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  • http://www.siliconcloud.com Noel

    Even if you are only right on some of these predictions we have to agree that Bill Gates comment is particularly relevant

  • http://www.workingthree.com Mark Cameron

    Social media will divide markets into ever slimmer segments, making mass media marketing even less effective.

  • http://supremeultimatefitness.com Dale

    I agree Twitter is taking over social media. I have had much success connecting to the press, clients, etc. just by tweeting

  • http://bit.ly/adrianb Adrian Bridgwater

    Yes – agree with a lot of these, but perhaps not “Social Networks Will Flourish As A Result Of The Economic Crisis” – LinkedIn was set to help us all out of the crisis and we all joined in with as many people as possible. But very few people ever cite the fact that they have seen profitable work come out of this channel.

  • http://www.scms.coop Janine McBee

    Thank you for your commitment to share information that helps us wrestle with and think about the various aspects of social media.

    For Adrian – I’m with you on seeing very little about LinkedIn. I believe it’s a great tool for business groups to you but find it hard to get buy-in. The news and discussion features can be golden if we get folks to participate. No research to back up, but I believe there are 2 reasons we don’t see/hear much:

    1) If people signed on for LinkedIn in the early days, they did not find much value. Been there and done that. The functionality has increased but folks have gone on to other channels for communication.

    2) If people do not have access to social media tools at work, Facebook seems to be the tool people are most likely to use on their own time at home.

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  • M Lin

    facebook site to watch – check out Arbitrary Romance on facebook. The secret: a couple dozen of the funniest trans- Atlantic regulars from the Arbitrary Number of People Demanding Something Must Be Done fb site (been getting lots of media attention, check out The Guardian in December) co-administrate, meaning that no one knows who is writing what.

  • http://www.retaggr.com/card/rcl4rk Rick Clark

    Are people suffering from information (and connections) overload? http://bit.ly/Simple_Social_Media_Tools

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  • http://www.deltacubed.co.uk deltacubed web design

    Interesting to visit this list 5 months after its publishing as trends seem to change so quickly, especially online. A lot (most?) of the list still seems very relevant, however.
    Number 8 (“Everyone becomes a marketer”) is oh so true – the number of managers purporting to be social media experts now is hysterical!

  • http://www.slb.com Koshy Samuel, MBA

    there is a lot to come — wait for the future beyond 2011 onwards

  • Local Find

    I agree wait and see some of the developments that are being worked on right now for interactive 3D information that “is coming” to the mobile arena. I have seen some of the development in its early stages and it is mind blowing. I would love to live FOREVER and see the world in 50 years because we live in a world right now where if you can imagine it – it can be done !

  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    It is a simple thing to predict what will happen. The platforms owned by the global elite (Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) will continue to dominate as where the masses congregate. (That is why it doesn’t matter if Google officially buys Twitter or not.)

    The small percentage (1-2% but still 100s of 1000s) of people who choose to opt out of the collapsing economies (both U.S. and International) will have their own Social Networks where they collaborate and recommend the best services, products and small businesses to each other.

    Influence is already on the way to being measured by tools such as PostRank Connect, Klout, PeerIndex.net and others. Wise businesses and marketers will realize that PageRank is not as important as REAL traffic (an easily manipulated metric) and influence.

  • http://twitter.com/natedevore Nate Devore

    Great list, will wait and see. I am especially interested in how Google PR will work in the future. We’ve already seen Social Media helping families communicate with others in the Japan quake.

    Also, I am interested to see how Social Media will flourish in the “economic crisis.” How will businesses adapt and learn to use the new social web effectively?

    Great work!


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