How to Schedule your Pins on Pinterest

So you’ve heard the buzz about Pinterest, set up your account and optimized your Pinterest page. Congratulations! But what now? If you’re like most people you’ve probably jumped straight into Pinterest and quickly discovered that pinning can take up an enormous amount of time.How to Schedule your Pins on Pinterest

When I started using Pinterest to promote my business, at first I was happy to scour the Internet looking for cool photos as well as uploading images and blog posts from my own website. But within a few days, I realized that unless I managed my Pinterest activities, I could end up spending hours each day pinning away.

There is no doubt that Pinterest can be a phenomenal tool for both product and service-based businesses but you need to schedule your pinning effectively otherwise it can be a colossal time suck.

Just think about it. It takes time to source photos on the Internet, write effective keyword-rich descriptions for each of the images you upload, and optimize the pins in order to give the greatest value to your followers and ideally drive traffic back to your own site.

Pinterest can be Distracting

Not to mention the distraction that comes from gorging on all that stunning Pinterest eye candy. Before you know it, 2 hours or so have passed and you haven’t done a thing on your to-do list!

Up until recently your only option when embarking on your Pinterest journey was to go on a pinning rampage. I admit I’ve been guilty of this in the past but blasting 30 pins in one go is like gate-crashing someone’s party. It’s an absolute no-no. You’ll end up overwhelming your Pinterest feed, turn people off and most likely they’ll unfollow your boards or worse, report you as a spammer.

The ideal approach is to log into your Pinterest account several times a day and drip feed pins into your stream at each sitting. But who has the time to do that? We’re all busy people with businesses to run and even though Pinterest is an awesome marketing resource, you don’t want it to eat into your productivity.

A Cool Pinterest Tool

That’s why I decided a couple of months ago to test different Pinterest tools to find out if any of them allow you to schedule pins in advance. Some resources promise to do this but in actual fact they’re still in beta and this service is currently unavailable. Then I stumbled across Pingraphy and everything changed!

Pingraphy is a remarkable new tool that I’ve been using daily in my business and I can honestly say I’m a devotee. Besides being totally free, Pingraphy is also quite easy to use. But if you’ve never used it before, I’ll share a few key points that will take the guess work out of the equation for you!

8 Simple Steps to Schedule your Pins

Here are 8 quick steps to help you schedule your pins like a pro with Pingraphy.

1. Get an Account with Pingraphy

Be sure to first sign up for a free account at then once you’re logged in to Pingraphy, sign in to your Pinterest account in a separate tab because you’ll need this to be open at the same time.

2. Grab the Pingraphy Bookmarklet

The next thing you need to do is to go back to Pingraphy, click through to your dashboard, and grab the Pingraphy bookmarklet.

This bright pink button works in exactly the same way as the Pinterest Pin It Button that you’re probably already using to pin images that catch your attention from around the Web.

Just click the Pingraphy bookmarklet and drag it over to your browser area until it attaches itself to the tool bar.

Set up a pinagraphy account

The pingraphy bookmarklet lets you pin from any website, including your own site or blog. This is an extremely handy feature because it not only lets you schedule pins in advance but also lets you upload images in bulk.

This means that in just a few clicks you can instantly reduce your pinning time from one hour a day to one hour a WEEK! Can you imagine the time you would save?

Once you find a website with appealing content, just click the bookmarklet and it will pick up all the pinnable images from that page. In the examples below I’ve used posts from my blog, www.Epreneur.TV.

3. Select from the Pinnable Images

Choose the images you want and unselect the images you don’t want by unchecking the box in the top left hand corner. Then click the green Next button on the far right.

Pinnable Images

4. Optimize the Pin Captions

Then on the next page, add captions to each of the pins. If you are pinning your own content be sure to make the description keyword-rich for SEO purposes, add a call to action, a price tag if appropriate and the URL to your website to get the maximum benefit from your pin.

Optimize the pin

5. Add Links to the Caption Area and “URL” Box

Pinterest will actually hyperlink any URLs you add to the caption area so this is a great way to get more exposure for your brand or business.

