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Why Your Resume Isn’t as Important As You Think It Is

Why your resume isn't as important as you think

Applying for a new job is daunting.

What do you wear: tie or no tie? Heels or flats?

Often it depends on the industry. Accounting is going to be a bit more buttoned-up while digital media is another game.

Now—the resume

Your primary focus is often on your resume.

Every career adviser and recruitment agency has a different template. Some like it shorter, others longer. Having no job experience means that you will have to offer some other aspects of who you are to impress.

For those of us who’ve been around for a while, it becomes harder to hide your age while revealing your vast experience and incredible skill set.

And whatever you do, don’t have a spelling mistake or use bad grammar. It’s a fatal error. At Google, HR “bins” every CV that has just one spelling mistake.

But despite those efforts, the potential employer has already “checked you out.”

You are now defined by your online content

Even before you get that first interview, you have been “Googled.”

In the age of search engines, what was previously hidden becomes painfully apparent. Those social networks and personal blog posts can float right to the top.

You are now defined by your online content. Your personal brand is an amalgam of digital impressions revealed by an online search.

What do they want to see?

Employers want to see passion. An online attitude that says, “I will do what it takes, and I love what I do.” They want to see innovation and creativity.

What they don’t want to see?

Inappropriate photos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Maybe even Vine or Periscope.

If you want the right content to surface online, you may want to start rethinking your posting tactics.

It’s time to build an online personal brand that adds gravitas to that monochromatic, two-dimensional resume.

So what does a digital personal brand look like?

Here are some of the top places to put your best foot forward online:


Make sure that your profile is optimized to ensure that the personal brand positioning is how you want to look to future employers.


For some students, such as those in digital marketing, it is sometimes mandatory to start a blog.

The art of researching, writing and publishing will bring huge personal growth if done with steady and consistent persistence. It will also help you start creating personal digital assets that you control and own.


Set-up a Twitter account and start building an audience before you need it. And make sure you link to your blog.

Start now

Start the journey and build those online assets today. Create content that reveals your passion, your interests and your expertise.

You may be surprised what doors it opens and where it takes you.


Disclosure: I’m compensated by University of Phoenix for this blog. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  • petertrast

    Hm, that explains a lot. I keep my resume in decent working order, but I keep my LinkedIn profile sharp and I try to keep my Google exposure clean. I do post in some social media forums about topics that I am passionate about, but I try to treat my online personality as if every person I know or may ever meet will see it. That is not to say I have never made an offensive remark on a political subject, but I try to check myself and segregate those aspects of my online persona to the appropriate venue, like avoiding politics on LinkedIn.
    Thanks for the read.

  • I agree with Jeff. Not only I just respect his opinion, but I’m a strong believer of personal branding, which I why my recent blog post was about personal branding. As far as “resume” is concerned, I would rather focus on establishing myself on the platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn than building my resume. I’ve done that, and I’ll keep on doing it. It’s not just for us who work online, it’s necessary for everyone!

  • Rick Stoneking Sr

    Excellent Article & solid advice. Everyone should google themselves, including using your nicknames.

    Rick Stoneking Sr
    International Travel Reviews