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  • http://www.mkebiz.org/ Dave

    Great observations from Conan. Another story for businesses to wake up a bit a realize what is going on online and how it can affect them.

  • http://www.liquidwholefood.com Carolyn from LiquidWholeFood.com

    This IS a great post on the power of Twitter, no doubt.

    Perhaps it’s my decidedly fewer-follower-naivete, but while I think Conan values the power of Twitter, I don’t think Conan really “gets” Twitter. He’s worked very hard for years in his career and deserves to have a big following. But the fact that he only follows one person–well, so much for networking, interaction, learning from others, gaining knowledge in his field, being appropriately humbled by people who know more than he, and being surprised that others find him (and his skill set and knowledge base) interesting and desirable. I think a healthy understanding of Twitter involves all of that.

    But of course, he’s in a different minority culture than the majority of people on Twitter, and it works for him. I’m happy for him that after such crazy sanctions that Twitter has revived his career. But for the rest of us…

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  • http://www.GlutenFreeDee.com GlutenFreeDee

    I love Twitter because I have been able to connect with some very influential people who are shaping the way we work, play, laugh and think – you Jeff, are definitely one of them! I’ve also been blown away to get invited to speak around the country on gluten free related topics simply because people can see the essence of who I am. I love the authentic view people can get of who we are thru Twitter.

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