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  • http://treypennington.com Trey Pennington

    Good information, as always, Jeff. Thanks for sharing.

    Seems we’re in a transition phase at the moment. Lots of attention being dumped on The Tools and The Technology. The tools & technology are indeed fascinating; still, they’re only tools. A mechanic with a ton of tools is not necessarily better than a mechanic with a few.

    When I play golf, I deliberating leave some of my clubs at home. Why? Because I’m simply not good with some. There’s no point in me taking my #1 Driver (or any other wood, for that matter; I can’t hit any of them). Though my partners often culture when I take my 5 iron out to tee off on a 565 yard fairway, I do it anyway. I’ll let them power stroke their tee shot a long, long way past my drive. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction being able to actually see one’s ball in the fairway; searching for a long drive shot deep into the woods isn’t quite so much fun.

    Even then, the goal of the drive isn’t to get the ball into the fairway. The tee shot is only one aspect of the game. Getting the ball into that little cup is the key.

    Right now, much of the hubbub around social media leaves the ball lost in the woods while everyone says, “Did you see me hit that a mile?”

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  • http://www.TargetInfoLabs.com Zaki Usman

    Good post Jeff. I have learned through experience that first impression when you see a Twitter account counts a lot towards its behavior. I’ve been toying around with the idea of turning off my “auto follow” and I believe I may have convinced myself to do just that. I did a little test where I found that when I leave auto-follow on, I may get higher number of followers but they are not as responsive as the ones who follow just for the shear value of the updates. More on the research here http://www.targetinfolabs.com/?p=508

  • andrewgrill

    Jeff – liked the post.

    The topic of social media metrics was discussed yesterday at the #ogilvysocial day – see http://bit.ly/headscratch which also talks about “Why are clients still scratching their heads about Social Media?”

    Andrew Grill

    ps – look after my old home town!

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  • http://mariamz.wordpress.com/ Mariam Cook

    Thanks for this – very useful.

    As Trey said, this is about tools, but still they are tools which are aggregating the behaviour of lots of people, so they’re not just mechanical. I think tools like this are helpful to augment what you can already see about someone when you look at their latest tweets and profile.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/eymiey Maria Hermina

    Nice posting. But maybe you also can try to check “how influence are you on Twitter” using http://www.tweetlevel.edelman.com


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  • http://www.robcottingham.ca Rob Cottingham

    Hi, Jeff -

    Thanks for sharing the cartoon! I’m glad you liked it.

    I’m happy to have people repost my cartoons, but I do ask that they keep the original credit on it and that they link back to my site. Would you mind replacing the image with the original, and linking it to http://www.robcottingham.ca/cartoon/archive/2009-01-11-quittr/ ? And I realize it’s been a while, but if you remember where you found the version with the credit removed, could you let me know so I can make the same request of them?

    Thanks so much!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks for the comment Rob. I cannot remember where I found it and happily will link and attribute to you. Thanks for dropping by and by the way.. Great cartoon :)

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  • http://twitter.com/Hospitalityfan Jim Traister

    Fascinating post! Love the conclusion!

  • http://twitter.com/Hospitalityfan Jim Traister

    Fascinating post…appreciate the insight you share about the different tools that measure influence! Interesting conclusion as well. 

  • http://www.socialmediajedi.info Clive Roach

    A really interesting post. Twitter is becoming so important as a way to amplify messages and themes. I think the blog connection is an important aspect so I like that you mentioned that. Its integration into iOS 5 and other platforms just shows how key it is to be a part of the Twitter activity

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  • http://stritar.net/ Stritar


    Great thinking. I also gave a lot of thought on how to measure influence on Twitter. Here are a few of my conclusions, published almost two years ago, and they are aligned with yours to some extent. http://stritar.net/Post/Twitfluence_Prototype_Calculation_For_Measuring_Twitter_Influence.aspx

    We managed to implement this logic into a fully working service, called Twenity (http://twenity.com/), and it seems to be working very well. But since authority measuring market has become quite saturated, we’ve added a gamification layer on top of it, trying to make this whole concept less frustrating more fun for the users.


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  • Susan DePue

    good information. Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/777productions Deon Fialkov

    Great informative post.

    For all the spammers out there :

    Just because you may have 200 000 , or more followers – still means that you’re human – having the ego of a small planet doesn’t suit you!

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