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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Andrews/1612931033 Aaron Andrews

    This is a great read Jeff. I have been looking to take my social media game to the next level and this has helped me greatly. You really opened my eyes with section about opening an online digital portal. Thanks for this post!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      I cannot stress how important this is. It is your home base that you own and control.
      Do not build your home base on Facebook or Google+.
      Sure go and secure your brand on those networks but make sure the main hub is under your domain and self hosted.
      Build up your search engine optimization for your domain not someone else
      For more check this

  • sambredl

    Great Points!! I was wondering where you get all these awesome images for your blog? I use iStock. But maybe you know something else?

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Big Stock Photos is where these are from

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Social media has certainly opened up a world of opportunity. It has both democratised marketing and publishing.

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Glad to hear I hit the “spot” :)

  • malharbarai

    Great points Jeff & I do tell people about Point 8 a lot. SoMe is never about broadcasting once & forgetting. Excellent post!!

  • http://twitter.com/RayBrown99 Ray Brown

    Excellent post Jeff. I think publishing in a variety of formats will become key. Also persistence!

  • http://twitter.com/CarlyWinter Carly Wennogle

    “Every business is in the knowledge business”; love that. There are so many ways to use digital technology for knowledge share– if you’re not sharing, you’re invisible. Spot on advice, as always, on how, where, when to share.