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7 Surprising Ways You Can Use a Domain Name For Your Small Business

A personal domain name is an essential in today’s virtual world. If you’re a business owner, creating a website is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. 

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When you choose a domain name, you give your business instant credibility. It’s your entry point to the online marketplace. A personal domain provides a pathway to your website, for people to learn more about you and your business, and to make a purchase. 

The right domain name will help you establish a great online presence. The wrong domain however, could do just the opposite. 

It’s important to consider your domain extension too. In simple terms, a domain extension is the ‘.com’, ‘.org’ or ‘.net’ that follows your personal domain. 

Believe it or not, web visitors judge you by not only your domain name, but your domain extension too. For instance, if a visitor see .org at the end of your domain, they might assume that your business is a nonprofit. 

Similarly if they see .edu they’ll assume your website is educational. With all that said, in this article we’ll cover 7 surprising ways your can use a domain name for your business. 

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Primary domain

When you choose a domain and register multiple domain versions, you’ll need to pick one as your primary domain. If you only have one domain name and extension registered, this automatically becomes your primary domain. 

There are many reasons business owners choose to register multiple variations of a domain. For instance, if you have a business called ‘BestDomain.com’, it would make sense for you to also purchase ‘BestDomains.com’ as well. Otherwise a competitor could come along and purchase a very similar domain name to yours and steal your traffic. This happens a lot! 

By purchasing multiple domain names and nominating a primary domain, you can simply redirect and web visitors who enter any of your domains to your primary website.  


Branded short link

A branded short link is essentially a shorter version of your URL that you can share online easily. When you click on a branded short link it automatically redirects you to original URL page. 

Now why do businesses use branded short links? A shorter URL helps you share links online, whether that’s through an email, social media, or a downloadable PDF file. Having a branded short link means that the name of your company or brand is still visible, which in turn helps to boost awareness and name recognition of your business.  


There will likely come a time when you will need to move web content from one location to another or a web page may be deleted. Redirects are used to shuffle web visitors and search engines from one virtual location to another. 

The same applies if you decide to choose a new personal domain that is easier to remember. Redirects are absolutely essential for web visitors as well as search engines as neither party wants to come across a page that no longer exists.  

Professional email id

Every serious business needs a professional email address. It improves your brand’s credibility as well as your own. A professional email address is an email address that includes your personal domain. 

For instance, instead of ending your email with @gmail.com or @outlook.com, your email would become @domainname.com. This helps your business seem more credible and trustworthy and your emails are less likely to be considered spam. 


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Product launches

Believe it or not, top level domains play an important role in product launches. Think about it, let’s say your launching a new product called ‘Squeaky Muffins’ (first thing that popped into my head ok!). Before you plan your launch strategy, it pays to do your due diligence and look into available domains for ‘Squeaky muffins’. If the domains are available, register them immediately and create a website! 

But if squeakymuffins.com is already registered, you may want to reconsider the name of your product, or alternatively offer to purchase the domain from the owner. This is why it pays to do this research early on in your product launch strategy.  


A vanity URL is generally descriptive and easy to remember. It’s usually used to redirect URLs from one web location to another. It’s essentially a long URl that has been condensed down into a customized short link. 

Vanity URLs contain either your brand name or a relevant keyword for your business. Vanity links are used in a wide variety of online places; such as your social media, emails, and in other offline marketing activities. 

Press page

Thinking about adding a press page to your business website? Why not purchase the .PRESS version of your personal domain? 

Many business owners use a .press address for their blogs, or for showcasing positive brand publicity. Anyone can register a .press address for any purpose, they’re not limited to journalists or news corporations. 

Wrapping it up 

By now I’m sure you understand how important it is for business owners to register relevant top level domains for their business. By choosing the right domain (and variations!) for your business, you can add instant credibility and authority to your brand. 

Branded short links and vanity URLs are helpful when sharing links on social media and in emails. And it pays to do your homework on top level domains when launching a new product into the world. 

Now you know 7 different ways to use a domain name. Are you using yours to it’s full potential? 

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