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Why Search, Social Media and Content are Vital for Your Company’s Success

Search engines like Google are like racing car mechanics, constantly under the hood tweaking their complex code engines to maintain their relevancy on a web that has moved from stiff, static and slow to dynamic, social and real time.

Why Search, Social Media and Content are Vital for Your Company’s Success

It is said that Google makes up to 500 changes every year to its search algorithms to ensure that it delivers fast smart search results that keep people typing “Google.com” into their web browsers and continue to pay for its paid search advertising.

Companies with websites that didn’t change in years are slowly realizing that they need to have an active presence on the web by creating and publishing content that attracts customers, begs to be shared and Google will find.  These changes to an increasingly dynamic web is leading to the rise of digital agencies that can partner and guide customers through this maze of choices, change and confusion.

In this video interview I chat to Andy Jamieson about his company “Switched On Media” which has won several awards recently including ranking 9th in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 and 3rd in Smart Company Fast 50 for 2010.

He talks about the “Three P’s” behind their company’s success that he and his partner Scott Ennis started only 5 years ago.

The 3 Pillars of Digital Marketing

We  look at how the rise of  social media over the last few years is transforming how companies should market themselves and we discuss the 3 core pillars of digital marketing.

  1. Search
  2. Social Media
  3. Content

We investigate how that can be applied to marketing a business successfully where increasingly buying decisions start with an online search or from information that was shared by a friend or colleague .

Watch the video to find out the keys to a successful “Search  and Social Digital Agency” as well as some insights into what you should be doing to get found online on a  social web.

The Key Topics

  • The importance of optimizing your website and blog for search engines (SEO) so that your business can be found online. What is the percentage of “Organic” (earned) search results versus “Paid” search results (Google Adwords) with getting those important clicks to your website or blog
  • The synergy between search and social and why it is important to be investing in both
  • The fastest growing market segment in digital
  • The importance of Google’s ‘New’ social +1 button for search results and why it is integral for Google’s future
  • The value proposition of PPC (Pay per Click) for marketing campaigns on Google and Yahoo
  • The importance of ROI (Return of Investment) for social and PPC campaigns
  • The tension between traditional and digital marketing
  • The role of the digital agency in educating their customer in the value proposition of the marketing strategy
  • The emerging importance and role of “content marketing’ in the marketing mix
  • Why sharing and engaging with content should be valued
  • Why content is important for search and social
  • What are the 3 P’s behind the “secret sauce” of Switched On Media’s success

Is your company stiff, static and slow or is it dynamic, social and real?

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  • Interesting article, I would suggest that you should add customer service as one pillar of your online digital marketing. A lot of companies’ reputation is made or broken online and that is largely driven by customer service performance. Thank you

  • In order to find success online these days, you need to have a positive search presence.  Your search presence is based on content (of which social media is a part).  Content on your website and throughout the web needs to be keyword rich to attract the search engines and your target audience.  

    • yes nick exactly, content creates such activities and without this nothing can happen. And as your word positive presence can make it more effective in the market to earn trust and businesses from the audiences we care.

  • Great list for helping marketers organize different
    types of initiatives. I’d like to add one more item to the list:

    4. Provide customized product or content recommendations to
    your users!

    Selloscope makes it easy for marketers and merchandisers to
    offer personalized content and recommendations on-site and in email campaigns, increasing
    conversion, retention, and LTV. Email marketers can receive recommendations for
    individual users directly into a spreadsheet! http://www.selloscope.com

  • very interesting but something in regard to customer service or public interaction should be added.

  • Great article, clear and concise, I know its not really a ‘pillar’ but I think you could add analytics to this also? monitoring performance certainly underpins all three of the pillars