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  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    Another good reason is that it’s not “the new thing” anymore, or not much as it used to be in the past. At the moment, it’s pretty much required for a brand/company to have a social media presence, where in the past it was sort of an add-on to whatever you already did to promote yourself.
    Your users will look for you in those channels, so it’s better to be found, or it’ll be like not picking up the phone.

  • http://diyblogger.net/about Dino Dogan

    I find that when I take it all the way back to first stone tablets and give decision makers a 5 minute historical perspective on printing your message on permanent media, they finally “get” the importance of SM and they start getting ideas as to how they can use it themselves.

    I find that people arent grateful enough for whats happening here and take SM for granted, instead of it being taken as a golden opportunity, which is what it really is.

  • Jbeery

    Love this Jeff! I am going to preach these three phrases over and over. Spreads, Lasts, Helps You Get Found! Awesome and says it all! Thanks so much!

  • http://frugallysavvy.com Frugally Savvy

    I think it is essential because it brings in additional traffic to your site and helps build a community around your brand

  • http://www.thinksmartdigital.com.au Michael

    “Social media is way beyond fluffy, fun and superficial… it is now serious business!” – Yes, I ‘get it’, I’m glad someone else understands this too, so many people just don’t ‘get it’.

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  • Anonymous

    Social Media Marketing is Essential for Your Business . This blog is sharing the good information and I share this with my family and the friends . This blog is awesome .

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  • http://squareberry.com/ Judith

    You got me! you tackle the the good and bad of social media in different and catchy way.

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  • Theabsolutemost

    something I will apply to my blog. Thanks

  • http://www.yourbrandpartner.com/ Crystal Wiebe

    Social media is serious business indeed. How can we even take seriously businesses that don’t engage?

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  • Jed Diamond

    I use social media in my business and I also work in the addiction field. Though your comments are humorous, there is truth to the addictive nature of social media and the increasing number of people who become hooked. For some this is serious enough that it can cause real problems in their lives. For others it simply takes energy away from other, more important interactions we might have with family and friends. Its not a bad idea to take a break for a period of time to see how you react if you don’t your social media fix. I was surprised and how obsessive I had become about checking my Twitter feeds and to see how many new followers I had.

  • Party-sleuth Debbie

    I think everyone knows that social media is here to stay, the biggest problem is going from knowing to doing! Businesses are not putting enough time and resources behind such a valuable medium. The keys to social media success are patience and perseverance! http://Www.partysleuthpromotions.co.uk

  • Harold Compton

    It scared me when I read the Signs of the Evil Addiction and realized how many of them apply to me!