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  • Jason King

    Great to see how being creative can help build a fan base. This post has got me thinking about how to produce something similar for lets say more boring companies like TV aerial repairs or Gas Engineers. Tick tick go the cogs in my brain. Very helpful post :)

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  • http://jameseo.com/ JameSEO

    I am about to follow this step by step since I just started a brand new FB last night. Wish me luck!

  • http://gadventures.com/blog andrew hickey

    But what countries are you targeting? You’re not getting dirt cheap likes in places like Australia, UK and US.

  • Dale

    Was this campaign set up as CPC or impression-based?

  • Robin Bodicoat

    A very interesting and helpful article. However my question concerns the licensing of DragonBall Z. Surely you did not have permission to use imagery from the cartoon within your campaign, therefore as creative and attractive as your campaign was, it must have been breaking licensing laws!

  • JackCassedy

    How much did it cost to license all of the Dragon Ball Z content?

  • http://www.qliqsoft.com/ Krishna Kurapati

    Pinning a status with a lot of LIKES / comments is a great idea. Its about the perception and first impressions right :)

  • https://twitter.com/#!/CGarafola Chris Garafola

    Dope article, thanks for the great insight! You said that you drove clicks to your Facebook fan page Wall. I have made a custom tab on my Fan Page where fans can download exclusive music once they’ve “Liked” my page. Do you think it’s alright to drive all traffic from my ad to that custom tab instead of the main Wall?

    Thanks again!

    • Diogenes

      Hey, Chris!

      Here in Brazil, lots of Companies are doing it. They drive all the trafic from the ad to the tabs. Another strategy is to send them to the tab and after that to a page at your website where you can get the visitor’s email.

      The good thing is that now they are making more money with it, cos they have good infoproducts!

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  • http://lyubcho.com/ Lyubcho Kostadinov

    A nice article and a really impressive result with those Cost per Like values :) In my opinion it is far better to pay just a little more for a fan, but for a quality one :) I see you are targeting people from India, Nigeria, Phillipines etc. Those are really cheap likes, but do you really need them? :) The only reason for doing those cheap likes is probably to bump up your page’s overall impression and by that increase the LIKE-per-Visit Ratio. Anyways thanks for the article. I will definitely try the AD description starting with “LIKE” ;)

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  • http://www.koozai.com/ Lenka Istvanova

    Great article full of useful tips, Jeff! I will certainly apply some of your hints and tips. i really like the idea of targeting crazy stuff people relate to. I was wondering what other social networks did you use and if you applied similar strategy for your other social network? Thank you.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Twitter is the other major social network I use and it is one of the best sources for driving traffic, connecting and engagement that is not filtered like Facebook

      • http://www.koozai.com/ Lenka Istvanova

        Thanks Jeff. What about Instagram? I know that many fitness-orientated people use it to post their workout, images, ideas, etc. Have you though of using that one as well?

        • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

          Facebook is weaving it more into Facebook and people are understanding that the authentic images from networks such as Instagram produce higher engagement.

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  • Sbrown

    This article, though useful, promotes copyright infringement and is therefor very irresponsible. If you actually licensed these characters you should have mentioned so in the article. If not, not only are you taking a huge risk with your own business as far as potential litigation, you are encouraging naive readers to do likewise. Not good, not good at all.

  • Saad Ahmed

    I agree that it is hard to grow your social media with a low budget, but I have
    had much success using http://TwipQuick.com in the past

  • Dahlan Dahi

    Thanks to Goku…. Creative!

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  • http://alisyed88.tumblr.com/ Syed Ali

    Is it possible to have more fans for my page GW Fashion House. without paying for advertising an ad on facebook? or to have an ad is neccessary?

    • http://www.armortees.com/ Syed Ali

      But i don’t want to become a part of paid marketing.

  • blazzing light

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  • http://www.computeradvice.info/ Mike Rothwell

    Hi Emy,
    Is this CPM or CPC? Cant see where you say in the article…

  • JungBahadurRana

    For small business i always suggest http://fiverr.com/jungfriedrich/create-social-media-booster-poster – a great way to convert walk in customer info social media follower

  • Sana Sharma

    Excellent tips, completely hit the nail on the head. I am going to use
    these tips as well as what my Like Alyzer results gave me as a way to
    pick up traction on my fb page. Thank you

  • http://getfbfansandlikes.com/ hron023

    For Udacity, in contrast, working with companies to train existing and future employees is now the heart of its business model. It has tie-ups with several firms, including Google. It recently formed a partnership with AT&T,

  • http://www.socioboosters.com/ Socio Boosters

    great article

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  • Adam Barton

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  • http://www.youtube.com/ginobrouwersfitness ginobb

    Thanks alot man! I’m trying to grow my social media and this post helped me alot. https://www.facebook.com/ginobrouwersfitness