Besides gaining a backlink from a high ranking authority website like Pinterest, putting a full link in this field will help you visually brand your website and make it easy for people to find you on the Internet so you can quickly build a strong community of loyal followers.

If you are the originator of the content, don’t forget to add a relevant URL link in the URL box too. This link can direct traffic to the homepage of your website or blog, or better still an internal page such as a specific blog post or your product page.

You can also link the pin to a squeeze page to build a list of subscribers, send visitors to an affiliate landing page to increase sales or even drive traffic to a recent press review for your product or service to boost your credibility.

Just remember when you are pinning other people’s content to link back to the original source URL to avoid copyright infringement.

6. Select the Appropriate Board

Next, you’ll need to select which board you want the images to be pinned to. In this case, I am pinning to my “EpreneurTV Blog” board.

How to schedule posting pins on Pinterest

Pingraphy actually gives you two options – you can click upload and pin the images immediately or you can schedule them using the orange button, which is the focus of this article.

7. Schedule your Pins

When you click schedule, the following window appears:

Schedule your pins

Pingraphy lets you choose the date, time and even time zone you want to post the pin. If you hover over the time box, a drop-down calendar appears where you can select any date you desire.

You can also specify precisely the hour and minute you want the pin to go out just by sliding the cursor towards the right along the scale on the relevant bar.

You can even choose which time zone you want to post to.

Research by Pinerly, the Pinterest analytics tool, suggests that the optimal time for pinning in order to get the most number of repins and highest amount of referral traffic to be Saturday mornings and late weekday evenings between 8pm – 1am EST. So it is a good idea to set your pins to go out during these peak periods.

Once you’ve done this you can return to the dashboard by clicking on the blue Dashboard link and view the pins that you have just scheduled.

Thanks to Pingraphy, you can schedule your pins wherever you are in the world at a time that suits you. You don’t even need to be in front of your computer in order to get the most out of Pinterest.

8. Rinse and Repeat

Now that you know how to schedule your pins to Pinterest, there’s no excuse not to pin consistently.

You could either upload 5-7 pins and pin them directly or bulk upload 30 or so pins once a week and schedule them to drip daily into your Pinterest feed throughout the week. This could also be an activity that you outsource to an external service or delegate to a team member.

Here, we’ve talked about scheduling images but remember Pinterest doesn’t just restrict you to flat 2D images. You can apply the same technique to videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

The thing I love most about Pingraphy is that it stops Pinterest from becoming a chore. It allows you to easily pin daily and provide fresh valuable content to your followers on a consistent basis. And as with any social media, consistency is key for engagement and the best way to get people to follow you.

How are you Managing your Pinterest Activity?

Is it working out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Guest Author: Tehmina is an entrepreneur, Pinterest expert and host of the forthcoming Web TV show, Epreneur TV http://www.Epreneur.TV to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to launch and grow a successful online business. Tehmina also offers Pinterest marketing services to businesses.


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  • Alexander von Gimbut

    Boy that sounds like a lotta work! But thank you for the post; most interesting!

  • Dr. Rae

    Thank you Jeff for this helpful article…
    I signed up, and unable to “Drag pingraphy bookmarklet to [my] bookmarklet toolbar”
    There is a “Pin It” on my toolbar, How do I get the pingraphy to move, and where is the “bookmarklet toolbar?”
    Please advise, thank you…

    • Jeff Bullas

      Maybe you are dragging it to the wrong spot. I would recommend attempting it again.

      • Dr. Rae

        Unable to move pingraphy ;-(

  • Family Fresh Meals

    I noticed that you cannot select any group boards you are a part of. Any way around that?

    • Jeff Bullas

      I am not aware of this being a feature that is currently available. Maybe Pinagraphy will provide that feature in the future?

      • Family Fresh Meals

        Thanks Jeff. This is service is AMAZING, and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. LOVE it! :)

        • Tehmina

          I agree with Jeff, Family Fresh Meals, and think that Pingraphy will probably add that feature at a later stage. But it’s a great idea and I will mention that to the developers. Thanks Tehmina

    • PinGraphy

      This feature is available now. We made a release which includes group boards, delete scheduled pins, real-time stats.

