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20 Extraordinary Web Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Clicking

20 Extraordinary Web Design Ideas That Will Get Everyone Clicking

The overwhelming innovations in the technological ecosystem are spreading rampancy of creativity. The wave of advancement is taking over industries, and practically pressurizing marketers to practice progressive techniques.

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Targeted branding has become the Goldilocks to unshackled prosperity, marketers spare no effort to explore such technical standpoints that can shape a user’s experience. User interface design (UI), AI-backed bots, seamless navigation, and feature-rich aesthetics are a few elements that create a responsive website.

A visitor only takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion.

So, how do you plan to enhance the user experience of your website?

Around 77% of companies believe that a poor user experience weakens their clientele. The significance to develop an immersive UI gets vivid if you ponder over the statistics. Appealing aesthetics influence over 75% of visitors’ opinion. Moreover, strategic user experience can potentially raise a website conversion by 400%.

To provide a bundle of guidance, I’ve pulled together some of the most fascinating web design ideas. Learn the tricks and make your year explode with endless possibilities of success.

1. Illustration-based web designs

Incorporating illustration on a website has been a trend for a few years. However, designers are now focusing to create custom and 3D illustrations to define a brand.

An illustration can empower a brand if blended well with minimalism. See how the brand Neat has rightly executed this trend:

Neat's website illustration-based web design ideas

To intrigue viewers, brands like Pitch have introduced 3D illustration design.

Pitch's website 3D illustration-based web design ideas

2. Vintage-inspired typography

Holding the emotional strands of viewers has always been the norm of the digital market. Now designers are focusing on themes, colors, and typography that can trigger nostalgia.

Be careful when you try this web design idea as you don’t have to give a complete retro look, but instead, use bits and pieces of vintage web designs.

3. Brutalism in visual aesthetics

Pascall Deville rightly explained the concept of brutalism stating:

“In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy, Brutalism can be seen as a reaction by a younger generation to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s web design.”

So, it’s time to create focused designs that deliver a straightforward message.

4. Inclusive design

“Inclusive design” – it’s going to be a buzzword very soon. This fancy term focuses on providing user accessibility. You need to optimize the aesthetics for your targeted users to indulge and entertain them efficiently. With inclusive designs, you can significantly improve the user experience.

5. Black and white

Monochromatic designs are gradually becoming more common. Due to the perceived sophistication of this web design idea, it can enhance the overall appeal of the layout and attract viewers.

See how Cahn Wilson’s website shows a modern, crisp, and clean layout using black and white.

Cahn Wilson's website codern crisp clean blackand white web design ideas

6. Card design trends

Evergib’s site has incorporated frames inspired by card style designs. The site looks professionally organized into a grid layout. Each element is placed perfectly and delivers its message seamlessly.

Apart from this, the Future’s site shows a perfect application of using a card style as a part of its design aesthetics. The individual categories are placed in rectangular boxes.

Evergiv's site incorporated frames by card design trends web design ideas

7. Massive font sizes

An urge to make a bold presence is not going to fade away from the web design industry. After finding its way to logo design techniques, large fonts have now become a notable trend in creating the UI of a website. The Joano Andrade’s site shows captivating aesthetics with bold font and appropriate colors.

Joano Andrade's site captivating aesthetics with massive font sizes web design ideas

Revols’s site is yet another example that shows this web design idea. The site has not only incorporated a large font style but has maximized its image of the headphones. The entire larger-than-life photography delivers the message right away.

Revols's site finest visual appeal with massive font sizes web design ideas

8. Outlined typography

To bring a unique touch, designers are now using outlined typography for their site’s content. This innovative idea has been making huge progress in attracting viewers and increasing onsite traffic. It makes the content look more compelling and sophisticated.

9. User-triggered animations

Motion graphics and user-triggered animations can stir up emotions and attract eyeballs in a second. They can serve multiple purposes. From an animated loading screen to a dynamic background, there are ways you can incorporate motion on your website.

Romain Avalle’s site displays a cursor that a user moves around to view the entire website with its animation that appears one after another.

