories. He is exceptionally engaging and provides the audience with great tips for how to master the art of content marketing. Jeff is amazing to work with and I highly recommend him as a speaker, author and above all, as a thought leader.”

Ryan Bonnici – Senior Director of Marketing – HubSpot

Jeff played an inspiring role in an educational event program we put together for our most important clients. He demonstrated the value of lifecycle digital marketing and received stellar reviews post-event. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Mark Schaefer, the CEO and founder of BusinessGrow.com

I was honored to host Jeff Bullas for his first-ever US speaking engagement and he was one of our most popular speakers at “Social Slam”– a tremendous hit. Jeff has a very practical, accessible style that resonates with an audience. He is a natural teacher and storyteller!

Dylan King, Founder & Conference Director – Keynote Media Pty Ltd

“Jeff Bullas was a keynote speaker and expert advisor for the Growth Marketing Summit 2017. He is a true expert in the field of Internet Marketing and a captivating storyteller. Jeff was a top ranking speaker on our attendee survey and we look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

Phillipa Spork, Director of Blue Sky Engagement

I needed an engaging guest speaker to kick off a series of thought leadership breakfasts for one of my clients. Being the first event in an ongoing seminar series, our first speaker had to engage, and absolutely had to deliver value for our audience! We wanted them to leave the event impressed, and already looking forward to the next one. We decided to approach Jeff Bullas to kick it off, with a talk on navigating social media in today’s complex business environment.

Jeff not only asked all of the right questions beforehand about the audience and what they were likely to be interested in, but also prepared an engaging presentation that was highly visual, full of real life examples, provided absolute clarity around the key issues, and importantly, he stuck to the timeline provided. The event ran overtime due only to the large number of questions from the floor. 

I would highly recommend Jeff Bullas as an engaging and dynamic public speaker whose content and expertise is second to none!

Craig Badings, Partner, Cannings Corporate Communications.

Jeff Bullas is a rare kind of speaker. Yes he is passionate about social media. Yes he is a global leader on the topic…but more importantly he gives a helluva lot away for free. We’ve all been to those conferences and master classes where you sense the presenter is holding back some of the magic, some of the key stuff – much like the chef who gives you their favourite recipe but leaves out an important ingredient – not Jeff. Jeff gives until it hurts and then gives more. If you want deep insights, heaps of value and someone who is an expert on the topic of social media I couldn’t recommend Jeff more highly.”

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