  • Diane Bianchi

    Great article, Jeff. I have used Pingraphy and I like it for its scheduling capabilities. It definitely makes it easier to use Pinterest for business.

    • Tehmina

      That’s great to hear Diane, best wishes Tehmina

  • Anita Hovey

    This is just what I’ve been looking for, but darn it…it won’t authenticate and let me have an account. Thanks for the article, tho, I didn’t know this program was out there.

    • Tehmina

      Hi Anita, I had a similar issue when I first tried to sign up. Pingraphy is very new and still a bit buggy. Try signing up with your Pinterest email address rather than the username. If that fails, then I would just email the friendly folks at Pingraphy on Hope that helps! Tehmina

  • Jeff Bullas

    Can you take a screen shot of your browser and mail it to me at ? So I can see where the possible issue might be.

    • Tehmina

      Hi Dr Rae, you need to place the Pingraphy bookmarklet in the browser tool bar area just as you did with the Pin It bookmarklet. They shouldn’t conflict with each other as mine site side by side. It works most easily on Google Chrome – is that what your using?

      • PinGraphy

        Thanks @jeff and @tehmina for helping Dr. Rae. We should and will be adding a video showing how to add the bookmarklet. We did not put so much thought into it assuming users have already used Pin It button and might be aware of this proces.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Another helpful breakdown here Jeff and Tehmina. This blog lists some of the more practical, helpful steps to prosper online. Really appreciate it.

    • Tehmina

      Couldn’t agree more, Ryan! I’ve been following Jeff’s awesome blog for some time now and was delighted when he agreed to feature my article :-) Tehmina

  • Clive Roach

    Very interesting post thanks

    • Tehmina

      You’re welcome Clive, happy pinning :-) Tehmina

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      You’re most welcome Fiona, enjoy :-) Tehmina

  • Rob Willox | WebMedia SEO

    Looks very interesting and being able to target particular timezones, depending on your target audience, is a benefit but either the list has been corrupted or they have just omitted to include specific EU or UK timezones. Easy to get round but not ideal!

    • Tehmina

      Well spotted Rob! There are indeed no GMT or EU time zones, which is even more bizarre considering all the other timeszones relate to GMT. I have let the developers know and hope they fix this glitch soon :-) Tehmina

  • Tina Wolfson

    Small point – Attribution & link does not protect anyone from copyright infringement claim. Check with your attorney! Links to the source won’t help you in court.

    • Tehmina

      Thank you Tina, I am not an attorney so I can only advise on best practice. Kind regards Tehmina

  • Nate Goodman

    I had been using Pinerly which has a lot of these features but is missing the scheduling. The good thing about Pinerly though is that it keeps all your stats for you. Thanks. @ThoughtReach

    • Tehmina

      Thank you Nate. Totally agree – Pinerly is a great tool for stats and it’s a shame they haven’t released their long-promised scheduling feature yet. Best wishes Tehmina

      • PinGraphy

        We are releasing an update which will include metrics and integration with Google Analytics to measure traffic, sales etc.

  • Beryl

    Fabulous content Tehmina. Will get working on my pins!

    • Tehmina

      Thank you Beryl, happy pinning :-)

  • Carol Clegg

    Love finding more tools to make Pinterest a success for small biz – thanks for sharing!

    • Tehmina

      You are most welcome Carol!

  • Taipei10

    Absolutely no good if you are European, it only has north and south American time zones…

    • Tehmina

      Hello Taipei10, I agree it is not ideal and have informed the developers of this oversight. Hopefully they will look into it. I am in the UK and calculate my time zone using the nearest available one. This has worked fine for me so far, and it may help you too.

      • PinGraphy

        We added EU Timezones now. :-) There was a bug with some timezones earlier and we had to remove timezones temporarily.
        Sorry for any inconvenience casued.

  • Louise

    Is there anyway of scheduling pins which are uploaded from your destop etc, or only from images from websites etc ?

