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9 Best TikTok Bots – Go Viral Quickly (Fast & Real)

The 10 Best TikTok Bots To Help You Go Viral Right Now

The best TikTok bots will help you grow your following fast and save you tons of time from doing manual, repetitive tasks.

Try these social media tools:

  • UseViral can enhance your social media presence by increasing your followers, likes, reach, views, engagement and more.
  • InVideo generates fast videos with an AI talking avatar presenter, no video production needed. Customize using presets or your own style.

TikTok is trending at the moment. More and more people are using this social platform, and brands are looking to collaborate with TikTok influencers.

Now is the time to double down on this social network. Before long, it will be saturated just like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For now, bots still work on TikTok for rapidly increasing your reach. But that won’t last forever.

Whether you have used TikTok bots before or you are interested in deploying bots to help you get the most out of the platform, here are the 9 top TikTok bots in 2021.

TikTok Bots vs TikTok Growth Services

Before jumping into the TikTok bots list, it was important to distinguish between bots and other growth services.

Put simply, TikTok bots do actions on your behalf. You provide your account login to the provider and they like, comment, and engage with other TikTok users to increase your exposure on the platform. This type of activity aims to organically grow your following and engagement.

Other growth services, such as Useviral, focus on instantly boosting your profile with followers, likes, or views. Useviral has a range of packages that deliver real TikTok engagement without requiring your password or login credentials. For best results, I recommend using both a growth service, like Useviral, and a TikTok bot, like the ones listed below.

Now for the list…

#1. Useviral

TikTok is a powerful platform and Useviral is known as one of the industry leaders when it comes to TikTok bots. 

They leverage the latest technology to help you quickly see fast results on TikTok when it comes to buying TikTok followers, likes, and views.

Useviral has a strong reputation and outstanding customer service. Getting started is easy, they are affordable and results are seen promptly after purchase.

Try Useviral now

#2. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade for tiktok tools

If you are one of those people that want to set something up once and then get on with your life, TokUpgrade is the product for you. Once you have set it up, a team of experts will manage their specialist TikTok bots to grow your account for you, all you have to do is know your target market and pass this information onto your dedicated account manager and they’ll do the rest.

Their system is safe and secure and works within the limits set by TikTok so there is no risk to your account. Their smart targeting makes sure that you aren’t defaulting to mass marketing, which is no longer applicable in this day and age, your results are targeted and based on the information you provide TokUpgrade at the start.

Grow real, targeted TikTok followers with TokUpgrade now!

#3. Toksocial

TokSocial for tiktok tools

Like TokUpgrade, once you have had the initial conversation with your dedicated account manager at Toksocial, you can forget about it and watch the growth of your account steadily increase.

The advanced targeting filter system really helps you break down your market segment into vital data points that Toksocial will then use to build your strategy from the ground up.

The more information you can provide, the better the growth will be, and you can get back to what you really want to do – make TikTok’s.

There are no growth estimates as each account varies depending on the content, niche, and quality, but you can be sure that your account will grow when you utilize this TikTok bot.

Try Toksocial Here.

#4. AutoTokker

TikTok Tools - Autotokker

Autotokker is also a bot that is fully managed by the provider; however, their strategy is slightly different. The premise of their growth strategy is the follow/unfollow method, which does yield some results.

Whilst the service provides your account with some growth, it is a limited strategy and could be more effective if it also engaged across your target market rather than just following/unfollowing accounts.

If you aren’t sure of your demographic or target market just yet and want to grow your TikTok account with as many followers as possible, then this bot can help, but don’t expect a loyal follower base.

Try AutoTokker Here.

#5. Jeffrey

TikTok Tools - Jeffrey

When you start using this TikTok bot you can input the data that you need to build a holistic picture of the community or fan base you want to interact with.

One of the reasons we like this bot so much is due to the analytics it provides you with once the bot has run a few cycles. You can really get a good understanding of how your targeting is working and if you need to make any adjustments.

It is not a bot for people that just want something to run in the background, it will need your attention and adjustment to reach its full potential.

Try Jeffrey Here.

#6. Tok Growth

Best TikTok tools - Tok Growth

If you are just starting your influencer career or a brand, Tok Growth could help you establish who your competitors are and gain their audience.

This bot is ideal for beginners as it mimics popular accounts in your particular market and then interacts with their followers on your behalf. It is a good bot to use if your content can be benchmarked against other, bigger accounts that represent the community in which you want to work with.

However, the lack of a targeted approach could be detrimental later on, especially if you become established and want to market yourself to an audience that really is interested in what you do.

Try Tok Growth Here.

#7. Ektor

If you have the time to use a TikTok bot that will reflect exactly the data you input, Ektor may well be the product for you. It allows you to input all the data points you need in order to grow your account with the audience that you want interacting with your content.

If it is your first time using a bot of this nature, there is a lot of trial and error and it may take a while for it to work as you have envisaged. Or if you don’t have the time to put into a bot like this, then a growth service will be a better option as all interactions are fully managed by a third party rather than a bot you need to spend time configuring and adjusting regularly.

Try Ektor Here.

#8. Vire

Vire - TikTok Growth

Vire provides customers with a fully managed service to grow their TikTok accounts but there is limited information as to how they do this.

They use a queuing system for interactions that their accounts team set up to make sure you stay under TikTok’s limits for interactions. Whilst they say that they handpick accounts to interact with on your behalf, there is always a limit to how much interaction humans can achieve. This is especially relevant when they are put up against growth services and other TikTok tools that utilize smart algorithms to help you get the best growth out of your account.

Try Vire Here.

#9. TrendGrow

TrendGrow - TikTok Tool

TrendGrow is a fully managed service that seems to operate by promoting your content to TikTok’s users and staff. They work to increase the visibility and reach of your content but don’t specify how they work.

Whilst they don’t quantify their results, they promise users immediate growth and the chance to go viral and become internet famous. They look for users who may be interested in your account and interact on your behalf to get them to engage with your content.

There is limited information pertaining to what strategies they use to do this and what data points they take in order to build a picture of your target market.

Try TrendGrow Here.

#10. Instamber

Instamber recently released a TikTok bot, after focusing predominantly on Instagram for several years. Their bot uses both usernames and hashtags to find relevant accounts to follow, a proven way to increase your following.

The security for Instamber is good as it is a cloud-based application, there are no downloads and no need to pass your information over to a provider. You have the ability to manage the account and the onus is on you for keeping it secure.

Try Instamber Here.

Final thoughts

These are the best TikTok bots for you to consider in 2020.

Whether you want a fully managed account that needs limited interaction on your behalf, or you want to spend time configuring and building a bot that matches your requirements, there is a product to suit your needs.

Don’t get left behind this year, start growing your TikTok account now before you miss the opportunity!

Tip: Hire a TikTok expert or freelancer on Fiverr.com.

Guest author: Robynne Jones is a bit of a travel nomad, originally from the UK. She’s been living in Thailand for the past few years and is now currently trying out Australia! Loves writing in her spare time about anything tech.

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