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Book – Blogging the Smart Way

Blogging The Smart Way

“How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media”

Do some of these questions cross your mind as a new or potential blogger?

  • You want to launch a blog but you don’t know where to start?
  • You have been writing your blog for months and you hardly have any traffic?
  • Do you get so frustrated with your blog that you feel like giving up?

So you want to make your blog a success?

Sometimes the effort seems too hard and no matter what you do it doesn’t seem to work. You have got a great design and you think that your articles are engaging and have great content but it still

In my book I will:

  • Show where to start one step at a time
  • Help you to come up with dozens of ideas and topics to write about
  • Teach you how to boost traffic to your blog with dozens of simple techniques that work from email marketing to social media.

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Book Blogging the smart way

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The Secrets of a Blog Powered by Social Media

I will reveal the secrets for the following:

  • Marketing your blog with social media to rank high on Google and spread your business and personal brand globally.
  • How I grew my blog traffic from zero to over 300,000 hits per month
  • The tactics I applied to be ranked in the Top 50 Marketing Blogs in the world as listed by the prestigious AdAge Power 150
  • Came to be listed on Forbes as one of the “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” globally – ranked #14
  • Winner of the “Top 10 Social Media Blogs” by Social Media Examiner 2012

Creating an influential online brand either personal or for a business is now becoming vital in an increasingly digital world, whether you’re starting a business, writing a book, designing a website, recording an album or taking on a variety of other endeavours. Once you start getting your “blog to rock”, you’ll see how these concepts can be applied to a wide range of activities and along the way you will find opportunities that will constantly surprise and delight you.


Here are some of the reviews.

Jeff Bullas has written a sensational book to help you find your gift to write about, and then channel this into a content creation strategy that will attract exposure, retweets, shares and earned media. This is an amazing book for someone either just starting to blog or someone advanced looking to refine their strategy for the most current methods. I recommend this book as a fantastic accompaniment to jeffbullas.com, a blog I have followed for quite some time now. Jeff leaves no stone unturned and writes in a clear, concise style that allows for quick application and results. Five stars!” – The Technologist

Great information on how to market your blog for success. Jeff knows what he is talking about and the book is a must read” – Alex Chris

Jeff covers it all! His enthusiasm sucks you in and allows any reader to believe it’s possible to succeed in this arena. Blogging and all that it involves is obviously his passion. He knows his stuff and presents it in a way that is clear and concise. His case studies highlight a variety of people being successful bloggers. In addition to motivating his readers, he lays out the basic “how to’s” that bloggers need to know in order to be successful. I have copious notes that I will refer to as I build my blogs. This is the only book I will need–Jeff covers everything!!” – Gail Cassidy

Found this to be both inspiring and practical” – Niklas Lohman

I suggest keep a notepad with you as you read this book or highlight passages that you need to read again and execute” – Teddy Burriss

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of passion and purpose
  • How to find your audience
  • How your audience can find you
  • How to write and develop contaigous content your audience and readers will love and want to share
  • How to find and use appropriate technology to build a blog on a strong foundation
  • Outline the different techniques to write captivating headlines
  • The secrets of how to use social media to spread your content
  • How to optimize your blog so you will be found on Google and other search engines
  • Why you need to grow a substantial Twitter follower base
  • Ways to use Facebook to market your blog and your business
  • The essential elements to create a personal brand that may dramatically increase your income and will change your life
  • How to become an expert and thought leader in your industry.

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Is this Book for You?

  • You’re an entrepreneur, author, musician, business owner, corporate executive, designer, programmer or marketer working on a big idea.
  • You advertise in the yellow pages or trade magazines.
  • You’re not yet on board with the power of digital media platforms like blogging and social media, but you’re eager to learn more.
  • You have been told you need to use the digital and social web to build, launch and display your brand to the world.
  • You are starting to realize that the old rules of marketing don’t apply any more.

If any of these points apply to you or your business, then this book is for you.


What will you find inside?  Listed below is an overview.


Chapter 1. What is a Blog?

Chapter 2. My Story – How I grew my traffic to 300,000 page hits per month with social media

Chapter 3. The Secret to Every Successful Blog and How to Discover It

Chapter 4. 12 Blogging Essentials and Getting Started

Chapter 5. The Personal Blog

Chapter 6. The Business Blog

Chapter 7. How to Find Inspiration and Ideas for your Blog Content

Chapter 8. Why Headlines are Important

Chapter 9. Marketing your Blog: The 4 Key Essentials

Chapter 10. 10 Key Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Chapter 11. Tips on Marketing on the Top Social Networks

Chapter 12. How to Market your Blog on Twitter

Chapter 13. How to Market your Blog on Facebook

Chpater 14. Optimizing your Blog for Social Media to Super Charge Sharing

Chapter 15. Monitoring and Measuring your Blog

Chapter 16. The Blogging Journey – Putting it all Together

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Download it now! I look forward to your reviews and feedback.