    • Tehmina

      I’m afraid you can only pin from websites at the moment Louise. The developers have promised to introduce that feature soon but until then you could try uploading it to your website/blog or a photo sharing site and then pin it using the bookmarklet. Hope that helps!

  • #NickWalz

    Unsure of how you view the metrics of your pins on this site. How to you use this option

    • Tehmina

      This feature is not currently active Nick but the developers are planning on introducing it in the next update. Thanks Tehmina

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      You’re very welcome Deidra :-) Tehmina

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    Very nice tool. One thing that I would have preferred: When you use the Pingraphy browser bookmarklet on a page with lots of images, it automatically selects all the images. So, if I wanted to pin just one image out of a hundred, deselecting the 99 is a lot of work for me.

    • Tehmina

      Thank you for pointing this out Rabab, I will mention this to the developers and see if they can add it to the next update :-)

    • PinGraphy

      Hi Rabab,
      There is an ‘unselect all’ option on the top, which you can use in this case.

      Co-founder, Pingraphy

      • Rabab Khan

        Thanks! i found it.

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      Hope it works well for you Tim

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    • Tehmina

      Thank you Rose, happy “pingraphing” :-)

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    The only thing about this is you can’t pin to group boards…where most of my traffic comes from. So unfortunately, this tool is not useful for me. Maybe this option is in the future? Thanks.

    • Tehmina

      Hello April, the developers tell me they are looking into and aiming to include it in the next update

  • Lucy Hutcheson

    It’s great except that I can’t change my password or edit a scheduled pin. These are very basic features and a must-have for this type of service.

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    Thank you!

    • PinGraphy

      Hi Robin – We apologize for the delay in fixing this issue. Released an update which fixes this issue. Let us know if this works fine. Email us at if you want to bring any issues to our radar.

  • Robin Gifford

    Great help. But pingraphy doesn’t show any of my boards when I go to schedule a pin! Help!

    • Tehmina

      Hi Robin, apologies for the delay in responding. I have noticed the same issue and have alerted the developers to this glitch, I think it crept in with the last update. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Let me know how you get on. Thanks Tehmina

  • Joyce Jacobsen

    Great program but how do I choose images from my computer instead of a website?? Thanks.

    • Tehmina

      Thanks Joyce, I have alerted the developers to your question as it’s what many of us are looking for. They are working on it but I appreciate the frustration.

      • PinGraphy

        Hi Joyce – We released the capability to ‘Upload from Computer’. Thanks for your patience.

  • Joyce Jacobsen

    Great program but none of my boards show up and also I couldn’t get the time to change. Would also like to pick graphics from my computer. Thanks.

    • Tehmina

      Joyce, I suggest you email
      to see if they can help you directly with this issue. Thanks

  • disqus_8dWH8G2oAF

    would anybody help me in scheduling the pins ‘uploading directly’ not choosing it from existing boards.

    • Tehmina

      Hello, sorry you’re having difficulties with Pingraphy Unfortunately, it is still a bit buggy. You can’t currently upload images but the developers are looking into this. If you need further help, please email me at Thanks

    • PinGraphy

      Hi – We released the capability to ‘Upload from Computer’. Thanks for your patience.

  • Kate Singer

    This is SOOO awesome! I am a Social Media Manager and I needed something like this – pingraphy doesn’t advertise themselves well enough… Thank you so much!!!

    • PinGraphy

      Hi Kate – I’m the founder of Pingraphy. You are right that we don’t advertise well enough :( . If you have any tips/ideas on how we can improve on the marketing front, do let us know. You can reach us at Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Tehmina

      You are most welcome Kate! Yes, Pingraphy is perfect for anyone who wants to manage one or more Pinterest accounts :-)


    I’ve been using PinGraphy to schedule pins for our Cairn Rescue board and really love it. However I run into problems with trying to schedule several repins from a Pinterest board. It works except the pin’s link becomes the board it came from rather than the original source. Is there a way to schedule multiple repins or do I have to do them one by one?

    • PinGraphy

      We haven’t designed the bookmarklet to handle repins from pinterest. It shows up as a new pin when you use it on pinterest, and hence takes the source incorrectly.
      This is something we are looking into right now. Planning to push these changes in our next release (mid dec).

