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10 Signs You Are You Addicted To Social Media

It was years ago and my children would spend hours either on MySpace or instant messaging and I wondered why they would want to spend so much time on the computer communicating on social 10 Symptons and Signs Of Social Media Obsession and Addictionmedia channels. Five years ago the term ‘Social Media Marketing” hadn’t even been invented yet but now our obsession with social media has moved on to include business social media activites as well as personal use. So now we can justify the time spent on social media as a business activity just to salve our conscience.

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To put a few activities into perspective let’s check in on our social media and digital activities for signs of addiction and obsession by asking some pertinent questions.

Do you have following symptoms?

  1. When you leave your iPhone behind at home do you feel a sense of loss and isolation becasue you can’t check your Facebook or Twitter updates while out and about
  2. You check your Facebook account 20 times a day
  3. If you don’t receive a comment on your latest blog post within 12 hours you have suicidal thoughts
  4. You go away for a weekend without your laptop and your suffer severe heart palpitations?
  5. You have more social media icons on you iPhone than productivity apps?
  6. You stood in line for an Apple iPad for 24 hours just so you could update your Facebook on a bigger screen while on the move
  7. You have more online friends than you have in real life
  8. You Tweet on your mobile while walking
  9. You log on to Facebook before you have brushed your teeth in the morning
  10. You check your Facebook or Twitter updates ‘after’ going to bed

There are also some revealing  graphics from Retrevo who comissioned a study of 1,000 online individuals to provide an insight into our digital proclivities.

The first provides some comparison between 3 types of users, under 25’s, over 25’s and iPhone users on Twitter and Facebook check ins.

Do you check/update Twitter, Facebook first thing in the morning?

10 Symptons Of Social Media Obsession and Addiction

The other graphic on digital addiction that I found rather revealing was “Can you be interrupted for an online message anytime?” which provides some revealing inclinations.

10 Symptons and Signs Of Social Media Obsession and Addiction

On the question who is the most social media obsessed country in the world in terms of time spent on average per month, that dubious award belongs to the Australians with the UK second, Italy third, the USA  in fourth place and Spain holding down fifth spot.

10 signs you are addicted to social media

Graphic courtesy of Nielsen Online Social Media report 2010

So what is your social media obsessions that have your partner or friends considering booking you into a specialist social media addiction clinic?

But before you answer that…take the poll!

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