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  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107418054739711167675 Rand Wilson

    Cannot agree more! I think that anyone who has read my blog would tell you that I tell it exactly like it is – like it or not…

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  • Kim Williams

    Well said. The process of movement requires friction. Let us each add or bump of texture for creative traction!

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      Creative traction? Love the idea! Thanks, Kim. I’ll bump up the texture happily!

  • http://twitter.com/DavidGrahamSA David Graham

    Or quite simply, write like Jeff Bullas :)

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      No, write like David Graham! ;-) Cheers, Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse)

  • http://writtent.com/ Sergey

    I completely agree with every word that is written here! I also think that the less you mince your words, the more of a real writer you are.

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      Really, I’m not much on mincing onions either. Truth is, I’d rather read a writer with great ideas than great grammar. Cheers, Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse)

  • Jennifer Agrazada-Schreiner

    Been living in Germany for almost 3 years and finished up to B2 level. Today, I published my very first anti-scam article in German. Without the help of my colleagues, I wouldn’t have had the courage to even try: http://www.locanto.info/sicheres_handeln/2013/02/toller-iphone-deal.html

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      That’s about the level I’m at Jennifer: B2 in both German and French. The French I can live with, but it’s a touch embarrassing to be halb-Deutsch and not to be able to speak it better than I do. Especially with a sister who’s almost fluent! Thanks for your comment! Cheers, Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse)

  • http://twitter.com/QualityBuild Diversified Contract

    I am new to your blog and love your style! Thanks for this great post. Personality…it’s a good thing. :o )

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      Jeff Bullas has a fabulous blog with great content–and occasionally he lets me sneak in a guest post. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers, Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/roysteves Roy Steves

    I love self-demonstrative articles, and your personality comes through on this one! Amusing, and advice that I generally follow (for better or worse). :D

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      Whether it’s better or worse, it’s good to take a chance. Cheers, Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse)

  • Anthony Baisi

    Sometimes I find myself trying to be serious or professional when I’m really more humorous, sarcastic and casual. I’ll keep this post in mind when I’m working on my next article.
    Thank you

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      I’m sure we’d love the humorous, sarcastic and casual You! Or at least I would ;-) .

    • Eclipse Communications Inc

      I’m sure I’d love the humorous, sarcastic and casual You ;-) . Go for it, Anthony Baisi! Cheers, Diana Kightlinger (aka Eclipse)

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  • Eclipse Communications Inc

    I love it! Too bad, stupid people ;-) . I suppose the take-home is to know your audience and write for them. Or to know yourself and find your audience. Cheers, Diana (aka Eclipse)

  • http://www.blog.lakako.com/ Danny Brunstein

    Excellent article. We often think more about what we “should write about” then writing passionately. Thanks for this!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/scottwayres Scott Ayres

    It’s a tough balance between being totally abrasive and being “that guy”. Some do it well though. Derek at Social Triggers is a prime example of this.

  • Stuart Paterson

    Thanks for making these very fundamental points clear, Diana – I think it’s very easy to suffer a kind of “Move paralysis” when blogging which can prevent the making of anything other than the most anodyne content.

  • http://www.creativepeople.co.nz/ Creativepeople

    Great point. We are just starting with creating our own content for our blog, we will keep these point in mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vickilmoore Vicki Moore

    Very interesting. Just had this conversation with a friend today – wondering if I should give myself permission to be me on my blog. Now I don’t have to because you just did. Thanks.

  • http://www.bloggingmatters.net/ Hassaan Khan

    Nice post. Keeping yourself original and sincere will be the key for any blogger.

  • John Lennon

    Yup – phonies are easy to spot and hard to read. Thanks Jeff – great blog – just found it yesterday.

  • Ibrahim Yilmaz

    Hi. Thanks for this informative and encouraging post. Question: Jeff will your book be avalaible at the ibooks Store beside Amazon soon? I would like to buy it but prefer to do it on the iphone/ipad via iBooks

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      I do intend to put it on ibooks and hope to have it up in the next couple of weeks

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