  • Pataplu

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      Thank you for your comment. Hopefully the developers will extend Pingraphy’s functionality in the near future.

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    Hi Tehmina, Another great article. I didn’t realize that there was an optimal time for pinning, but that makes sense. Those are the hours when you can find me on Pinterest! I will definitely be checking out Pingraphy.

    • Tehmina

      Thank you Carolyn for your kind words and yes, the timing is important because you want your pins to get the most exposure, especially as the majority of the users are currently in the US.

  • Susanne Rector

    Hi Tehmina, Thank you for this great article. I’ve been looking for a Pinterest-helper and PinGraphy seems to be able to give me that little extra help.
    I concur, hopefully they will expand their reach!

    • Tehmina

      Hi Susanne, I’m delighted to hear that Pingraphy is helping you manage your pinning. It’s not perfect but can be a useful tool for busy people.

  • Gaby Wilson

    It’s a shame that PinGraphy only works for a bit at a time has has horrendous customer service. I’m already looking into other options. PinGraphy has proven to be extremely unreliable. I’ve lost days worth of pins.

    • Carolyn Shearlock

      Having the same problem and looking for an alternative.

      • Tehmina

        Sorry to hear you’re having problems with it Carolyn, did you email support?

    • Tehmina

      Gaby, so sorry to hear about the glitches you’ve been experiencing. I would email Pingraphy support, a second time if necessary, to see if they can help fix things for you. They are a small team but are keen to improve their service.

    • Scalable Social

      Hi, Gaby. Have you found any alternatives?

  • Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    Great tool! Thanks for sharing it. Only one thing – though I have
    scheduled several test items, the dashboard still says “You do not have
    any pins scheduled”. Hmmmm… Wish they had some FAQ’s or something of
    the sort. We’ll see if they post! Thanks, again, so much for the cool
    tool! :)

    • Tehmina

      Thanks Daniel, unfortunately the tool is far from perfect so if you experience problems, I would email Pingraphy support. Sometimes, a new update can throw the old settings out of synch so the developers need users to let them know what’s wrong.

  • Carolyn Shearlock

    They’re not replying to email, Twitter or Facebook.

  • Stephen Charles

    The scheduler works fine for me, However, it doesn’t support showing who you repinned from (making it look like you hijacked everyone else’s pins) or display the image in the original size. Dealbreakers.

    • Tehmina

      Stephen, Pingraphy’s free version is no longer working correctly with the new look, so you may want to check out Pinterest’s own analyics tool for insights on what is being pinned from your site etc. Thanks Tehmina

  • Scalable Social

    This message on their Facebook page:

    are aware of the login issue with Pingraphy and we currently do not
    have resources to fix this issue. Will be closing the service shortly.


    • Tehmina

      Totally agree, it’s very disappointing. There are a couple of other free tools out there but none that seem to have cracked the new look yet, which will be permanent soon.

  • Scalable Social

    Well, it’s down for good. Scrambling for an alternative, but with no open API, it looks like we are out of luck?

    • Cynthia Lovely

      I’ve found Piqora ($500/mo) and Pingage (, up to $100/mo)…so sad to lose Pingraphy. Pingage is more comparable to Pingraphy; Piqora’s features are not as good. Has anyone found any other alternatives?

      • Tehmina

        Hi Cynthia, there are a couple of other free tools out there but none that seem to have cracked the new look yet, which Pinterest is going to make permanent very soon.

  • Akash Bathla

    Couldn’t access their page at the moment. I guess their service is down. This is what their Facebook page has to say – “We are Happy to announce that Pingraphy will be live again starting April 7th.”

    Nevertheless, I was looking for a Pinterest tool like this since long. Have been managing my business account for quite a time but given the time it required, it was never a priority. Probably, this will be a rescuer!

    Thanks for sharing this Tehmina. Bless you! :)

    – Akash
    authorSTREAM Team

    • Tehmina

      You’re welcome Akash. The only thing is that Pingraphy isn’t free anymore and it’s not clear whether it will support Pinterest’s new look that is being rolled out. I suggest you hold off converting to the new look for as long as you can so you can keep using it. Thanks Tehmina

      • Akash Bathla

        Thanks for your reply, Tehmina.

