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7 Effective Tactics for Promoting Content When It’s Fresh Off The Press

7 Effective Tactics for Promoting Content When It’s Fresh Off The PressAs a professional blogger, you undoubtedly know the importance of hard work to make your blog posts compelling and informative for your readers. Perhaps, you have already taken all the primary steps for promoting it, from publishing updates, to sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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If you are still facing a lack of audience engagement as compared to your competitors, then it’s time to reassess the tactics for promoting content you are using.

Effective content marketing is a bit like event planning. How can you expect guests to come to your event if you don’t promote it effectively? If you spend all your time planning and designing an event, but forget to send out invitations, then what was the point?

Conversely, if you consistently promote your event throughout the planning process, you will successfully build the desired level of excitement among individuals, which will then encourage them to attend the event.

For proper content promotion, you should follow these seven effective tactics for promoting content to attract a maximum number of views.

1. Aim for maximum engagement on social media

Sharing your content in bulk on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest is unfortunately not enough to gain maximum user engagement. Success in this area also requires a high level of participation on social media involving checking and replying to reader’s comments on your posts without a delay.

As soon as you tweet or share a Facebook post, your fans and audience will start to view or react to it. To amplify audience interest never fail to acknowledge your viewers, especially if you are a business owner. You never know which one of them will become a business lead.

Aim to share content in peak time slots. This is the best way to find the maximum number of active users. Successful content marketers follow the science of posting on social media and avoid posting content in the worst time slots. Here is an infographic that shows how and when to post on different social media sites.

Image Source: Setupablogtoday

2. Write unique short snippets for different platforms

Picking up the title and live link to your content piece is a good way to create a social media post for a fan page or social media platform. However, expecting the same level of appreciation every time when using the same snippet is unrealistic.

Try writing unique, short and compelling snippets to share the same post across different platforms. You can either rephrase the whole title or use part of the title to write a completely new headline. You can also create unique fragments referring to in-depth parts of your content. Creating and posting questions when the answers are present in your content is also a great strategy.

Writing unique and interesting social media snippets for every fresh piece of content also allows you to regularly market the same content for a reasonable period of time. Plua, if one post fails to attract the viewer’s attention, you might have more luck next time. Here’s a good example of writing a social media snippet.

3. Team up with industry influencers in your niche

As a blogger, you must know the ethics of obtaining information from other sources in your niche. Ethical practices demand you cite all external resources in your content.

Whether you are working with industry experts or using information or data from their content, acknowledge and credit them. Treat it as an opportunity to network. Either you may write a short acknowledgment or you can also include them naturally within the content.

Then you can also reach out to the influencers cited and ask them to share your content on their social media platforms. This will give your content an enormous boost in terms of traffic. Here’s an amazing video by MOZ Whiteboard Friday on how you can amplify your audience by teaming up with influencers in your niche.

Because you are tagging and mentioning these influencers in your social media posts, you will probably gain their attention and eventually gain more recognition anyway. Success totally depends on how efficiently you are using these simple courtesies as an incredible promotion tool.

4. Create high-impact visuals of your core content

Although text may be king when it comes to content, you can’t overlook the importance of video content. Video enables you to reach a totally different audience and reinforce your message or brand.

There are viewers who love watching and sharing videos they like, but never bother reading and sharing blogs. Unfortunately, we’re living in a digital world, and people’s patience for reading is dropping lower and lower. Making videos of your written content will help you engage a different audience who don’t like reading or perhaps just prefer to learn differently.

5. Expand your content in the form of ebooks, PDFs and SlideShares

Think outside of the box and explore ebooks, PDF compilations and SlideShares when it comes to repurposing and promoting your content. They can all be used resourcefully to present existing information in a new form. For this purpose, you might select a few of your best blogs and compile them in the form of an ebook, downloadable PDF or SlideShare.

You can also make necessary enhancements to the content to create a ‘user guide’ to your product, service or website. After considering the type of information in your content, you can choose any suitable option to benefit your audience – the sky really is the limit.

By getting your content repurposing game right on Slideshare, you can definitely gain a huge number of followers.

6. Mix fresh content with published content

Before publishing new blogs, don’t forget to check the analytics of your previously published content. Every blogger has a couple of posts that outperformed others for some reason and received an exceptional number of likes and shares.

Divert your readers to your fresh content by linking it back to this particular piece of old content.

7. Consider guest posting

No matter how frequently you create high-quality posts for your blog, you will fail to bring organic visitors to your site if you forget relationship building with other bloggers.

If you don’t know how to write a killer guest post, you don’t need to worry. Here is a great video by Ramit Sethi which describes how to write a good guest post every time.

Guest posting is a great way to connect with other writers and readers in the community. Once a relationship is developed, you can ask them to publish content on your blog, too.


If you look at successful content marketers, I think you’ll find that they use some – if not all – of these tactics for content promotion.

Of course, creating great content is a big part of the equation, but the importance of effective content marketing cannot be overlooked.

Hopefully these tips will help you attract scores of new visitors to your blog. Good luck, and let me know how you go!

Guest Author: David is a graphic designer slash blogger who loves to create new inspirational design. He also has a thing for writing too when he is not so busy with his Projects. Currently he is associated with Ingic UK, a logo design company.

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