Romain Avalle's site user-triggered animations web design ideas

10. Geometric shapes and patterns

Designs having geometric lines, patterns, and shapes are making a comeback this year. Though it’s a bit tricky to create, these design features can entice your target audience in a blink. The appropriate place to use geometric shapes is the hero areas of a website, which is usually at the top.

11. Visual storytelling

You must have seen logos and videos that tell a story to entice viewers. Designers are now incorporating the visual storytelling aspect into the UI of a website.

My Grandmother Lingo’s site takes users into its own visual world and caters to them with fascinating tales.

My Grandmother Lingo's site visual storytelling web design ideas

Strategically blend illustration with animation and add a touch of storytelling to stir up user appeal and make your layout more engaging.

12. The use of gradients

Colors not only liven up a website; they can define its business as well. Colors highlight the most important points and add an appeal that makes them stand out from the clutter.

The use of gradient with appropriate transitions is a significant element to characterize a brand. New ways are introduced where the background is enhanced with subtle font colors.

Look Book the use of gradient web design ideas

Image Source: Melanie-F

To execute vibrancy, multicolored gradients are used where more than one color is incorporated in the design, just like it’s seen in Ruya Digital’s site.

Ruya digital's site execute multicolored gradients web design ideas

13. Watercolor illustrations

Watercolor adds a whimsy feel in design. It gives a hand-drawn touch that looks enticing and captivating. If you pair it with fun fonts, you get a nice blend of aesthetics.

Many artistic styles are being adopted where watercolors are part of the background. This technique can fit in any type of design from bold to subtle, minimalist to retro. The Proud & Peach’s site depicts a floral graphics with a watercolor illustration style.

Proud & Peach's site with floral watercolour style illustrations web design ideas

14. Overlapping

As much as overlapping is effective in logo design, it’s even more captivating on a website. Overlapping creates a messy yet classy interface. It highlights elements in a unique way. Each element somehow seems to fit in the style while delivering its individual purpose.

15. Minimalist designs

If you set off to explore minimalism, you will come across tons of great features. From user-friendliness to seamless navigation, captivating layouts to utterly professional aesthetics, the outcomes are enormous when it’s about using a minimalist approach.

Designers have been relying on a minimalist theme for years, and it is still among one of the top web design ideas. It opens multiple avenues to experiment. You can use animation, blend illustration, or can even stir some bold colors to create a design. Good Day’s site displays its products poured in the lightness of minimalism.

Good day's site displays it's products with minimalist design web design ideas

16. Single-page websites

When it comes to adding convenience, single-page websites can cater to your needs easily. The ease in usability enhances user engagement. The entire brand description and its services get covered precisely. Plus, the layout of a single-page website makes is responsive. 

17. Uniqueness

Put aside every other web design idea and think of the way you can put forward your brand. You know your business way better than anybody else does. Focus on bringing out the unique aspects of your business and incorporate them into the design.

Websites like Morenita put nothing else than a picture of their boat which floats around the Menorca coast. They offer a single service – a boat to rent, which is pictured so beautifully on their site.

Morenita's site with uniqueness in web design ideas

18. Infographic web designs

The infographic-driven design elaborates on a complex concept and highlights the core purpose efficiently. The richness of creativity becomes evident along with creating pleasant aesthetics.

Amazee labs infographic web designs web design ideas

19. Cursor effects

The cursor effect is a new technique to make a site more interactive. As a visitor moves the cursor, the site gradually begins to appear in full. Users have to discover the content, which triggers curiosity as well.

20. Sliding themes

If your goal is to make people interact with your site even when there are no buttons, you can use a sliding theme. It will help the visitor slip and slide banners and images to learn more about the business.

Key web design takeaways

Among the many designs, you will find animation, illustration, and bold font to be the most dominating ones. These web design ideas can effectively compel your target audience and persuade them to take action.

Guest author: Cynthia John is a creative designer and talented blogger. She has been working at Logo Venture for years and has delivered exceptional services. Apart from being a designer, she finds interest in sharing her experience and guidance with readers around the globe. She posts fun facts, trendy techniques and updates about the design and tech industries. Where her designs are thought provoking, her content is rich with information too.

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