        Checked that Pingraphy is no more a free service. Also, had already switched to Pinterest’s new look before I discovered this resource. Any other tools/ resources that you know as serving the same purpose? :)


        • Andy

          Have you tried You can get a free account – not a trial.

  • Mepooooo

    Anyone can sign up in Pingraphy after 7th April? I i am trying, but no success.
    Thank you.

    • Tehmina

      Only for the paid version I believe, the free service is no longer available.

  • Laura Davis

    I’m wondering whether Pingraphy can be used to upload original content that isn’t on a website? If I’m creating pins for my business and they’re on my desktop and I want to dribble them out online, can this help me do that?

    • Tehmina

      Hi Laura, Pingraphy did introduce the upload feature to their free version but this is no longer available. Their paid version may well include that feature but I’m not sure if the software is compatible with Pinterest’s new look. If you still have the old look you should be ok. Thanks Tehmina

    • SMSearch

      Hi Laura,
      Yes, Pingraphy provide an option to upload your images from you computer directly. Apart from this, there is an option to upload from facebook, picasa and other sources. Great feature and quick bulk uploads as well. Try it out, there is a free 30 day trial period. Sign-up from premium plan which has the option to upload from your computer and also edit your images,…Good luck

  • Tehmina

    Thanks Lori, that’s correct, the free version is no more :-( It seems that many developers are struggling with Pinterest’s new look. Tehmina

  • SMSearch

    Pingraphy has 30 day free trial for all….

  • Betsy Jordan Baker

    Now that Pingraphy is now Viraltag (and no longer free!), any other free scheduling tool for Pinterest? Don’t try Pinwoot – been there, done that. 😉

    • strawberrycouture

      Pinwoot will not let you schedule to group boards…only your own boards. I’m disappointed.

  • Sophia Brown

    Nice tips, just wanted to share one more that I found recently, it works really good with Pinterest pin scheduling and Facebook post scheduling and it’s in beta for the time being so everybody can test it for free.

  • Christine Hueber

    It’s now starting at $250.

  • Gourmet Getaways

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  • Zoe Brown

    I just looked at all the pin schedulers mentioned in these comments, and found that they are more expensive these days. I mean, A LOT more expensive! I am just a blogger, and not really looking to spend hundreds or thousands every year just to schedule my pins on Pinterest. Anyway, I kept googling and found this tool that costs just 1 cent per pin. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now, and it’s terrific! I schedule pins straight from my Pinterest app, and my blog posts are now automatically repinning to all my group boards. I feel like I just freed up a few hours per week! Cheers :)

  • Annoyed Long Time Reader

    @jeffbullas:disqus This article is SOOOOO outdated. Pingraphy no longer exists and its successor is no longer free. It’s also not an approved Pinterest partner, so you’re basically telling people to use a black hat service that is operating against Pinterest’s Terms of Service. Nice. Will you also help me when my account gets locked or “cleaned?”

    You should rewrite this post, focusing on the services that Pinterest actually approves (see Unless you are a very large corporation who can pay $1,000s per month you have two options today:

    (1) Buffer ( now offers some basic pin scheduling. It’s ok for an infrequent pinner, but not very intuitive given their app is designed mostly for twitter. Pin scheduling is a paid-only feature for them at the $10+/month level. Basically, if you are already a Buffer user you will likely choose this path, sacrificing performance for simplicity.

    (2) Tailwind ( is the other option and the clear leader for Pinterest scheduling today. Tailwind offers a free trial version to start, then it goes to $9.99/month paid annually. I use it and have about doubled my traffic from Pinterest since starting. Tailwind now also powers pin scheduling on Hootsuite (see, so it’s likely the most widely used by far since Hootsuite is so big.

    We readers love you, Jeff . Please love us back by cleaning up potentially harmful posts such as this.

    • Jeff Bullas

      Thanks for giving me the heads up on this post that was in my tweet schedule. It has now been replaced!