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    Since you asked, check out my blog!!! ; ) http://www.thepeoplesmic.blogspot.com

  • http://twitter.com/HOBureau HomeOfficeBureau

    Thank you for the tips! Really well appreciated:)

  • http://twitter.com/MattLBrennan Copywriter Matt

    Good post. I firmly believe that #1 and #2 are the most important here. You need to be able to publish quality content on a frequent basis. Time management is a huge part of being able to do that!

    • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

      That’s why I made these issues the first two items on the list. :) Personally, productivity was one of my biggest challenges when it comes to blogging. I’m still working on it, actually.

  • Joana Ferreira

    I found this post really useful! I’m still quite a novice when it comes to blogging so am always looking for helpful tips and advice and this article was full of them! Thanks!

  • Joana Ferreira

    I found this post really useful! I’m still quite a novice when it comes to blogging so am always looking for helpful tips and advice and this article was full of them! Thanks!

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  • Guest

    Thanks really informative article.

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is about the optimizing of your website and blog for search engines

  • http://twitter.com/PaulineBennett2 Pauline Bennett

    Hi Jeff
    I see many people who think they can just get a blog set up and running and they do not have to work at it, just knock out a post now and again and that they will have a great blog…we know that is not how to do it! You have explained it in a great way of what not to do, having a posting schedule is a must so our readers will know when to expect a new post from us. Building relationships with our readers is another must, if we don’t they will not return, we need to make those connections with fellow bloggers, it helps us all.
    I love blog hopping and have gained so much traffic from this and made some great connections.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

  • makemyblogmoney

    Great tips for bloggers to really get a view of how to succeed. Most of this stuff really takes a lot of time before you really start seeing results.

  • http://jsncruz.com/ jsncruz

    Awesome solid content here from Karol, Jeff :)

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  • http://www.howtosolutions.net/ HowToSolution

    I only have 5 signs, so I guess I’m not that bad blogger after all:)

    • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

      Nah, you have to hit the whole package. :)

      • http://twitter.com/msalakka Mika Salakka

        I thought you got shittier as the points racked up, I figured if I hit even one that meant I sucked. I am relieved to hear it has to be all of them, although #4 doesn’t seem really fair in my opinion.

  • http://generationbsquared.com/ Linda Bernstein

    This is a great piece. I’m glad Sree Sreenivasan shared it. I now know I am not a good blogger. Indeed, I have made errors like not having my byline show up when I’ve guest posted. That’s why I’d like to know who Karol is since she wrote this.

  • http://twitter.com/PTheWyse Praverb.net

    Excellent post…I believe that #2 is the most difficult thing for most bloggers to grasp. The key is writing and developing a consistent schedule. A consistent schedule can help you gravitate towards effective time management.

    Some bloggers believe that in order to write an effective blog post you must be at an computer. There are a variety of tools and resources which enhance the blogging experience. There are a lot of apps that are used to make mobile blogging a reality.

    Have you tried mobile blogging?

    • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

      What do you mean by mobile blogging? Publishing your content through mobile devices, or targeting your content to audiences using mobile devices?

      • http://twitter.com/PTheWyse Praverb.net

        Thank you Karol,

        I am talking about publishing content through mobile devices. Have you tried it before?


        • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

          Sure, when it comes to the iOs, I find Blogsy being the best app for this (it really does a great job). For Android, it’s probably still the native WordPress app (I haven’t tested any others).

          • http://twitter.com/PTheWyse Praverb.net

            Thank you very much for your speedy reply.

        • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

          Sure, when it comes to the iOs, I find Blogsy being the best app for this (it really does a great job). For Android, it’s probably still the native WordPress app (I haven’t tested any others).

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  • http://twitter.com/ambde A. M. Blake

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  • http://twitter.com/betsyhenning Betsy Henning

    Great info…even if I do find myself in the category of epic fail.

    • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

      We’re all in this category every once in a while. :)

  • http://twitter.com/JohnHarris3 John Harris

    Good post and mostly right on. I would insert another point that I think should be no. 1 on your list: have a great idea for a blog. You can’t just blog about anything you want and expect to gain contacts, guest posts on other blogs or other freelance opportunities. It’s about a good blog topic that attracts lots of readers. I spent much time on my blog in the past two years, hitting most of the points you mention but didn’t get a lot of traffic because the topic was not something that would generate a lot of traffic – at least that’s where I think I fell short.

    • http://newinternetorder.com/ Karol K.

      Sure, that’s a must. Do you have any tips of your own on how to find a quality blog topic?

  • http://twitter.com/brazenprincess Janet Rodriguez

    Great way to draw me in and read! Well done! Confession – I didn’t know what an SEO was… *hanging my head in shame* BUT I certainly show up on google! Check it out!! http://www.brazenprincess.com

  • Sana

    I ran into this by accident and goodness this was an awesome post to
    read! I have been blogging avidly only for a few months: Mixupfixup.com ( blog on dressing affordable and mixing and fixing your own looks) I
    have most of these down but I have learned sooo much. Thanks!

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  • Carol Tice

    Great post — #3 is so much more critical than most bloggers realize. I just spent the weekend at World Domination Summit in Portland connecting with bloggers and meeting new ones. It’s essential! And also fun. ;-)

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  • Arem Kahnr

    Thanks. A lot of great advice here. Anyone want to be my blog friend?

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  • juel rahman

    very good information about a good blogger.


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  • Gareth Askew

    Reading both the post and comments has been so inspiring, in that it’s ok to occasionally get it wrong.

    We’re all human, and occasionally we make mistakes, even rookie mistakes. As long as we learn from them, then most of the time, no real harm is done to our blogs/websites.

    It’s often obvious when we get something wrong – a post isn’t Liked or Shared as often as it usually is, and asking for feedback won’t always highlight the problem. Detailed analysis of posts and their social media reach is, in my opinion, the most effective way of determining content that ‘sticks’, and adjusting pre-blog plans (you have one of these, right?) accordingly, should produce tangible positive results.

  • http://kurtwspencer.wordpress.com Kurt Spencer

    Ha! This is the story of my blogging career! Good insights, some of these I was already aware of and have been taking steps to correct. ‘If you write it, they will come’ is not exactly accurate, but it’s a basic assumption amongst beginners like me.

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  • http://www.icenowaz.com Lauren von Lehe

    I have a blog for an ice company that also produces snow for private and public events. Many of our customers are mothers (the party planners), schools, and churches. I’m still trying to find creative ways to connect to other blogs that would be helpful. It’s an ongoing challenge.
    Question: Do you ‘have to’ use WordPress?

  • Sîlênt
  • Muslimah411

    Good info to keep handy. You mentioned that being a good blogger, eventually lead to getting offers for freelancing. How long does that take? I mean I started my blog recently (Mar 2015) and so am just curious. Thanks

  • http://www.bloggertipstricks.net/ Rahul Yadav

    Hard work is the key….and it looks like you missed PATIENCE….it is for
    me the one of the most important virtue of a successful blogger
    Rahul Yadav

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  • Shin Ichi

    This is cool, but I think it is too general. Uhm…! Sorry for my english, but I think I look for a specific sign for a ‘bad’ blogger.
    But it’s still useful, thanks