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Top 10 Music Stars On Facebook

Facebook provides a powerful marketing platform for musicians to promote their songs, albums and connect with fans in real time within a multi-media rich Facebook ecosystem.

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Musicians do not have to wait for the weekly TV show or breakfast TV appearance to broadcast their latest video clip and live performance… it can be posted instantly to Facebook.

Top 10 Music Brands On Facebook

So how does Facebook “Pages” digital social marketing transcend traditional mass media marketing?

  1. Facebook pages are a more effective and intimate direct marketing channel
  2. It is instant and up to date whereas printed and traditional media is usually out of date quite often before it hits the street
  3. It is a real time research tool
  4. You create a long-term relationship between the consumers and the brand that creates a digital asset with longevity
  5. You create a highly leveraged channel that distributes your brand and message by “World of Mouth” as updates to the Facebook “Page” ripple and spread through friends updates and news feeds. This is an incredibly fast and effective organic brand distribution vehicle.

What are some notable Facebook marketing features of these major music brands that you should take note of ?

  • Facebook stores where you can buy music videos, albums and individual songs
  • Charitable promotions
  • Mobile “apps” and “marketing” starting to make their presence felt.
  • Email marketing is not “dead” with several music brands offering email newsletter subscriptions
  • You don’t have to be “present” on this earth to make money with two musicians making the top 10 without being able to turn up to “live” shows

So with 3 of the top trends on the web being

  1. Social media
  2. Mobile
  3. Online shopping stores

These musicians are on top of the latest marketing game and trends and are leveraging and spreading their “brand” with “World of Mouth” with very cool and trendy marketing that Gen Y can’t get enough of!

Who are the Top 10 Music “Brands” on Facebook?

1. Eminem

  • Fans: 30,875,000 million
  • Gain Today: 51,357
  • Feature to note: YouTube Views of  “Love The Way You Lie” with 306 million plus views!!!

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 1 Eminem

2. Lady Gaga

  • Fans: 30,492,997
  • Gain Today: 43,642
  • Feature to note: F-Commerce capability (able to buy the song on Facebook)

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 2 Lady Gaga

3. Michael Jackson

  • Fans: 30,097,692
  • Gain today: 28, 848
  • Feature to note: “Store” on Facebook (check out the tab on the left column)

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 3 Michael Jackson

4. Rihana

  • Fans: 27,719,524
  • Gain today: 54,641
  • Feature to note: (Promotes fans by making them famous)

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 4 Rihanna

5. Linkin Park

  • Fans: 24,566,915
  • Gain today: 35,912
  • Feature to note: Charitable promotion with “Haiti Relief” as a custom tab on left side column

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 5 Linkin Park

6. Shakira

  • Fans: 23,762,549
  • Gain today: 50,722
  • Feature to note: You can buy the album on Facebook – click to buy

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 6 Shakira

7. Justin Bieber

  • Fans: 23,335,536
  • Gain today: 45,763
  • Feature to note: Email is still important in marketing with a newsletter sign-up form as a tab

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 7 Justin Bieber

8. Bob Marley

  • Fans: 21,461,577
  • Gain today: 34,905
  • Feature to note: Marley shop on Facebook

op 10 Musicians Facebook 8 Bob Marley

9. Lil Wayne

  • Fans: 21,345,545
  • Gain today: 26,068
  • Feature to note: Sign up to receive updates on your mobile also on the site is the link to download his “app”

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 9 Lil Wayne

10. Katy Perry

  • Fans: 20,838,198
  • Gain today: 50,424
  • Features to note: Facebook store and able to buy from iTunes

Top 10 Musicians Facebook 10 Katy Perry

Source: Insidefacebook.com

Image by Oceania Rock (Ocquo.com)

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