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  • Janet Kern

    Interesting. I didn’t know you could even do some of these things on twitter.(order coffee at Coffee Groundz , complain to Pespsi). What a more convenient world this could become-at least for ‘twitterers’.

  • http://www.macleanfinance.com William MacLean

    This a excellent brief, easy to read guide to the way to use twitter to grow a business for anyone who wants to stay alive in the current world of multimedia. Keep up the good work,

  • http://www.startupceo.co.za Mike

    Interesting post, but I see no examples of B2B success stories on Twitter. Perhaps B2B on twitter doesn’t work that well?

  • http://www.visibletechnologies.com Mark Asay

    Great post. I love it when my clients or prospects reach out to me on twitter. Flip side, that reach out might be a valid concern. They sure get quick responses when all the world of twitter is watching.

  • http://wementorsmm.com David Sher

    The most common question I get asked about social media is, Does social media have a return on investment?” These real life examples are very helpful. Thanks for your post. Please continue to add more.
    2 minute podcast on social media marketing & traditional networking:

  • http://www.MediaTwoPointOh.com Michael Hubbard

    Thank you! We are constantly asked by clients to share success stories and logic behind strategies… As social media is still so “new” to corporate america, it’s great to have as many success stories to share with people as possible.

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  • http://www.GlutenFreeDee.com GlutenFreeDee

    Great info the I will share with my Gluten Free Manufacturers. I encourage all of them to subscribe for constant learning and validation of what I do. Thanks for constantly sharing your wisdom Jeff!

  • http://www.carolineservicedapartmentsblog.com Ali Vosbergen

    Interesting post. Twitter has encouraged businesses to become far more creative with their marketing techniques and ways of engaging their customers. There’s no doubt that brand awareness increases when you have more people Tweeting about your business. I found your examples to be inspirational for any business no matter how big or small. Twitter is a great way to get noticed!

  • http://www.aqtext.com Leah Aharoni

    All five case studies focus on marketing tangible goods via twitter. I would love to see some examples of services marketing.

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  • http://quinnandco.com Florence Quinn

    Thanks again, Jeff. I read every case study and got a few ideas for two of our clients. I have been singing your praise at the firm and will post these 5 on our wiki. Did Carla send your our Tasti D-Lite twitter case study? Did you hear about what JetBlue did in NYC with Twitter today? I can send you information on both to share tomorrow. Night from NJ!

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  • http://www.ryanpinnick.com Ryan Pinnick

    Great post and some great food for thought on Twitter strategy. Imagine if Twitter asked for a commission on any sales made through Twitter :)

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  • http://addingtonoise.wordpress.com kquesen

    I wonder how many people are involved in the day to day Twittering of a big account like Pepsi. What is Pepsi paying per month to keep their Twitter effort going? It is an experiment for now, but eventually they will have to tie the expense back to sales for Pepsi management.

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  • http://www.ProfitableSocialMedia.com Edward Philipp

    Twitter success stories are still not commonly known so both of these posts are useful since most of us know different stories.

    We actively look for these stories and interview individuals who can tell us of their company successes. Keep up the good work Jeff.

    Edward Philipp

  • http://www.neeshdesign.com.au NEESH Design

    Thanks for the interesting case studies. There are so many ways that Twitter and other Social Networks are being utilised for effective marketing but a lot more companies are spending money on unproductive campaigns IMHO. Everyone wants to get these accounts up and running but so many are just left dormant when the realisation sets in that the hard work hasn’t even begun. It’s so easy to set these accounts up but what’s the use if you don’t take the time to initiate goals expected from your investment? There’s nothing sadder than looking at a tweetless account from a company but at least they can say they have one I suppose.

    • http://addingtonoise.wordpress.com kquesen

      That is a very good point. Having an account is one think, but making it active is another. It is relatively inexpensive to open an account, but how many marketers are will to hire a full time employee or pay an outside resource to Tweet for them?

  • http://vgoel.blogspot.com Vikas Goel

    Great post but yet to catch up in India , primarily its used by some mature facebook users , bollywood , journos etc. Yet to see corporates joining in but glad to see some government bodies .


  • http://rogerewingblog.com Roger Ewing

    Jeff, this article offers a generous portion of steak in the food for thought category. My company has been using twitter for some time, @ewingSIR, but we have really not created a “conversation’ opportunity for our clients. I need to change that.
    Thanks for the interesting insight.

  • http://www.yourtango.com @Nixie

    Great post. Would have loved links to the accounts in the post so I could follow on Twitter.

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  • http://Www.theaccessorybarn.com Nicola Grayling The Accessory Barn

    Great article now I need to read the first one. Brilliant ideas that now have got me thinking how I can use them in my business.

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  • http://www.herdmanjones.co.uk Nigel Jones

    Great read thanks Jeff! Did you know that American Apparel were previously not as successful on other channels. They opened stores in Second Life to a avery different reaction. This was perceived as an invasion of space and the Second Life Liberations Army destroyed the virtual stores and shot anyone wearing AA clothing (Ref Stuart, M. (2010), CIM Shape the Agenda 2010)

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  • http://www.seatedmassage.com.au/ Lena Ma

    Really interesting. I’m finding the case studies you post really informative and can always take something away with me to use in our own social media marketing.

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  • suzisart

    I’m glad that big corporations like Dell and Pepsi can use Twitter (and outsource most of the day to day tweeting). And it’s good that a committed small business person can also increase engagement with his customers. But Twitter takes time, and lots of it. For a small marketing opperation, we can only dip in and out 3 or 4 times a day.

  • jinan

    hello jeff,

    do you have any b2b case studies you can share?

    many thanks.


  • http://EXB.co.nz Pauli

    We have been using Twitter for B2B successfully or so it seems.
    Or At least we are happy with the results, We have been doing a weekly email newsletter for years but now we post on it on our blog and then retweet it from there.
    Out Email newsletter was still our best reach marketing method but our top customers weren’t reading it.
    We started using Social Media when our Email readership started decreasing reasoning that we a new way to engage our customers.
    Additionally we follow our IT vendors of interest Twitter accounts on our Twitter account (ExpressDataNZ).
    We had great feedback when we created a list exclusively of our IT vendors (ExpressDataNZ/Vendors)
    We aggregated all the various IT Vendor Twitter Accounts into this list which has given us and our followers easy visibility of the latest news from our IT Vendors.
    Twitter generates traffic to our blog site with headline type tweets.

  • http://www.rapidentry.com.au Dianne Jewell

    I provide a service rather than a tangible product so its harder to make offerings but it can be done. Its the old ‘foot in the door’ concept and its still a winner!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Dianne, 
      I also provide a service (small tech startup) and find it difficult to reach users. What tactics do you use?

  • http://mrianmac.wordpress.com macca

    Thanks, that was not only interesting but extremely useful. Very stimulating seeing how others have embraced Twitter to communicate with their audience in an effective way. Am looking out for your next one.

  • http://twitter.com/anandgeor Anand George


  • http://twitter.com/ConcreteReclaim Concrete Reclaiming

    need to see some BtoB success stories!

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  • http://twitter.com/unwrittenbook malika bourne

    Thanks,Jeff. this is my favorite of your posts so far. Please keep them coming. I am learning a lot from you. Malika

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jeff, 
    Thanks for the list. Do you have any examples of small tech companies or technologies that have shown great success on Twitter or other social media sites? 

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  • awe


  • http://twitter.com/DigzIt DigzIt

    Nice article. Agreed, Twitter is a great tool for marketing business. Thanks for sharing.

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