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  • http://jesseoguns.blogspot.com Jesse Oguntimehin

    Email,SM and SEO; Gooood.

    Am a newMedia enthusiast. I completely agree with the post. The concern of some COY is the ROI of new media. Its with a percentage of Luck. Do it, its the chance worth taking, learn with it, you would get better.

    Avoid it and death of business is sure.

    Thanks for the post

  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    This confirm the fact email campaigns are still king in marketing. It’s very hard to push forward an effective mailing campaign and definitely not something that everyone can do on their own.
    About social media, the fact that theoretically companies/bands can now market themselves on their own doesn’t always mean it’s the best course of action. Sometimes, seeking some consulting is vital in the first phase, at least to know the best practices and to get some training on it.

  • http://www.aaronmandelbaum.blogspot.com/ @aaronmandelbaum

    Jeff, great piece. Through my email marketing strategy and lead gen process, I have been using email as my method of choice. I am interested to get your feed back on the best practices for the subject line, and the “First 10 words” of the email. I read recently that with emails being read more and more on smart phones, this is all you have. It is like your elevator pitch on a cold call, but this is even more crucial because the connect rate of emails is higher.
    10 words+a subject line with no inflection of your own voice.

  • http://www.wsidigitaladvantage.com Peter James

    Jeff, an excellent article – thank you.

    As budgets get squeezed digital marketing is going to take more prominence as traditional marketing channels will face the brunt of the cut backs as they are both less cost effective (poorer ROI), absolutely more expensive and more difficult to measure when compared to digital.

    Personally, I would have made it the top 4 tactics and included mobile. Mobile is going to be big with some really useful apps available now.

    • jeffbullas

      Hi Peter
      Yes a good suggestion to add the mobile it is certainly a fast growing and important tactic that should be considered in the marketing tactics as I alluded to in the post. I will change the article to the “Top 4 Digital Marketing Tactics”

  • Anonymous

    Love it Jeff!

  • TextMarketing

    Text Marketing is the future of B2B marketing. 95% of Texts get read.

    • jsncruz

      Hi there, I’d like to learn more about this. Do you have updated sources?

      - jsncruz

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    Internet today had a big job for promoting businesses. It is one of the reasons why many do depend on this tool for advertising their company’s name and products and also in gaining clients.

  • http://www.adodis.com/Ecommerce-Shopping-Cart.php Ecommerce Shopping Cart

    truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.

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  • http://www.joomla-developers.com/ pavanraj

    Great article i really like to reading your post. You gave simple and very informative article.